P6 – Week Beginning 27.1.20 – Information


The information for this week is as follows.


Wednesday – Skiing

Primary 6 will be skiing at Hillend ski centre. Remember to bring your warm ski clothing to change into and a water bottle. Last week was a lot of fun and the children all seemed to enjoy it. I was very impressed with the skiing skills that I saw!

Thursday – Junk Modelling

This Thursday, Primary 6 are joining their Primary 1 buddies to take part in a STEM challenge. P6 and P1 have designed their own baskets to carry apples by zip wire from class to class across the atrium. They have given careful thought about the strength, durability and weight of their materials. If you have any junk and packaging at home that you would be willing to donate to us to help us build our designs, Miss Ramsey and I would very much appreciate these donations.

PE – P6 have their PE lesson on a Thursday afternoon, so it is a reminder that all children will need their kit to change into each week.

Friday – Spelling dictation and revision of Numeracy homework.


Other News / Events

Times tables practice

I recommend continuing with some practice of times tables at home. The children all have their log in details for Sumdog and they can also access the website topmarks, which has fun games for practice.

Learning Trio Meetings – Term 2

All children in P6 have received a note with the time and date for the Learning Trio meetings for Term 2. These have been set for Thursday 6th February and Friday 7th February.

Athletics Competition

I want to congratulate the children who were involved in the Athletics competition last Tuesday, as they came in first place! This is a remarkable achievement, and all the children that took part were given a round of applause and much deserved recognition in assembly. Loanhead P.S were competing against schools from all of Midlothian, so very well done!

Burn’s Poem Recital Assembly

It was a fantastic assembly last Friday listening to all the wonderful poems being read and sang aloud. The children put in a lot of effort and it showed in their recitals. I want to thank the children in P6 for reciting their poems in class, which I really enjoyed! As well as the children who performed in Friday’s assembly. It was wonderful to see! Congratulations to the two winners from our class!


Mr. Nelson



P6 Information – Week Beg: 13.1.20


Information for this week:

Tuesday 14th

A select number of P6 pupils are attending an Indoor Athletics Competition. They will have early lunch and be back by the end of school as normal.

Reminder that any consent forms and payment must be received by the office before the pupils can attend.



  • Poetry Recitals – As part of Scottish Week, all pupils were given a choice of three poems to take home, read and recite. These are, ‘Red Red Rose’ by Robert Burns, ‘A Dug, A Dug’ by Bill Keys and ‘That’s the Game’ by Jill Bennet. A paper copy of the chosen poem for each pupil was provided last Wednesday. Props and dramatic presentation are all welcome for the recitals!

The deadline was originally set for Wednesday 22nd January. However due to time constraints. I kindly ask if you could try to have these prepared for Monday 20th January instead. This would be greatly appreciated.

  • Spellings have been set for Friday 17th January. These are copied into the red homework jotters on Tuesday. There are two tasks to do for the spelling words this week.
  1. Make a mnemonic poem out of two of your spelling words. (Make sure it makes sense!) For example,






  1. Find the meaning of 3 words in your spellings list. Use a dictionary to help you.


  • Maths/Numeracy – A revision sheet for additional practice will be sent home on Friday to be completed for the following week on Friday 24th January.


Thanks for your support,

Mr. Nelson

P6 – Week Beg: 6.1.20 – Information


Happy New Year! I hope that you all had an enjoyable time over the holiday. Thank you for all the lovely gifts I received, they were very much appreciated.

Upcoming Events in January

  • Scottish Week – In school this week we are celebrating Scottish Week, including all things Scottish! This will lead up to a poetry recital. Pupils will be asked to read, learn and recite a Scots poem; either by Robert Burns or a contemporary Scottish poet. Two pupils will be chosen to recite their poem at a special assembly on Friday 24th January.
  • Skiing – The pupils in P6 are attending Hillend Ski centre, starting on Wednesday 22nd January. For those pupils wishing to still attend, please return the consent forms provided at the end of last term along with payment ASAP.
  • Indoor Athletics Competition – Some pupils in P6 have been selected to compete in Athletics on Tuesday 14th January. It is reminded that the consent forms and payment must be returned to school in order to attend.


Spellings have been set for Friday 10th January. These are in the red homework jotters.

On Wednesday, a choice of Scottish poem will be sent home to learn and then recite in class. Props and acting as part of the recital are welcomed!

This task is due to be completed by Wednesday 22nd January.


