P2 News W/B 25.6.18

Hi all,

It’s the final countdown! Our last week of P2. What a quick year it seems to have been; it feels no time at all since I was just getting to know my new class and suddenly,  it’s time to say goodbye!


There will be no new homework this week. Instead, I will start to collect in reading books and library books.

Bring a sturdy plastic bag! Children will get their work home this week and will need to empty trays, take home PE kits, water bottles etc. Any items left behind will most likely not be kept.

School finishes for the summer break on Friday at 12 noon.

Finally, I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank all the P2 parents for being such a supportive group and to thank all my P2 pupils for being such fun! I wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe summer.

Thanks again,

Miss Sara Brunt



P2 Homework W/B 18.6.18

Hi all,

Here’s a selection of pictures from Health Week.

As you can see, an energetic and fun time was had!

Anyway, we are now starting our second last week of P2. This will be the final week of homework.

Spelling – finish the sixth and final list in the common words booklet.

Reading – we will finish off current books in class but I am unlikely to give out new ones. We will read other books in class.

Numeracy – Here’s a link to game we played last week which practises adding on 10 to a number.


Topic – We have finished with the sea theme and will be doing a mini ‘local study’ topic which will involve looking at Loanhead and using simple maps. It would be very helpful for children to know their address, which will also link in with personal safety chats we’ll have prior to the summer break.

Library – can all library books be returned this week please.

PE – Wednesday and Thursday

That’s all for now,

Miss S Brunt



Another Successful Health Week!

This week has been our Health Week at Loanhead Primary, and what an amazing week it has been.  Every class has enjoyed learning about health and wellbeing as well as trying out different sports and healthy activities.  We thank Mrs Duncan for organising this week for us, without her then this week could not have happened.

Classes kicked off the week with our amazing sports day, another thanks to Mrs Duncan and the P7s for running this for the school.  It was a lovely afternoon filled with a lot of laughter and team spirit and it was great to see so many parents, carers, friends and family here to support the pupils.

The rest of the week was filled with our early morning warm ups in the playground, American Football, Football, Hockey, Cycling, Rugby, Judo, Movement to Music, Yoga, Judo, Relaxation, Healthy food making, Dance, Sleep and gaming awareness, Police talks, Internet safety, our fabulous bike breakfast (storm Hector can not stop us!) and so much more!

Here are some photos of this amazing week.


P2 Homework and Events W/B 11.6.18

Hi all,

It’s that time of year again – It’s Health Week 2018!

Children will have taster sessions of a variety of sports this week and in anticipation of extra tiredness after school, I have only set spelling as homework.  Children will not get a new book so please read current book a few pages a night and I will endeavour to hear reading in between sports activities this week!

Spelling – List 5.

Reading – continue with current book.

Health Week Schedule for P2 

Monday – SPORTS DAY @ 1:15pm. Children are put into their house team colours and  led by P7 children. The first part of sports day involves activities where house teams earn points for goals or runs achieved. This takes place in the playground. There are 6 events each, including Penalty Shoot Out, Hockey and Obstacles.

The second part of the event takes place in the MUGA. Children assemble in their classes before the running races and relays take place. P2 do not take part in the relay race.

The end of the event may take place outside the dining room where the overall house winner is announced but this is to be confirmed. Sometimes, I like to take my class back inside for a quick toilet visit when the relays are on! Just in case you see us disappear! All children return to their classrooms at the very end to collect their bags and must be dismissed by me from there.

In the event of bad weather, sports will continue inside but unfortunately,  we cannot allow spectators in so let’s all do a sun dance!

Tuesday – 08:50 Whole  school ‘warm up’ in playground.

– Rugby

– Jo Jingles ( Music and Movement)

Wednesday – 08:50  Whole  school ‘warm up’ in playground. 

– PE ( to include a Dance session)

– Hockey

Thursday – Bike Breakfast – at 08:30. Cycle or scoot to school and enjoy a free breakfast!

– Judo

– Basketball

– Healthy fruit kebab making

So, as you can see, a very busy, active week!

That’s all for now,

Miss Sara Brunt



P2 Trip to Deep Sea World 4.6.18

Hi all,

What a fabulous day we had at Deep Sea World! We had a classroom lesson where we discovered the effects of plastic pollution in the sea and the children got to meet a real live starfish. Then, we watched the seals being fed and doing some exercises. We had great fun practising our monetary numeracy whilst browsing and buying in the shop! At lunch, having a packed lunch out with friends is always exciting. Afterwards, watching the  seahorses being fed and spending time in the underwater tunnel was truly amazing. Even the journey to and from DWS allowed us to view three incredible engineering feats as we could look at the 3 Forth Bridges!

All in all, a super day- the children were fully engaged in their learning and were absolute ambassadors for Loanhead Primary in how they conducted themselves around the venue! Thank you P2 and also to the helpers who accompanied us on this wonderful trip.

Miss Sara Brunt

P2 Homework W/B 4.6.18

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Spelling – List 4

Reading – as usual. Check bookbags for updates.

Events this week:

Monday 4th June – Trip to Deep Sea World. Remember to bring a packed lunch, a drink and a snack!

Tuesday – Ramsay Campus 10th Birthday!

Wednesday and Thursday – PE

That’s all for now, thanks.

Miss S Brunt

P2 Homework W/B 28.5.17

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Spelling – Practise words on the third page of the spelling booklet please.

Reading – Non-fiction task from last week – children need to choose one page from their information book to read aloud. Towards the end of the week, we’ll return to story books.

Topic – We’re finishing off the sea topic soon. This week we’ll take a more detailed look at sea life, in anticipation of our trip to Deep Sea World next week. We’ll also briefly look at the history of seaside holidays.

Events this week:

PE – Wednesday and Thursday

Parents EveningWednesday from 5:30 pm.

Parents AfternoonThursday from 3:30 pm.

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt


P2 Homework W/B 21.5.18

Hi all,

Here is the homework for this week.

Reading – Well done to all pupils who practised a poem for recital within class. We’ll return to normal reading books this week. Can you ensure that reading is practised regularly and that book bags are brought to school daily, with reading books inside. Thanks. 

Spelling – Homework now runs from Monday to Monday so does not need to be completed by Friday mornings anymore. List 2 this week please.

No numeracy homework this week.

Topic – We are continuing to study the sea and have been busy creating sea collages and writing imaginative stories. The science outcome this week is to learn more about food chains.

Request – I’ve planned an art activity which involves creating moulds of shells in plaster. We need small plastic tubs for this – butter spread type size of tubs- if you have any, can you send these in please. Thanks.

PE –  This will definitely be on Wednesday and possibly Thursday. We are having to work around demands on the hall timetable this week. We may be able to go outside for PE but this is weather dependent!

Parents Meetings – I gave appointment times out on Friday. If your time and date is not suitable, please contact the School Office.

The Summer Fair is on Friday this week at 11am. Thanks to all who donated tombola prizes. A letter is due to come out to confirm whether you ( or designated adult) is able to collect your child from class at 11 o’clock on Friday to enjoy the fair together. If not, your child will stay with myself or a Learning Assistant to visit the fair and be picked up from the class door as normal at 12:25pm. In this case, it is very helpful if the children have their own money to spend at the fair.

Deep Sea World – Just a gentle reminder to pay for the trip and complete the permission slip if you have not already done so.

That’s all for now!


Miss Sara Brunt