P2 Homework w.b. 14.1.19

Hi all,

Homework will be sent out this week – as usual, it will go out on Tuesday and should be completed by Friday.

Reading: The pages will be written into your child’s reading record. I write the whole week of reading into these records so please check the date on the night you are reading.

Spelling: On Monday the children will recap bossy ‘e’ with a (a_e) and then we will move on to bossy e with i (i_e). Spelling lists this week will contain i_e words and tricky words.

Poetry: The children will also bring home a Scots poem to learn for the end of the week. On Monday there will be two poems that the children can choose from and take home to learn. On Friday the children will recite their poems to class and two pupils will then be chosen to represent P2 in the Scottish Poetry Competition at the school assembly on Friday 25th January.

If anyone has any clean and empty packaging boxes that P1/2 could use for junk modelling then it would be greatly appreciated!! The children love making things out of old cereal boxes, yoghurt pots etc. Thank you.

PE this week will be on Monday instead of Tuesday but it will go back to Tuesday next week!

Have a lovely week,

Miss Lauren Waller

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