P2 Homework W/B 21.5.18

Hi all,

Here is the homework for this week.

Reading – Well done to all pupils who practised a poem for recital within class. We’ll return to normal reading books this week. Can you ensure that reading is practised regularly and that book bags are brought to school daily, with reading books inside. Thanks. 

Spelling – Homework now runs from Monday to Monday so does not need to be completed by Friday mornings anymore. List 2 this week please.

No numeracy homework this week.

Topic – We are continuing to study the sea and have been busy creating sea collages and writing imaginative stories. The science outcome this week is to learn more about food chains.

Request – I’ve planned an art activity which involves creating moulds of shells in plaster. We need small plastic tubs for this – butter spread type size of tubs- if you have any, can you send these in please. Thanks.

PE –  This will definitely be on Wednesday and possibly Thursday. We are having to work around demands on the hall timetable this week. We may be able to go outside for PE but this is weather dependent!

Parents Meetings – I gave appointment times out on Friday. If your time and date is not suitable, please contact the School Office.

The Summer Fair is on Friday this week at 11am. Thanks to all who donated tombola prizes. A letter is due to come out to confirm whether you ( or designated adult) is able to collect your child from class at 11 o’clock on Friday to enjoy the fair together. If not, your child will stay with myself or a Learning Assistant to visit the fair and be picked up from the class door as normal at 12:25pm. In this case, it is very helpful if the children have their own money to spend at the fair.

Deep Sea World – Just a gentle reminder to pay for the trip and complete the permission slip if you have not already done so.

That’s all for now!


Miss Sara Brunt


P7 Enterprise information and costs

Primary 7 have been working hard on the Virgin money enterprise £5 challenge.  They have looked at what makes a good business, skills needed to run a successful business and reflected on their own skills.  They have surveyed pupils and brainstormed enterprise ideas and have come up with their own projects to turn £5 into profit.  Pupils presented their ideas to Mrs Donnelly who gave them the go ahead.

All the projects will take place at different times.  P7 will go   round classes to tell them what is going on and I will send a netter out and update it here ASAP.  We have a bike and scooter wash, party punch, snow cones, mission impossible, lemonade stand, plant stall, lunchtime cinema, raffle, home baking and a lot more.

On Friday 18th snowcones (p6 and P7)and fruit punch (open to all)  will be available from break time (80/60p each).


Watch this space for all the information about other events.

Primary 3 Homework to 21st May

Primary 3 Homework – 15th May to 21st May

In ICT the P3 pupils have been doing fantastic work making presentations on Microsoft Powerpoint. If you would like to see your child’s presentation, please send me in an e-mail address.

In art we are beginning a short project looking at L. S. Lowry.

On Friday the children have the option to ‘dress down’ in aid of the Parent Council’s Summer Fair on 25th May. Rather than bringing money, anyone who wants to dress down is asked to bring a prize for the tombola. The prizes don’t need to be expensive at all and pre-loved items are very welcome.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



We are moving on to weight this week, weighing ourselves and all sorts of other things in class using different kinds of scales.

At home, please can you find and draw objects that weigh:

  • Less than 50g
  • Between 100g and 500g
  • More than 1kg

You could use kitchen scales, or food packaging usually has a weight on it.

If the children enjoyed the time game from last week, our final lessons on time should take us up to playing this at level 4.




Reading grids will come home as usual. Again, if children have already read the pages in class it is still very helpful for you to hear them re-read some out loud. Quizzes may also come home to finish.



For our spelling words, let’s practise the regular and irregular past tense verbs we have been learning about.

Words to practise this week:

walked             crept

stopped           got

crept                came

thought            played

Please could everyone do the usual look, say cover, write and check (twice through the list) and then write sentences using as many of the words as possible.

NEW Primary 7 post (May 2018)

This week there is homework on long multiplication, some pupils completed this in class though.  Revision on times tables and long multiplication would be an advantage for all.  We are revising French and pupils are encouraged to use apps such as Duolingo to revise what they have learned in primary and give confidence for high school.

PLEASE PLEASE can you send me P1 or photos of them at about that age – k.hinton@mgfl.net.  I hope to have the book sent away by next week and have 6 photos of P7 when they were younger to include, it would be fun if we had more.  Please can the payment for the books be given to Mrs Hinton ASAP, all pupils have asked for one (cash only as some of the total price is being subsidised).

P7 outing – Dominion cinema and McDs for lunch.  The Parent event on the last Tues is usually a pizza and film but can be changed?

We had a visit from lasswade today, they spoke to the class about their high expectations and this included not being late, having right equipment and doing all homework.  Lunch n transition days is provided and pupils to wear full Loanhead uniform.

S1 uniform: Is not optional and includes white shirt, tie, blazer, black smart shoes (all compulsory). Black trousers (no jeans or leggings) or a skirt and thick black tights.  FULL CHANGE FOR PE to include black and white tshirt/shorts and sports shoes suitable for running etc (not converse).  Blazer and tie to be seen at all times when in the building.

