P6 Home Learning & News W/B 4th Feb

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Spelling – There’s a new spelling list this week plus through and threw

Pupil Talk – Everyone will present their Pupil Talk this week. Children have had ample opportunity to prepare in school time as well as at home so we are really looking forward to finding out more about Scottish pioneers. Remember, it’s the delivery of the talk we are looking at e.g. confidence, be  loud and clear, be interesting, show audience awareness and show good eye contact. Remember to organise an audience participation activity for the end of your talk. Good luck P6!

Reading – all pupils had a chance to select an extra library book so all have something to read in class.

Numeracy Sumdog Challenge on division. Can I ask that children practise their weaker times tables whenever they can – even five minutes a day would help. Children should be able to say which times tables they need to practise.  It is vital children have fast recall but even more importantly, that they can link their tables across numeracy to division, fractions and so on. There are plenty of online games to use too and I would suggest looking at Top Marks ( Learning Games) 9-11 age group for this. P6 are familiar with this. There’s even a mental maths section, Daily 10, which has plenty of drills on most numerical operations.

Ski-ing –  Wednesday. Children should bring their ski-ing gear with them to change into at school before we leave on the bus (after break). Please note that children should bring a packed lunch as we return to school after the dining room has closed.

Mandarin – P6 are now starting to learn Mandarin from a specialist teacher.

PETuesday  and Thursday

Bridges trip – Last week, P6 and P7 visited the Forth Bridge Contact and Education Centre. The morning consisted of working together as a team to construct a room height pyramid using dowelling rods and elastic bands. Each child had their own component part to construct which then was put into a larger pyramid then finally, all these larger structures came together to form the mega structure at the end. The co-operation, communication and listening skills shown by all pupils was admirable. We did manage a walk along the Forth Road Bridge in the afternoon, but the views were dismal as unfortunately, the weather was not being kind and the sea mist kept flitting in and out over the bridges.  Anyway, overall, it was a very successful trip and the positive feedback from the children made it all worthwhile.


Wednesday (eve) and Thursday (after school) – Parents Meetings.

Term breaks on Friday for the February week. School finishes as normal at 12:25pm.

Finally – the time has come to say goodbye to Miss Dickson who leaves P6 to start placements in school with younger pupils after the holiday. Miss Dickson has been with us since August so it will be strange without her but on behalf of myself and P6, we give thanks for all her hard work and wish her the best moving forward. We will see you around!

Thank you,

Sara Brunt







p3 Homeworks Week beginning 28.1.19

  1. Hi all,

Quick reminder to return parents night slips as I did find a  few in children’s book bags so hopefully they have remembered to give them to you! Look forward to seeing you next week.

As usual homework will go out on Tuesday and be returned the following Monday.


Our new topic this term is Scottish inventors and I am hoping we can inspire the kids to get inventing themselves! If you have anything at home suitable for junk modelling could you send it in with your child. Any contribution would be much appreciated.


This weeks spelling pattern is the long o vowel sound made using ‘ue’ ‘u_e’ and ‘ew’ as in rescue, cube and few. These can be found on Spelling list 16 on the new spelling words issued this week.

Copy the spelling words in one of the ways suggested on the spelling menu and write 3 sentences.


As normal select a task from the home learning wall. Please remember to colour in tasks after you have done them so I can see what you have done at home and know when to issue a new home learning wall.


Hedgehogs – The Revenge of Captain Blood

Tuesday – Chapter 2 and 3

Wednesday – Chapter 4

Thursday –Chapter 5

Pandas – Hard to Please

Tuesday –Chapter 1

Wednesday – Chapter 2

Thursday – Chapter 3

Orangutans – The Flying Machine

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p8-16

Thursday- p16-24

Friday – p24 – End

Tigers – The Hunt for Gold

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p8-16

Thursday- p16-24

Friday – p24 – End

Polar Bears – The Runaway Van

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p8-16

Thursday- Whole Book




P1 homework – 28-01-19


Homework for this week:

Reading: Please see the blue reading record book for the daily reading homework. We are  focusing on getting the class to learn their key words from their word boxes. It is really important that the children learn these words so that they can continue to progress onto the next stage of reading books. Please can you continue this focus at home by helping your child to learn these words. This can be done through games, such as a word treasure hunt, find the correct word or just a simple quiz to see how quickly each word is recognised.

