🌟 P1 News and Info 11.10.21

🍎School Lunches:

Your child will come home with a school lunch order form this week.  This is a 3 weekly rotating menu.  Due to Natasha’s law, Midlothian council would like parents to choose their child’s lunch in advance.  These menus run up until Christmas.

Please discuss lunch choices with your child, fill in the forms and return by WEDNESDAY 13th OCTOBER.  Lunches will be made to these forms so please ensure you choose something your child will at.  NOTE: You may still provide a home packed lunch if you prefer.

🌽Harvest: Please see previous post about Harvest donations for Woman’s Aid and bring in donations this week.

🎄Christmas cards:  Please can the card order form on the back of the design be returned to school with correct payment by Friday 15th October.  Even if paying by Parent Pay please return the order form to school.

📸Class Photos: Class photos will be taken on Wednesday/Thursday.  Children should wear school uniform or a school jumper at lease on these days.  Even if it is a PE day.


You should have received a SeeSaw login code last week.  I am pleased to see most families have accessed it.  There will be no set homework this week  but I will set key words activities, sounds activities and number activities through seesaw.


📗literacy – Making words using s,a,t,i,p,n and knowing these sounds. Key words stage 1 (and 2 for some)

🧮Numeracy – Knowing 0-10, 10-0, numbers before, after and in between to 10.  Some children confidently know this and are trying  numbers to15 with the same skills.

💻Digital activities:

I highly recommend the website “teach your monster to read” this is free.  The app is paid for but often goes free and I suggest getting it when it does because it is very beneficial.

We use topmarks games like these below, if you have time to explore these with your child I am sure they would really enjoy it:



Mrs H


Harvest Collection

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Next week we are beginning to collect donations for our Harvest collection. All donations will be for Women’s Aid, based here in Loanhead. Below is a list of examples of items which could be donated, please note they are only accepting non-perishable items and toiletries. Please can all donations be brought to school by Friday 15th October.

  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash 
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste 
  • Sanitary products 
  • Tins of soup, sauces etc. 
  • Packaged and long-life items (for example, pasta)

Thank you.

primary 1 News and Information 4/10/21

This week your child will come home with a reading book on Monday.  These books will vary in length and words.  Please do not worry.  We run homework from Monday-Friday.

We are also consolidating addition in 10 so there is a numeracy sheet for this week as well.

Suggested home learning:

Monday: First half of the book – reading the pictures to tell an extended story.  Asking some questions to check understanding on each page.  Go over key words

Tuesday: Second half of book and Key words

Wednesday – Key words and number sheet

Thursday  – Whole book and a game of dominos or some mental maths (5 minutes)

(We are moving onto stage 2 key words)

Please return SeeSaw permission slips so I can get the log in details out this week.

It is really helpful for pupils to have book bags.  Key words and books should go home every night and be in school each day Monday-fri

Currently I am trying to post info on the website (loanhead.mgfl.net under P1) please check there for info about what we are up to J



Mrs H

🌈 Primary 1 news and info 27.9.21 🌟

Hello P1 families,

Can you believe this is the last week of September? It certainly is getting darker, colder and wetter. Please can children come to school with warm and waterproof clothing suitable for outdoor play. 💧☔️

This week also Bike to School week, children are encouraged to cycle each day and Bling your Bike on Wed for the chance to win prizes.

We are still gently introducing our phonic sounds, this week our focus is “p”. Our sounds so far are s,a,t,i and p. Children are beginning to read and write cvc words using these sounds. E.g. Sit, pit, rip, sat etc.  they now songs and actions for each new sound.

Click here for the “p” song

We continue to learn our Stage 1 key words (se per last weeks post) and these flash cards should be coming home each night in a plastic bag. Children will also have a reading book which they are very excited about. Next week I will send out homework diaries in book bags too. Please note that children learn at different stages and will have different books home, some with pictures to read and some with words.  More info on reading will come next week as well as sample daily activities you may wish to do.

Please can you purchase book bags from the office if not already done so as this ensures homework and letters are returned to home and school each day.  You can also pop £4 in an envelope and I can get these for the children too.

In Numeracy we are looking at addition in ten and have a school shop set up in class to consolidate this. We are also looking at shape and pattern. We are finding pairs of num bers to make 10 and have been enjoying some activies on topmarks such as this


Our topic is “The Owl who was afraid of the dark”, and we are enjoying playing with toy owl puppets and making masks and doing owl writing. We are also having a lot of relaxation and play in class to practice play with our new friends and have enjoyed mask making, construction and puzzles.

lunches: the menu can be found here. Please note that cheese is not a daily sandwich option so you might want to discuss lunch options with your child.

