P6 Spelling Homework 11.12.17

Monday 11th December (last one of the year!)

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK words twice.

Lollipops and Gummy Bears complete sheet and 1 activity

Chocolates complete 2 activities

For Monday 18th December

P6 Homework 8/12/17

Reading – All pupils will have reading for next week (Wednesday 13/12/17).

Numeracy – All pupils will have a Christmas numeracy worksheet of their choice to complete for Friday 15/12/17.


P6 Spelling Homework 4.12.17

Monday 4th December

Please READ, COVER, WRITE and CHECK words twice.

Chocolates and Lollipops – please choose 2 activities from the sheet

Gummy Bears – please complete 1 activity from the sheet and complete crossword sheet.

For Monday 11th December

P6 Spelling 13.11.17

Monday 13th Novemeber

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK words twice in jotter.

Please complete one activity from the sheet at front of jotter.

Please complete sheet.

(Chocolates complete 2 activities from sheet).

For Monday 20th Novemeber

P6 Homework 10/11/17

All groups have reading homework for next week and they also need to complete a reading activity in their reading jotter.

All pupils have a numeracy worksheet to complete for Friday 17/11/17. Apologies – pupils did not get their numeracy homework as promised last week. A few copying issues!

P6 Homework 3/11/17

All pupils have reading homework for next week. Pupils have noted the date due in their Reading Homework Jotter.

All pupils will be given  a numeracy worksheet on Tuesday  7/11/17 to complete for Friday 10/11/17.

Please return Christmas card design on Wednesday 8/11/17.