P2 Homework W/B 5.3.18

Hi all!

It’s good to be back to normal after quite an unexpected break! I hope everyone’s well and all coped with the weather!  I, for one, was snowed in until Sunday and,  living out ‘in the sticks’ , I certainly valued the support and sense of community from my neighbours- making sure we all had supplies, heating and even helping our farmer neighbour to locate and dig out sheep in very deep snowdrifts! Lots to tell the children as, I’m sure, they’ll have lots to tell me!

Anyway, back to business…

Spelling this week – please continue on with the next list (27. oi) and we’ll catch up in class for anything missed last week.

Reading – will pick up from last week. Check post-it notes.

No numeracy/maths homework – we just need time to catch up from last week.

Topic– electricity continued. Hopefully we can play with simple circuits this week, making a bulb light up.

PE – Wed and Thurs.

Gardener – we should work with the school gardener Paulo on Friday this week. We had to postpone recently as the ground was too hard to plant fruit trees.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt




P2 Homework W/B 26.2.18

Hi all,

Here is the homework list this week:

Spelling – List 26 ‘ow‘ as in owl/how

Reading – continues as normal – please  ensure you listen to your child read most days. Thanks.

Mathsmeasuring length – we have been looking at the language of length – long/short, longer/shorter, longest/shortest etc. We have measured objects using cubes as units. This week, we’ll continue this theme and will try measuring using cm. I’ll send home a measuring task mid week.

World Book Day – is on Thursday and Mr Buchan has organised lots of in-school activities for us to do but there is no requirement to dress up for this.

ParentPay – we have a new online system in school to register payments and keep track of lunches etc. As P2 don’t pay for lunches, it’s merely a matter of recording choices, which I do first thing in the morning, along with the register. Can you make sure that your child is in school on time please.

Also, to remind you that if you are late picking your child up at 3:15, your child will be taken along to the office.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt

P2 Homework W/B 19.2.18

Hi all,

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Hopefully we’ll start to see signs of Spring soon!

Homework this week:

Spelling – List 25  ( ou as in out) . New spelling lists will be sent home.

Reading – continues as normal.

Numeracy – Sumdog Challenge ‘P2 Money Challenge’.

If possible, can you give your child  some change to play with; 1ps, 2ps, 5ps, 10ps and 20ps.  Counting money and working out change  is a fantastic way to practise adding and subtracting in a real life context.

Thanks to all who completed the rugby problem solving task.  I’ll send home a little ‘solution’ slip with the marked homework.

Topic – Electricity /Winter Olympics

PE – Wednesday and Thursday

Request – If you have any ‘junk’ spare, can you send this in please. Items such as cereal packets, kitchen roll tubes ( NOT toilet roll tubes please) small boxes, lids etc. P1 and P2 will have a ‘junk’ table to encourage construction/design/creativity and problem solving skills.

**Reminder** – Can you please check that snacks/lunches sent in, do not contain nuts or nut derivatives. We do have children in school with severe nut allergies. Thank you.

Learning Pit- 

We have been discussing the ‘Learning Pit’ concept and making our own display in class. As you can see, this concept encourages children to persevere through challenges and find ways to solve problems. If you hear your child talking about the Learning Pit, you’ll now know what they mean! This ‘Language of Learning’ will be a big focus across the school this term.

Finally, P2 will be working with our school gardener Paul on Friday morning.


Miss Brunt

P2 Homework W/B 12.2.18

Hi all,

As it’s only a 3 day week for the children, pupils will only have reading to do at home.

We’ll study the final spelling list 24 in class and try a dictation of it on Wednesday. So, no spelling at home this week.

After the wee break, however, can all pupils try and hand their completed spelling in on a Friday morning. I only had about 80% of the class doing their homework last week.

Numeracy– we’ll continue with place value up to 100  ( and even 1000) and problem solving. At home, children may want to try  a great maths website we use quite a bit called ‘Top Marks‘ (maths). It’s free! Choose ‘Learning Games‘ and pick 5-7 year old categories. We have been using the counting, ordering, sequencing and place value options. Children should remember the games we’ve played. I usually let them choose their own level.

Thanks to all who have handed in their rugby problem solving sheet- there have been various solutions declared so we’ll go over it in class tomorrow!

PE – Wednesday

Thursday and Friday are holidays for all pupils. All resume on Monday 19th Feb.


Miss Brunt

P2 Homework W/B 5.2.18

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Reading as normal– check book bags for updates. Thanks so much to all children who learned part of or all of their Scottish poem. I really was very impressed!

Spelling – List 23

Numeracy/maths – No new Sumdog challenge but in class, we will be working on numbers to 100 this week – writing, ordering, sequencing and breaking numbers down into tens and units.

However! There is a problem solving task coming home, based on the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. Children will probably need help with this.

In the next few weeks, along  with a topic on electricity, we’ll also be taking inspiration from the Winter Olympics to base some of our maths and numeracy on.

PE – Wednesday and Thursday


Miss Brunt

P2 Homework W/B 29.1.18

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Spelling – List 22 ‘y’

Reading – Please check book bags as usual for reading book updates.

Scots Poems – A massive thank you to you all for the effort put into learning a poem. I have been extremely impressed so far!!! I’ll hear children recite their poems on Monday ( 29th) and have the difficult task of choosing 2 children to represent P2 at the Poetry Assembly on Thursday.

What will I be looking for? Well, confidence is a big factor and  ability to recite a whole poem from memory is desirable. Adding in expression and flair would top it all off!

NumeracySumdog – I have created a ‘Fraction- Money Mash Up’ Challenge this week. I am keeping track of the top ten players on the Sumdog leader board each week and each person is assigned points by me.

I’ll also be sending home a Numeracy Round Up sheet ( either #1 or #2) and would like these completed and handed back in next Monday please.

Topic – This week we are going to begin our study of Electricity which is a really fun topic to do. We start off by identifying electrical equipment around us, going on to power sources such as mains/batteries; being safe around electricity; and eventually exploring simple electrical circuits and making things move.

PE is on Wednesday and Thursday.

Parents Drop In – is on Thursday from 3:30pm to 5pm. Come along if you’d like to see some of your child’s work and have a chat.

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt

Parents Evening


This term our parents evening will be a drop in session.  Come along with your child and let them show you around their classroom and share their learning with you.  The class teacher will be in attendance for you to ask questions or chat to about next steps.

If there are any issues that you wish to discuss in a less public setting please make an appointment with the teacher outwith this event.

P2 Homework W/B 22.1.18

Hi all,

Let’s hope that this week is a bit warmer than last week although the snow must have been great fun for the children!

Homework this week:

Spelling – List 21 ‘igh’

Reading – Please check book bags as usual for reading book updates and there is also now an extra week to practise the poems sent home last week.

Numeracy – there’s no set homework this week but, in class,  we will be working on place value to 100 and ‘bridging decades’ which follows on naturally from ‘bridging 10’. So, for example, 50 + 12 is the same as saying 50 + 10 + 2.

PE is on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Sara Brunt