Show and Tell Primary 2

These will take place in class on 31st May and 1st of June

Your topic of discussion is “my favourite place” – This can be a place nearby that you go to with friends or family, a holiday destination, a relative’s house, a sports venue etc.  But it must be something that you can talk about, in detail.

You can bring a photo with you or email one to me (k.hinton@midlothian.education) so I can pop it on the SMARTboard as you talk.

What I am looking for: Looking at the audience, speaking clearly in full sentences for at least 1 minute. Answering 2 questions.  It is important that parents do not write it down for their child to read as this prevents the natural flow of presenting.

Examples of what you might tell me: Where it is, what makes it your favourite place, when you go or went, how you feel when you are there and why, is there something unique about the place, is there a smell or taste that reminds you of that place when you are not there….

I cannot wait to hear all about your favourite places P2

Mrs Hinton

2.5.23 Primary 2 Homework etc


This week reading is not the usual book and instead it is a reading comprehension sheet.  PLEASE ask your child to read out the words and solve the problems themselves and do not do their work for them as this does not aid learning.


  1. There 2. That 3. With 4. Was. 5. Saw. 6. Came 7. Went 8. Played 9. Think 10. They

Please write these x3 in your jotter and then write them in sentences.  You can use more than 1 word for each sentence.

In Numeracy we are practising counting in 2’s and 10s and are looking at making 100 using 10s e.g. 80+?=100.  Children are identifying the link to their number bonds to 10 to solve these.

HIT THE BUTTON: Children should go on the website or app to complete the free game on Number bonds – to 100 (10s).  This is an excellent game for developing mental maths and number bonds to 10/20 which children should be able to mostly do without counting on fingers.


P2 24.4.23

This week we have reading as normal and Spelling words are:

  1. did 2. cut. 3. twin 4. whale 5. wheel 6. white 7. whisper 8. what 9. when 10. whenever

Please write these x3 in your jotter and then another time with red vowels and blue consonants.

In Numeracy we are practising counting in 2’s – from a random number. e.g. 27,29,31 – so not always starting at 1.  Those who would like a challenge will be trying 5’s.  In Maths we are looking at the Language of measure.

👑This week we are rehearsing and making costumes for our Coronation celebration on Tuesday May 2nd.  This is a parent council event and more information should come out this week.  Parents will be invited for some of the day.  It should be an exciting day of bringing our school community together and to make memories for everyone.

*Update* Children can do not need to wear uniform for this day but there will be games etc so leggings/shorts may be better than a dress or skirt. Can all children bring black trousers or leggings to wear with their Band uniforms please? All children will be offered a lunch in picnic style so may bring a small blanket to sit on if they wish and a small teddy. Parents can join us at 2.45 in MUGA

In health we are discussing professionals who help us and continuing our RSHP work.

🌼 P2 Information 27.3.23

Week beginning 27.3.23

🌼Last week of term! Autism awareness week!🐰

Tuesday: Dynamic Earth trip – please bring a packed lunch

Friday – Wear blue for Autism.  This is not a fundraiser but an awareness event.  Children are invited to wear blue on Friday.   Classes will discuss Neurodiversity in class this week.

Friday 10am-10.25am – We are inviting 1 adult from each family into class so that the children can tell you all about their Chromebooks and Google Classroom.  If you are unable to attend, please do not worry as we will send info out too. If you can attend, head to the office for 10am

Friday: Easter Egg tombola, parent council event, info tbc


HOMEWORK – Spelling: bus, pot, swim, cube, tune, used, excuse, little, down, useless (u_e is our spelling pattern, we have focussed on the a_e and i_e the past few weeks or ‘magic e’)

  • Reading: Reading as normal this weeks, new books allocated on Monday

✏️ P2 News/Info 6.3.23 🎕

Week Beg 6.3.23

Our spelling pattern is (a_e)

✏️ Spelling words are: ran, hat, scar, came, grape, name, cake, only, old, pavement

Please write the words out twice in pencil and a third time in a coloured pencil/gel pen backwards. IN JOTTERS, Pupils have been shown an example of what to do.

📚 Reading: New books will be given out This week, please follow the same pattern as always, remembering to discuss and ask questions about the text.  In class we have been having a focus on comprehension and words within our books.

🧮Numeracy: We are going to be looking at some division, the outcomes for the next wee while are:

I can partition a collection of up to 30 objects:

– Sharing equally between groups, and determining the number of objects in each share

– Sharing into equal-sized groups, and determining the number of groups they can make.

 💻 Digital – We are not yet sending Chromebooks home but we do have a Google Classroom which we use in class.  The midlothian.education username and passwords which were used last year will continue to be their login details.  If you wish to use a different device from home to explore our Google Classroom at home, feel free to do so 🙂



Thanks 🙂

Primary 2 – 27.2.23

Week beginning 27.2.23

Reading Homework – As always, there is a new book this week but I will give it out on Thursday but you will have until Monday to hand it in and read each night.  As the books become tricky, it is so important for learners to read every night to build confidence, fluency and vocabulary.

Numeracy – There will be a numeracy sheet handed out on Thurs which will be due on Monday. (Homework will go back to Monday for Fri next week)   This is either on subtraction in 20 (solving the missing number e.g. 12-? = 5 and using a numberline to help) or addition and subtraction in 40 – children can either time themselves to answer them or agree 10/15 mins to be times and see how many they can answer.  The strategy we use is to work with the ones fist then the tens e.g. 34 – 12 would be broken into 4-2 and 3-1 to get 22.

Tues- Wed Schools are closed as it is a Teacher strike

Thursday – Book day but no dressing up.  Instead build a diorama or a character from a potato/lego etc.


SPRING FLING – Please remember to pop the payment for tickets in an envelope and hand in to teacher or office.

P2 News and Info 23.1.22

Week Beginning: 23.1.22

Please note that the school is closed on Thursday

Reading Homework as usual every night.

SCOTS POEMS – To be learned for Tuesday where our buddies will be assessing them.  On Wednesday we will be sharing them with the class to choose our winner. p2 poems

High Frequency Words – continue to learn these at home.  Most children can confidently read them now but are not transferring this knowledge into their writing.

Nurture take home task on Safety – detailed email was sent out on Friday, exemplar templates have been sent home if you wish to use them.

Parent consultation letters to be returned for Wednesday.

As part of our Nurture plans in P2, the class have asked to update our safe space and have asked for plants, fairy lights, cushions, a canopy, a fibre optic lamp J a fluffy rug – if you have any of these that you would like to donate we would be so grateful.

They have also said they feel unsafe in the bathrooms and would like music or a radio played.  If anyone has a battery operated DAB radio that we could have then we would love to try it and see if it helps us.