Independence Skills

Hi everyone, hope we are all doing okay as we enter our second week of this very strange new normal. We are missing you all very much! This week we thought we could focus on developing your little one’s independence skills. In our normal day to day life it is so hard to focus on these skills as we are rushing around to get to nursery, school and work. Now life has taken on a bit of a slower pace, for some, its the perfect time to encourage them to dress themselves, put on their own socks and shoes and their coats. Here are some tips we use within nursery to encourage independence:

  • Coats: Hood on and arms in!
  • For underwear its easier if it was a picture on as then the rule can be picture to the front.
  • Sitting down is the easiest way – sit down till you can see your feet and then up to pull them up.
  • For shoes you can make a simple foot mat – draw around their shoes onto a piece of A4 paper, once they have put on their shoes get them to stand on the mat and if they match they are on the right feet!

Here’s a song you can play them to help encourage the process –

Some of these tips are super simple but sometimes simple is best! We would love to see pictures or videos of your little ones putting on their own coats and shoes!

Remember to drop us an email if you need anything at all. Stay safe everyone x

Let’s go on an adventure with Auntie Mabel and Pippin..

‘Come Outside’ is another one of our favourites within nursery. The series aims to encourage young children to learn about the world around them. The theme is something that the children are already familiar with, such as water, wood, paper, boots, spiders, street lamps etc and Auntie Mabel helps to answers those questions that curious little minds have.

Here are a few videos that you and your child may like to visit..

(You might even remember these videos from your own childhood!!).







Poem for Nursery Children

Here is a lovely poem we would like to share with you all. Nursery rhymes and poems can support the development of language and communication skills from an early age. Rhymes can help them understand and learn about different sounds. This is an important part of developing those early years literacyNursery rhymes and poems can support the development of language and communication skills from an early age. Rhymes can help them understand and learn about different sounds. This is an important part of developing those early years literacy skills.

Poem for Nursery Children


Hello from Nursery!

Hi everyone,

Hope we are all well and keeping safe! We miss you all and don’t quite know how to fill our days without all your little people keeping us busy.

We will be posting on here hopefully quite regularly and sharing some things that your children enjoy while at nursery with us.

Our first share for today is a Youtube channel that you may be familiar with called Cosmic Kids Yoga.

We use this within nursery to have some quiet time usually after lunch and the children engage with this so well. Yoga is beneficial to children both physically and emotionally. Physically it enhances their flexibility, coordination, muscle tone and their spacial awareness. Emotionally it helps them to relax and relieve any anxiety they may feel. It will also help them to concentrate and focus on any tasks they may have later in the day. Most importantly it can help them sleep better at night – worth a go I think! 

Our personal favourites at nursery are:

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt



Popcorn the Dolphin

There are lots of different videos that you can all get involved with as a whole family! Please share any photos or videos of you doing yoga with us via email!

Stay safe everyone and please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us.

Loanhead Nursery x

19.3.20 NEW update from Midlothian council regarding school closure

The following statement was sent to schools this evening. At the bottom of the statement are links to parental guidance and advice which will be very useful in this time. We will keep you updated as, and when, we know anything else.

All schools will be closed to Primary Pupils and S1-3 Pupils with the following exceptions:

· Saltersgate School will remain open to support our children with severe and complex needs. The Head Teacher will be in contact with individual families outlining the individual arrangements which will be in place.

· All Secondary Schools will be open to S4-6 Pupils only in order to complete any SQA mandatory coursework and assessments prior to the published deadlines. Please refer to individual High School Websites for further updates. We are planning a phased approach to distance learning however priority will be given to S4-S6 to begin with.

· We are now focussed on planning for the families of staff belonging to the following groups key worker groups: Emergency Services, NHS, Health and Social Care Partnership including Care at Home, Teachers and Council Staff who have requested assistance with Childcare in order to ensure that we deliver critical services. This requested provision will be delivered through 4 secondary and 4 primary schools acting as Hubs. Individual Schools will be in touch with the individual families to alert them to the arrangements which will be put in place.

· Free School Meals: We are currently working with catering services in order to finalise arrangements for the distribution of food for children entitled to free school meals and further information will be communicated as soon as plans have been finalised.

Public health advice and guidance should continue to be followed for staff and pupils with underlying health conditions and self-isolation.

As you will appreciate there is significant planning needed to move this forward and we will continue to update our website to keep you informed.

You can listen to the Deputy First Ministers announcement at this link:

Andrew Sheridan
Schools Group Manager (ASN & Inclusion)

Guidance for parents and carers in the event of school closure due to Coronavirus

A1 – Midlothian SLT Telephone Helpline info 2020

Digital learning update

This week most pupils should bring home their digital learning passwords for Sumdog, Glow and Education City.

In class, pupils will practise logging into these and using them to enhance learning.

Google classroom is an app within Glow Scotland where each class has a ‘google classroom’.  It works best on Google chrome and is accessible on most devices.

There are also tiles on the Glow home page for typing, maths, literacy games and activities too.

Pupils are asked to have a play about with these at home but also have passwords in school bags every day. This will be a learning curve for many and we appreciate your support, patience and cooperation at this time.


Mrs Hinton