Thanks for your support,

Mr Nelson

*Foodbank donations for our Friday church service*

After the success of our donations to the food bank last year for the church service, we have decided to organise the same again this year.  We ask that pupils bring a non perishable item for The Food Bank (January) with them to carry down to church on the last day of term.  Items in demand include:


P6 – Information – Week Beginning: 16.12.19



House Sing Off  practice – organised and led by P7 House Captains.


House ‘Sing Off’ practice – 10am

PE – 1:15-2:15pm


PE – 9:15-9:45am

House ‘Sing Off’ practice – 10am


House sing off practice – 10am

  •  Christmas Party – All afternoon

Children can wear their party gear to school or change just after lunch. Party costs £2.



Church Visit – The school will visit the church – 9am

Note: If possible, it would be greatly appreciated if pupils could bring along a non-perishable food item into school, which the pupils will take to the church as a donation. These are passed on to the local foodbank. Thank you.

School Finish – 12:25pm



There will be no homework until we are back in the New Year. Enjoy your holidays and rest!

Lastly, I would like to thank parents for their support this term and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the children in Primary 6.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*Pupils are due back on Tuesday 7th January 2020.

P6 – Week Beg: 9.12.19 – Information

News / Events this week:


  • Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Lunch.

(The options for lunch are turkey or macaroni cheese. Children may bring a packed lunch instead if they wish.)

  • P3-7 Concert rehearsal for the rest of the school.


  • Brunton Theatre Pantomime ‘Cinderella’. The bus is due to leave Loanhead Primary @ 1pm.

It should be noted that the pupils will be late back. The bus is due to collect everyone from the Brunton Theatre @ 3:45pm.

Children should wear their school uniform as normal and do not need to bring sweets or snacks.


  • P3-7 Christmas Concert Show # 1          2pm     Tickets should be booked and received by now.


  • P3-7 Christmas Concert Show # 2          11am     Tickets should be booked and received by now.



  • Reading – See reading diaries.
  • Spellings Dictation – This will be the same as last week, due to unforeseen changes made to the timetable last Friday, the dictation was not completed.
  • Health & Well-being – ‘Keep Connected’ worksheet. This is a P5-7 task to create your own team of the special people in your life. (See worksheet for further info). This task is due on Friday 13th December.
  • Pupil Talks presentation – I had originally set this homework to be completed by Monday 2nd December, however some have yet to be finished and brought into school therefore I have encouraged those pupils who have not started, to try and prepare one this week. Thank you to those who have prepared a pupil talk and are waiting to present it. From the talks I have listened to so far, I am really impressed and I can see the effort the children have made to highlight their personal interests and hobbies.

Thank you for your support,

Mr. Nelson

P6 Information – Homework/Events in School – Week Begin: 25.11.19


I hope you all had a good weekend!

We are now at the start of the busy period in school, as we build towards the Christmas Holidays. I have included a brief schedule for this week.

Schedule – Week Beginning 25.11.19


P6 & 7 Boys’ Football Festival (12:30-3:15pm)


Ski Instructor from Hillend will be in class to discuss skiing for next term with the P6 pupils.


School Christmas Fair (12:30 – 2pm). Donations of any unwanted gifts for the fair would be very much appreciated. There are some P6’s that have volunteered to stay behind after school on Friday to help run table stalls. I’ll send home permission slips for these pupils on Monday afternoon.


Homework – Week Beginning 25.11.19


This will be a continuation of group reading books and the information is provided in the pupils’ reading diaries. Some pupils will be starting a new reading book this week. P6 have finished the class novel, Kensuke’s Kingdom which we all really enjoyed!


The new spelling words should be copied into homework jotters and copied 3 times at home. Pupils are then asked to find the meaning of any words they are unsure about and to write a short story (1-2 paragraphs) using at least 4 of the spelling words.

Maths Revision

A maths revision sheet will be given to the pupils on Tuesday, to be returned for Monday 2nd December, as this gives pupils more time to complete it.

Independent Pupil Talk

This task is due on Monday 2nd December. The pupils will have the opportunity to present their talk/presentation on a personal hobby or interest over the coming weeks. I will have a schedule for set times that the pupils can choose from, so they know when they will be doing their talk.

Thanks for your support,

Mr. Nelson

P6 Homework – Week Beginning 18.11.19



Homework this week is for pupils to rehearse their lines for the P6 Assembly on Resilience, this Friday.

Every pupil should have lines to learn. If they don’t have a copy of the handout given out on Tuesday, can they please be reminded to ask me to print them another copy!

On the handout, each pupil’s name will be at the end of the sentences or paragraph they have to learn for the assembly. These roles were all agreed together during class time.

I look forward to watching the assembly this Friday.


Mr. Nelson