I hope to have Seesaw up and running soon but I am still awaiting confirmation from some families.

please note my new email address k.hinton@midlothian.education

Mrs Hinton

✏️ Primary 1 news and information w/b 13th September 📝

Hello lovely P1 families,

It was lovely to see some of you (virtually) for the curriculum evening. I am missing being in class with Team P1 but I know they will be doing some amazing work with Mrs Caldwell and Mrs Faulkner. I hope to see them all by the end of the week.

📝 Remember: morning and afternoon snack (discuss this with your child so they know what they are), water bottles with water only – no juice for class time, please label your child’s clothing.


The sounds we have learned so far are “s” “a” and “t”.  Pupils should know the action, the sound and a song and should be able to attempt to write the letter which makes that sound.  Examples of what we might use to inhance our teaching or home learning include:

Mr Thorne does Phonics 

Jolly Phonics songs and action


We are continuing to know our key words (below).  It is essential that these words are known at sight.  As one stage is completed then we begin work on the next one in order to develop our reading.

We are continuing to look at The Zones of Regulation and strategies to get back to Green Zone.  We are doing this through discussion, circle time and stories.

🧮 Numeracy

We are consolidating numbers 1-10 and then towards 15.  Looking at using 10 frames to spot a number at sight as well as counting and ordering from smallest or biggest.  We are also investigating a mounts that make up n numbers and building our mathematical vocabulary.


When counting, we are encouraging to start at a number that is not 0. e.g. can you could from 3 to 8?


Primary 1 have been using SeeSaw as a form of sharing their learning journey with parents.  This has been extremely successful in  the past and was also really user friendly for infants (and parents) during school closure.

I need to have a parent permission letter returned ASAP and then I can issue the class with log in information 🙂  I have some fab photos to share already.

seesaw policy

SeeSaw parent letter


📗 Primary 1 News and Info 23/8/21🖍

⭐️What a fabulous start to P1 all of the pupils had last week.  They have all settled in so well and it has been lovely getting to know everyone.

This week we will continue to focus on building relationships, embedding our routine and thinking about our “Zones of Regulation”.  We know it is OK to be in any zone, but we are learning our own strategies to help get ourselves back to green so we are “ready to learn.”⭐️

🏀 P.E. 🏀

For this term, pupils will have P.E. on Tuesday and Wednesday and should come to school dressed for this.  (more info on our school newsletter)

Pupils should have a water bottle with them in school every day (no juice please)


Children are all offered a choice of hot meal or sandwich/alternative each day,  These come with veg bowls and fruit as well as a drink.  There is also a yoghurt included for those who choose the sandwich option.

Please click here to see the lunch menu, pupils choose their lunch in the morning.  Some children bring a supplementary lunch as well as their snack.

If you have dietary requirements, please ensure this is written on the Annual Data forms which are due back this week.

📗Book Bags📗

These an be purchased for £4 from the school office.  Please bring cash in an envelope if you wish to buy.  These are very useful for when we start to send homework and reading books home.


📝Other notes:

Milk payment is due this week

Flu Vaccination letters and annual data letters need returned ASAP.


📗World Book Day 2021 – Digital book token 📚

📚  As part of World Book Day, the children always love to be given their book token in school.  This year I have been given a digital book token for parents/carers to save onto their phones and use in participating stores.  The children can get one of the £1 books using this token or they can get money off the other World Book Day books.  This can be used until March 28th.

Enjoy 🙂 and remember to send in your extreme reading photos


Mrs Hinton

P1 Book Day activities

World Bood Day is Thursday 4th March, but we are not able to dress up or bring in items from home this year.  We have lots of fun activities in class and our home activity is EXTREME READING.

Reading does not have to be done in your bed, or on your sofa or a carpet in school.  I bet you have lots of books at home that you enjoy over and over again.  This challenge is to think of somewhere a bit unusual to read your favourite/or current book.  Ask someone to take your photo in your creative space (s) and send them to me at k.hinton@mgfl.net.  There may even be a small prize….

The extreme reading location can be inside, or outside.  Previous entries have included on a canoe, on top of a fridge, upside down and in an outside den.  This is designed to be a wee bit of fun and hopefully I can create a display of all your wonderful photos in our school library.

Submit photos from 4th – 11th March

Enjoy 🙂

Mrs Hinton