Primary 6 Homework 28/4/17


The group reading the Accidental Time Traveller have reading homework. All other groups will be given homework on Tuesday 2/5/17.


Pupils have a maths worksheet(Budgeting) to complete for next Friday 5/5/17.


Pupils have a grammar worksheet (Using Conjunctions to Extend Sentences) to complete for next Friday 5/5/17.

Any homework not handed in today should be completed for Tuesday 2/5/17.

Primary 6 Homework 24/3/17


All pupils have a maths worksheet to complete for Thursday 30/3.


We have completed a number of reading tasks this week but have not read the next chapter of the group novels. Pupils can read the next chapter for Thursday 30/3. The group reading Street Child have finished the novel but can skim through the whole book to help with the completion of a book report.

P6 Spelling Homework 13.3.17

Monday 13th March – ‘ir’ words

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK words twice.

Please complete one activity from sheet in jotter and sheet handed out in jotter.

For Monday 20th March

Primary 6 Homework 3/3/17

All pupils have reading homework. Pupils have noted the pages to be read on their reading bookmark.

We are working on division at the moment and about to start fractions. All pupils should practise times tables.