P1 Week Beginning 14.5.18

Hi all,

This week in literacy we will be continuing with our rhyme topic and will cover“et”, “ot” and “ee”.  We will also be continuing to look at poetry and we will be writing our own rhyming poems this week. In numeracy we will be looking at number bonds to 10, halving numbers up to 20 and will be revising number formation and counting backwards from 20 to 0. We will also be continuing with our senses topic.

Our homework this week:


  • Reading– New reading books will be issued tomorrow (Monday). Children should continue to read these each night.
  • Common words– This week our common words are: said, not, have and up. These are in the green jotters.
  • Words in tins– most children will have had new words added to their tins this week. Children should continue to practise these at home.
  • Rhyme– Our rhyming sounds this week are “et”, “ot” and “ee”. Children will have homework based on these on paper and these should be completed in green jotters.


Events this week:


National Numeracy Day– Wednesday is National Numeracy Day which focuses on using numeracy in everyday life. Check out Twitter for updates during the day!


Library– We will be visiting the school library on Friday this week so please make sure all books are returned so children can take out new ones.


Dress Down Day– Friday is also a dress down day, can children please dress down and bring a suitable prize for the tombola for the school summer fair.


Also, can all parent questionnaires be returned by tomorrow (Monday 14th May).


Thank you for all your support,


Miss Cummings.

P2 Homework W/B 14.5.18

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Reading – we’ll continue with the poetry books but will have a book swap during the week. I’d like children to practise reading poems aloud, choosing one in particular to recite to the class or their group. This does not have to be memorised.

Spelling – we have completed the spelling lists which feature a sound blend each week. We will now practise words from the ‘First Hundred Common Words’. I will send home new spelling sheets on Tuesday so the red spelling jotters are now redundant.

Numeracy – We have been working on place value to 100 ( tens and units) and to 100 ( hundreds, tens and units). We have been developing mental strategies for adding two digit numbers together. For example: 24 + 12 is the same as saying 20 + 10 + 4 + 2 = 36 and 32 + 17 = 30 + 10 + 2 + 7 = 49 and so on.  I have put a challenge on Sumdog related to this, ‘P2 Place Value’.

Events this week:

National Numeracy Day – Wednesday 16th. Children will have a focus on numeracy in real life. Check out Twitter for updates during the day!

Dress Down Day on Friday – Can children please dress down and  bring a prize suitable for the tombola at the Summer Fair .

PE – Will be on Wednesday and Friday this week.

Library – please return library books and children will be able to choose a new one on Friday 18th.

Deep Sea World trip ( 4th June) – Children were given an information sheet with a permission slip to complete so please return this as soon as possible. Payment can be made to the office, to me or through Parentpay. I’m aware that the cost of this particular trip is high so if anyone has any difficulties paying this, please let me know.

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt


P1 week beginning 7.5.18

Hope you all had a nice long weekend!

This week  in literacy we are continuing to look at rhyme and have covered “an” and “en” sounds. The children have had homework based on these. We are also looking at poetry writing and will be looking at acrostic poems tomorrow.

In numeracy we having been looking at subtraction and counting backwards from 20 to 0. This is something that many children are finding difficult so would be good if children could continue to practice this at home.

Tomorrow, we will have a workshop from the SSPCA. This will be from 9.00 9.30 for primary one to three.


  • Reading- new reading books were issued yesterday, children should continue to read these every night.
  • Common words- this week the common words are put, saw, no and go. These are in the green jotters.
  • Words in tins- children should continue to practice these.
  • Rhyme –  both tasks were issued on paper and should be completed in green jotters. 

    an- Yesterday our rhyming sound was “an”, can you think of 6 of your own “an” rhyming words and make a sentence using at least two of them. Please use your green jotters for this.

    Example- The man was in the van.

    en-  Today our rhyming sound was “en”, can you think of 6 of your own “en” rhyming words and write these using rainbow or bubble writing. Please use your green jotters for this.

Thank you for your cooperation

Miss Cummings.


P3 Homework from 8th May

Primary 3 Homework – 8th May to 15th May

Welcome back after the long weekend. I hope everyone had a nice break.

This week we are carrying on with measure, hopefully completing time and length and moving on to weight.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan




For numeracy I have sent home old Beat That challenges. This will let you see what we do. It would be great to put in a final burst of practice so that everyone can end the year at a high point. A few of the children have plateaued and just need a bit more practice to push up to the next level. The questions at each level are the same every week but in a different order.

Please keep asking children to tell you the time. It is also useful to get them converting between analogue to digital. Most pupils should be solid on o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past (12 hour clock). This week we will make the last step into dealing with ten past, twenty to etc. and AM / PM.

An excellent game for practising time conversions is


I would suggest playing at level 2 or 3 to start with. Hopefully we can play at 4 as the week goes on.



Reading grids will come home as usual. Again, if children have already read the pages in class it is still very helpful for you to hear them re-read some out loud. Quizzes may also come home to finish.




Words to practise this week:

letter               always

young              pencil

earth                story

reason             down

Please could everyone do the usual look, say cover, write and check (twice through the list) and then write sentences using as many of the words as possible.