P7 News, info and homework 12th October 2017

Camp Info that went home 13/10/17 (Pink Letter) Oct Camp Info

It was lovely to meet so many of you again at Parents Consultations this week.  Many of you are requesting additional homework and I suggestthat pupils revise multiplication, mental addition and subtraction up to (4 digit numbers), telling the time both analogue and digital and money (budgeting). I send out maths homework most weeks.

As well as reading for 20-30 mins each night, it would be advantageous for pupils to also revise common word lists and if they are secure with these then the most commonly mis-spelled words.

Common words

Common misspellings

Pupils have homework due on 23rd October.  This is an activity grid based on WONDER. Their answers should be high level and quote the text as evidence.  They are worth up to 10 house points per question and I have high expectations. This was issued on 8/10/19

P7 Wonder Homework

We have been made aware of a French High School transition test where pupils will be tested on listening and writing in French.  They are expected to know basic French for conversation for speaking and writing.  We have revised this every year and have worked on it this month.  Some pupils asked for revision to give them a good grounding for the test (next month) I put this pack together.

french revision

There are also many fabulous French apps such as Duolingo which have been proven to improve French – even just by doing 5 minutes per day.

P3 homework Monday 9th OCtober

Primary 3 Homework – Week Beginning 9th October

I’m not in class this week because Baby Buchan has decided to put in an early appearance. Apologies!

There is slightly less homework in this final week before the October break. I hope you all have a good rest.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan




On Mondays with Mrs Wallace the children have been learning about time and clocks. Please look for opportunities to reinforce this at home by:

  • discussing what the time is and when different things are going to take place
  • asking the children to practise reading the time from analogue clocks
  • discussing and measuring how many minutes and seconds it takes to do different things




The children will finish their class reading books in school on Thursday so there will not be any set reading coming home.

Having said that, please do encourage the children to keep on reading every day. If you are able to hear them out loud as well, that is enormously valuable.


We have begun to learn how to look up words in the dictionary. If you have a dictionary at home, try writing down three unusual words and challenging the children to find them. As all dictionaries are slightly different, you will need to choose some good words that are in yours.

If you do not have a dictionary at home (in this digital age) there are class ones that you would be welcome to borrow.

Please be aware that the children may need support with this. Alphabetical searching is tricky, but mastering this skill will pay off in a number of ways across different areas of learning.



Spelling words to practice this week are:

shop                 dish

fish                  shut

rush                 like

are                   time

for                   her

Please could everyone do the usual look, say cover, write and check (twice through the list) and then write three sentences using as many of the words as possible.

P6 Spelling Homework 9.10.17

Monday 9th October

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK words twice.

Chocolates – complete 2 activities from sheet

Lollipops – complete 2 activities from sheet

Gummy Bears – complete sheet and 1 activity from sheet in jotter.

For Monday 23rd Ocotber

P2 Homework W/B 9th October 2017

We have a busy week ahead before breaking up for the October holiday on Friday!

Here is the list for the week:


Spelling – Tricky Words – I will send home a sheet with ‘tricky words’ on it. These are common words that are more difficult to sound out. Please write on the sheet rather than use the red jotter this week.

Reading – continues as normal. Check book bags for updates.

Numeracy – I have set a Sumdog challenge named ‘P2 October 9th 2017 Challenge’. Children will be re-issued with their passwords so they can play at home. This challenge is optional.

Our numeracy just now is all linked to include LearnIts  ( 6+6 ,7+7 , 8+8 , 9+9 and  10+ 10); linked to doubles and halves ( fractions) and odd/even numbers. However, the Sumdog challenge is just a general consolidation of basic number skills within 20.

Harvest Collection – Thanks so much for all the donations so far but more would  be welcome. The children have enjoyed sorting the foods into groups. Last day for donations is Wednesday.

Parents Consultations – A reminder that meetings will take place on Wednesday evening and Thursday after school. Your child was given an appointment slip on Friday.

PEWednesday and Thursday. Children will be reminded to bring their kits home to be washed over the holiday.

Thanks for your support,

Ms S Brunt




P3 Homework for Week Beginning 2nd October

Primary 3 Homework – Week Beginning 2nd October

Well done Primary 3! On Friday the children earned a fruit party as their first whole class reward. This was for working hard and being a good team. We count down at the end of every great day – which is most days in P3, but not all!

Having finished our science topic on the human body we are looking at some issues in health and wellbeing. In particular, we are learning how to keep ourselves safe around medicines, and how we can handle difficult situations in school, like when friends fall out with one another.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



On Friday almost all the children managed to beat their previous scores in the Learnit challenge, so well done for practising at home. Please keep it up!

We are also carrying on with subtraction this week. Some great games to play online would be:


(Same as last week – a slightly easier game to start with.)


(Choose between level 1 or level 2 – good for testing speed.)


(Same as last week. Play up to 100 for more of a challenge.)



Pages to be read from class reading books will be written down in the grids as usual. Hearing pages out loud is so, so helpful in developing fluency. Where a word is tricky, please help the children to take their time and sound it out. Some words don’t sound out of course, so you may need to help with these ones.



Along with words that use our new spelling sound (‘or’) I have put down some words that we have been misspelling a lot in class. These are common words and worth practising.

As well as the usual look, say, cover, write and check technique of practice for the whole list (twice), please could we write two or three sentences which use up all of the common words.


fork                  sport

horse               corn

storm               have

blood               true

germ               daughter

P7 News and Homework 2/10/17

Please Note:

  • Lasswade High School roadshow is tonight (2nd October at 6.30pm in our school)
  • Beeslack open evening is Thursday 12th October (6.30pm-8.30pm)
  • Parent Consultations are next week.  If you are unable to attend or we have recently met and you would like to come in next term instead please let me know. Letters were sent out today and should be back for Thursday.  Times are tight due to class size. k.hinton@mgfl.net.
  • Swimming gala is tomorrow – pupils should be at school for 8.45am and have a snack, water bottle and packed lunch (all appropriate kit too!).


Pupils should continue to read for enjoyment! They have a word origins sheet and should use appropriate tools (discussed in class) to help them answer the questions.  We have been reading scales in class and there is a follow up sheet for homework too.


P1 Homework Week Beginning 2/10/17

P1 Homework – week beginning 2/10/17

Phonics: We are not learning a new sound this week as we are revising and blending the sounds to make words. I have sent home another set of letter cards which are the last six sounds we have learned. Please help your child revise the sound, play games with them and make words.

Numeracy: We are learning about one more/one less this week.

Reading: Please help your child learn the words that are in their word box.

Letters: There are two letters coming home this week. One is about Parent Consultations and must be returned by Thursday please.

The other is about our Harvest Celebration: P1 and P2 are leading this and are collecting dried, tinned, packed and jar foods and also toiletries. Any donations can be sent in by Wednesday 11th October please.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming