Primary 5 news and information week beginning 2nd March


Pupils  have daily reading homework which should be part read aloud for most children and discussed with parents.  All groups also have spelling words and are required to write each word 3 times and then write them in sentences/story/funny paragraph/letter – to show they understand the word in context.

Pupils also have Week 2 of their Alien literacy homework due for Friday, each child has a copy of the 6 week homework block but you can also Click here for more info .  This can be done in  jotters, on a computer and emailed to or pupils can share with me on GLOW -Pupils all have passwords to access this at home. The standard of week 1 homework was out of this world! 🙂

MATHS – Pupils all  have goals in numeracy – they will have specific learn its or times tables to learn and are required to practise these at home regularly.  Try also counting up in 6’s, 7’s and 8’s starting from random numbers e.g. 17 and see how fast they can do it forwards and backwards.

Pupil Presentations – some of the class did their homework and provided a “Big Question” for their presentations.  They had first choice of dates.  All pupils have been given a date – see below


WORLD BOOK DAY IS THURSDAY – Pupils will not be dressing up but are required to bring in a model of their favourite character/setting/book – see the other post about this.

P7 Info W/B 2nd March 2020*EDITED*

Hi all,


Congratulations to our P6 and P7 athletics team who competed in the East of Scotland Indoor Athletics Champs, representing Midlothian along with King’s Park Primary. We finished 8th out of 12, competing against the winners of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Borders, West Lothian and Stirling. This is an amazing achievement especially as we are a small school who took a team of  just 24 athletes whereas some schools brought 40 athletes with them. Our pupils had several events to do each. We are so immensely proud of each and every one of our athletes and hope that he/she enjoyed this experience.

World Book DayThursday 5th March – children are encouraged to create a 3d model of their favourite book character for Wednesday please.

Dental Nurse – Will visit P7 for check ups on Tuesday. Letters were sent home about this.

Headstrong Programme – This P7 programme starts on Friday but there is an opportunity for parents to drop in on Tuesday at 3pm if anyone would like more info on this. You can speak with Leisa Randall, the course co-ordinator.

Independent Study – The reading comprehension task about the weather is now due on Friday. *I will catch up with those who still have their fractions and percentages home task to hand in. This week, we will concentrate on decimals in numeracy and data handling in maths.

*EDIT* There was a disappointing return of the previous numeracy task ( less than 50% of class returned their work!) I am sending a revision maths/ numeracy task home this week and there is an expectation that this work is completed and handed in on time!

And finally…

Unbelievably, it is coming to the time where thoughts are turning to the end of primary school for P7s and looking ahead to new adventures at secondary school! We are already exploring ideas for the end of term P7 show. However, I wondered if parents could start to send in  (maximum of 2) photos of your child on their first day at school ( even if not at Loanhead at that point). Failing this, a photo of your child when they were about 5 years old would do just as well. I know this maybe seems early but time really does fly by! You can send a digital photo to me at or hand in an actual print for me to scan. The photos will be used in a PowerPoint display at the show. TIA!

Schedule for the week:



Tuesday: PE


‘Headstrong’ drop-in @ 3pm

Wednesday: PE

WBD Book character model in


Rugby – bring PE clothes to be able to play rugby outside in the MUGA.

Friday – ‘Headstrong’ begins

Reading Comp Task due in.

That’s all for now,
















P2 Homework w.b. 2.3.20

Hi all,

I sent out a letter on Thursday regarding our school trip to Rosslyn Chapel, if this could be signed and returned to school by Friday 6th March, it would be greatly appreciated. We are only out of school for the morning so children will be back in time as usual for school lunches.

Miss Clements will be joining us in P2 from Monday 9th March and will be with us until the end of the school year. She has been working with P5 since August and we are very excited for her to join us!

World Book Day is on Thursday 5th March – please see the post below regarding what is happening on this day. 

Homework for the week:

Reading: Children will be receiving non-fiction books, as this will be our focus for the week. There will also be a worksheet relating to their book put into their book bags on Tuesday to be completed for Friday.

Spelling: We are learning the ‘igh’ sound – for example, light and fight. Please complete the list in the spelling jotter.

Thank you!

Miss Lauren Waller (


World Book Day 5th March 2020

Please see below.

World Book Day         Thursday 5th March

This year, instead of dressing up, we would like all children to produce a 3D model of their favourite character or book. Anything can be used to produce this but it must be 3D.

