P7 News and Homework 2/10/17

Please Note:

  • Lasswade High School roadshow is tonight (2nd October at 6.30pm in our school)
  • Beeslack open evening is Thursday 12th October (6.30pm-8.30pm)
  • Parent Consultations are next week.  If you are unable to attend or we have recently met and you would like to come in next term instead please let me know. Letters were sent out today and should be back for Thursday.  Times are tight due to class size. k.hinton@mgfl.net.
  • Swimming gala is tomorrow – pupils should be at school for 8.45am and have a snack, water bottle and packed lunch (all appropriate kit too!).


Pupils should continue to read for enjoyment! They have a word origins sheet and should use appropriate tools (discussed in class) to help them answer the questions.  We have been reading scales in class and there is a follow up sheet for homework too.


P1 Homework Week Beginning 2/10/17

P1 Homework – week beginning 2/10/17

Phonics: We are not learning a new sound this week as we are revising and blending the sounds to make words. I have sent home another set of letter cards which are the last six sounds we have learned. Please help your child revise the sound, play games with them and make words.

Numeracy: We are learning about one more/one less this week.

Reading: Please help your child learn the words that are in their word box.

Letters: There are two letters coming home this week. One is about Parent Consultations and must be returned by Thursday please.

The other is about our Harvest Celebration: P1 and P2 are leading this and are collecting dried, tinned, packed and jar foods and also toiletries. Any donations can be sent in by Wednesday 11th October please.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming

P6 Spelling Homework 2.10.17

Monday 2nd October

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK words twice in jotter.

Lollipops and Gummy Bears

Complete 1 activity from sheet in jotter and complete sheet.


Complete 2 activities from sheet.

For MOnday 9th October

P2 Homework W/B 2.10.17


Harvest Celebrationa donations request

P1 and P2 are celebrating the ‘traditional’ harvest theme by thinking about where  food comes from, learning harvest songs and being thoughtful about those in our community who are in need.

Thus, we are asking you to kindly donate food items so that these can be distributed to a local charity. ‘Long life’ foods such as tins, jars, cartons and packets would be most appropriate. Our pupils can then be involved in sorting the foods into groups.

If you are able to donate, can these items be in school by Wednesday 11th October. Many, many thanks in advance!


Spelling – List 6 – ‘ar’

Reading – as normal. Can all pupils please bring their book bags ( with reading books) in daily please.

Numeracy – Please revise the previous 3 weeks numeracy flash cards of add 1,2,3 and subtract 1,2,3.

I hope to get children back using Sumdog this week and so, will send their passwords home. If things are going well, I may set a short challenge for fun but I’ll tell the children about this later in the week.

PE – Wednesday and Thursday

We started training for the Daily Mile last week – we need to build up to it and are now up to four minutes running! So, some way to go but it’s a start.

Photos – If you haven’t already, can you please return either the unwanted school photographs or payments please.

Thanks for your support,

Ms S Brunt


Reebops in P7 Science

In Science this week, P7 investigated inheritance and variation through Reebops -imaginary animals, made from play  dough.

The new proud parents learned the relationship between genes and inherited traits and how hereditary information is passed from one generation to the next, and how the physical appearance of offspring can be determined by combinations of genes received by parents.

Have a look at some of our adorable offspring 🙂

Chromatography in P7 Science

In Science Primary 7 have been looking at methods of separation.  They looked at distillation and filtration as ways of separating some materials and were set a challenge to separate ink particles using chromatography.

They learned that the ink separates through water at different speeds due to having different weights – this is how the patterns are created.

Their challenge was to guess the black pen I used out of 4.  Most groups solved the puzzle correctly 🙂 Well done.


Homework P4 26/09/17


All children are learning when to use ck or k to end a word.

They have words and three activities to complete.

See jotters for words.


Write your words in the correct column     k         ck     or c

To earn 10 points on the Challenge grid. If anyone has lost this please let me know.

Tell an adult what your spelling rule is. Protector ck. Think of other rules we learned and try to teach someone at home.


Roald Dahl: See bookmarks  Tues, Wed,

J.K. Rowling: See bookmarks Tuesday, Wednesday

Enid Blyton: Read P 50 to the end  for Tuesday 3rd October

Jeff Kinney: See bookmarks Wed, Thurs

Julia Donaldson: See bookmarks  Wed, Thurs

David Walliams: Reading will be given tomorrow Wednesday 27th