P2 24.4.23

This week we have reading as normal and Spelling words are:

  1. did 2. cut. 3. twin 4. whale 5. wheel 6. white 7. whisper 8. what 9. when 10. whenever

Please write these x3 in your jotter and then another time with red vowels and blue consonants.

In Numeracy we are practising counting in 2’s – from a random number. e.g. 27,29,31 – so not always starting at 1.  Those who would like a challenge will be trying 5’s.  In Maths we are looking at the Language of measure.

👑This week we are rehearsing and making costumes for our Coronation celebration on Tuesday May 2nd.  This is a parent council event and more information should come out this week.  Parents will be invited for some of the day.  It should be an exciting day of bringing our school community together and to make memories for everyone.

*Update* Children can do not need to wear uniform for this day but there will be games etc so leggings/shorts may be better than a dress or skirt. Can all children bring black trousers or leggings to wear with their Band uniforms please? All children will be offered a lunch in picnic style so may bring a small blanket to sit on if they wish and a small teddy. Parents can join us at 2.45 in MUGA

In health we are discussing professionals who help us and continuing our RSHP work.

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