Phonics: We are not learning any new sounds this week but we are recapping the ones we have learned so far. To help with this we will be sending home worksheets which either focus on using phonics to create CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words or are related to your child’s reading book. Please help your child to complete these.

Thank you,


Miss Maley and Mrs Cumming

P7 News and Information 28.1.19

What a fast month this has been.  Pupils have been working hard in class to learn the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.  They have been reminding themselves how to simplify fractions and how to order them.  Pupils have been asked to learn the fractions, decimals and percentages table.

Pupils have been doing a lot of mental maths and it is clear that some pupils are still not yet secure with their times tables, this is more than just counting up in 2s, 4s etc and involves knowing the multiplication and division relationships and to be able to answer a times tables sum as quickly as answering “what is your name?”  Pupils must be revising these, and division, at home whenever possible.

We are excited about our trip to the Forth bridges and have exciting STEM activities planned for this week.  Please remember packed lunches and extremely warm clothing on Thursday.

Pupils should always have a chosen novel for enjoyment in school that they are able to talk about at any time.  The local library has an excellent selection for P7 age.

P2 Homework w.b. 28.1.19

Hi all,

All the children received their parent appointment slips last week, please check  your child’s book bag for these slips.

Homework for this week;

Spelling: This is our last week of bossy ‘e’ and the sound is u_e. The spelling list this week will contain this sound and tricky words. Remember that children can practise these in a number of ways – writing them in pencil or paint, using magnetic letters to make them or even writing silly sentences with them!

Reading: Please check your child’s green reading record for these pages. Children may be moving up to the next stage in their books over the next few weeks.

Writing: The children wrote some lovely stories about what their favourite pet is last week. There will be another writing sheet sent out on Tuesday and can be returned on the following Monday. If your child is going to complete this over the weekend then I suggest it gets taken out of the book bag as I don’t send them home on a Friday. This weeks writing will be ‘If I were the teacher, I would be’. Please encourage your child to use cursive handwriting as we are practising to use this in class.

Thank you,

Miss Lauren Waller



P6 Home Learning/News W/B 28th January 2019

Hi all,

Home Learning this week:

Spelling – There’s a new spelling list this week plus of and off

Pupil Talk – Many children have shown great enthusiasm for this task already so we really look forward to hearing and watching the finished presentations in the final week.

All children have access to computers throughout the week to continue their research. At home, start practising presentations.

Reading – Last week, all pupils had a chance  to select an extra library book so everyone now has something to read in class.

PETuesday  – I’ve noticed there’s an increasing number of children who do not bring a full or even partial PE kit with them. I’m going to discuss with P6 the importance of having a fresh change of clothes for PE, especially as they are maturing!

Sportshall Athletics on Tuesday – Those pupils chosen to go must  return their permission slip dated Tuesday 29th January. Thanks.

Ski-ing –  Wednesday. Children should bring their ski-ing gear with them to change into at school before we leave on the bus (after break). Please note that children should bring a packed lunch as we return to school after the dining room has closed.


Bridges tripThursday  –  Part of the trip includes a walk across the old Forth Road Bridge. Children really should wear warm, protective clothes, including hats, scarves, and gloves. Looking ahead at the weather forecast, it is going to be extremely cold; factor in the openness and elevation, it may feel very bitter and exposed!  All children need to bring a snack and a packed lunch. Cost is £3. Permission slips must be returned ASAP.

Peer Mediation – P6 have now been trained in Peer Mediation and have been invited to volunteer to take turns to mediate in the playground. Peer Mediators act as listeners to opposing parties in disputes and can help to find solutions to minor disagreements. They are not ‘playground police’ or replacing adult supervision/intervention.

Parents Meetings – your child should have given you an appointment time to see me next week ( Wed 6th or Thurs 7th February). If you have not seen this slip, ask your child to check their bags please. If someone was off on the day these slips went out and didn’t get theirs, can you let me know.


Thank you,

Sara Brunt







P4 Homework 22/01/19

P4 Homework   22/01/19

Remember written homework is due in on Mondays



See reading records and website for details




Spelling – a sound (ah)      magic e

mat                mate              amazing              name

fat                  fate                after                    came

hat                 hate                asked                  case

If your child has words written in pen in their homework jotter they should include these in their list for the week.


1.       Write the words in your jotter and write, cover, copy, check

2.       Write one sentence per word.

Your child may have some additional spelling work in their bags from Mrs Black.



There is another Sumdog challenge on Sumdog and the children should all have their sumdog passwords.