Some suggestions for the base: different size/shape boxes, tubes, potatoes, origami, lego or other construction materials, eggs (hard boiled). These can then be painted and decorated with anything of your choosing.

If anyone needs any help from school please let us know.

We will have an exhibition of all the models for the classes to view. There may even be some prizes too!

We will be giving out the vouchers for a free book on Thursday too.

Below is the link to the World Book Day website. Here you will find lots of fun activities and ideas to encourage your child with reading for enjoyment.

On Thursday we will be doing ‘Drop Everything And Read’ your child can  bring a book from home if they would like to…when the bell rings in school they will stop whatever they are doing and read for pleasure. We will be counting up the number of stories we share with each other from Monday until 29th March as part of the ‘Great Story Share’.

In school we will do some story sharing among other fun activities.

Loanhead’s Got Talent update

Update for the Talent Show:-
The bar will be open from 6:15pm – 11pm.
We will have a program of events , order of performance etc on the night.
This has been selected at random.

First performance is 7pm so please arrive sharp as not to disturb performances. If you child is performing please arrive in plenty time !

There are tickets left for anyone wishing to come along and support our acts!



This week’s homework (due Friday 28th February)

Good morning,

P3’s homework this week is business as usual (spelling due Friday, half book for Wednesday, whole book for Friday). The spelling pattern we are practising is /oi/, which is as follows:

  1. drag
  2. trip
  3. join
  4. spoil
  5. point
  6. joy
  7. royal
  8. ointment
  9. fifty
  10. sixty

For maths this week, we will be continuing our time topic by looking at the 24 hour clock. If possible, try and remind your child of any 24 hour clocks around their home (phone clocks, alarm clocks, digital watches ect.) and see if they can tell you what time they are showing!

Thanks a lot,

Mr McGaff

P6 w.b 24.2.20


Here is a schedule for the week:

Monday – Primary 6 took part in an all day event, learning about Scotland’s young Tommy Morris, the youngest ever Open Golf champion. They learnt various life skills that everyone will be able to use in everyday life.

Tuesday – Outdoor journeys has been moved to Tuesday due to the Young Tommy Morris life skills event taking place on Monday.

Pupils taking part in outdoor learning with Mrs. Duncan, remember to bring your outdoor and waterproof clothes.

Wednesday – Good luck to all pupils taking part in the Athletics competition against schools from right across Edinburgh. I know you will all represent Loanhead Primary well, and I hope you enjoy the competition!

Skiing will be on as usual. Those taking part in the Athletics competition that normally ski, will be transported to Hillend ski centre.

For the rest of the class, remember to bring your ski clothes and water bottle.

Thursday – PE in the afternoon, so please remember to bring your kit to change into.

Friday – In the evening time, 7:30pm start,  there is Loanhead’s got Talent! Please grab your ticket fast, as they will go quick. £3.50 a ticket. I want to wish those pupils in P6 taking part, the very best of luck!



Spelling Dictation is due on Friday 28th February, so remember to practise those spellings.

Maths revision sheet will be handed out on Friday 28th February. This will be due on Friday 6th March.

Thanks for your support,

C. Nelson

p1 Homework – 24.2.20

Hello all,

I just want to say a big thank you to you all for getting in all the trip permission so quickly last week as I know it was extremely last minute. We did really enjoy the trip. The staff at Rosslyn chapel told us stories of the green men who bring Spring which are carved around the chapel. We then created our very own butterflies and caterpillars, many of which I imagine you have seen at home.

We have now finished our blocks of phonic sounds ending on wa as in wash or water and pu as in pushed or pulled. We have now moved on to different phonic blends that start words. This week we are learning ‘sl’ ‘bl’ ‘cl’ ‘gl’ ‘fl’ and ‘pl’. There is no set homework for this however if you wish to do additional work at home on this just let me know and I will get some together.


Chips-Come In!

Mon- p1-8

Tues -p9-16

Wed – Whole Book


Biffs- The Rope Swing

Mon- p1-8


Wed-Whole Book

Thurs- Activity

Kippers – The Toy’s Party (NEW STAGE)

Mon- p1-4

Tues- p5-8

Wed-Whole Book


Floppy’s -This and That (NEW STAGE)

Mon- p1-4

Tues- p5-8

Wed-Whole Book


All the Best,

Miss Ramsay