P Spelling Homework 11.9.17

Monday 11th September

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK words twice

Chocolates – choose 2 activities to complete in your jotter.

Lollipops and Gummy bears – please choose 1 activity from sheet to complete in jotter then complete sheet sent home.


For Monday 25th September

P1 Homework and Information Wk Beg: 11/09/2017

The children enjoyed their outdoor learning last week – we have more to come week beginning Monday 18th September.
This week we are having a recap of the 6 sounds we have just learned and we will be looking at how we can use them to make simple 2 and 3 letter words. I am sending home a small bag with 6 sound cards. Please use these to revise the sounds and play games with.
E.G. Flash a card up and ask your child to find something beginning with that sound.
Play I spy something beginning with … flash the card and don’t say the sound unless you need to.
Use the cards to make words, at, it, an, sat, sit, sip, pat, pit pan, nap, tan, tip, tap, tin.
Play Kim’s Game – lay them out face up – child hides eyes, you remove one – which one is missing?
We are continuing with the wordless books and learning about the characters in the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme.
I will send home a piece of paper for the children to make a poster about numbers they find around them, they can draw where they see them (on a bus, on a door etc) take photos and cut numbers out of magazines and newspapers. This is to be returned FRIDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER
We are starting a topic about harvest and with P2 we will be leading a Harvest Festival. We will be looking for donations for this – more information to follow. We will be exploring where our food comes from and how shops and services get the foods we need for our daily living.
Other Events:
Wednesday 13th September: The Midlothian Advertiser will be in school to photograph Primary 1 Please make sure your child has their school uniform on that day.
Friday 15th and Monday 18th September: No School -September holiday.
Can I remind you to ensure that your child has a coat with them every day now that the weather is starting to change.
Many thanks,
Lisa Cumming

P2 Homework W/B 11.9.17

Hi there,

Just to begin with a reminder that this week is a short week as it ends with the ‘September Weekend’– so  school finishes on Thursday at 3:15pm and resumes on Tuesday 19th September.


Spelling – List 3 ‘th‘ . Everyone is working very hard at home and handing in some great spelling homework- well done! Please try to complete spelling homework by Thursday if possible.

Reading – Please send your child’s reading folder in every day. Please also check the ‘post-it’ note sent home with each book for updates.

Numeracy – On Wednesday, a sheet of sums will be sent home. This has ‘+1 and -1’ sums on it. Please cut this sheet up into individual flash cards and practise with your child so that they become very quick at knowing +1/-1. Also use the language ‘ What is one more/one less than’. If your child has mastered this, ‘up-level’ it by saying ‘Okay, if 4 + 1 =5, what is 14 +1, what is 54 + 1 , what is 94 + 1’ and so on…

Topic– We have been thinking about the current UK harvest but also about where our food comes from. We had Fyffes bananas during the week and watched a video about the production journey these bananas take to get to our shores.

A request…..could you possibly check labels of food products you are using this week and send the labels in with ‘Country of Origin’ on? We can use these labels to plot on our large world map where their food has come from!

PE– Wednesday and Thursday

Afternoon snack – some parents have requested that P2 children have an extra wee snack for the longer afternoons. We do have afternoon fruit from Tuesdays onwards, which we cut into portions and this usually lasts us a couple of days but if you want to send something extra in, please feel free to. I would suggest something like a small packet of raisins, a small piece of fruit or a small biscuit.

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Brunt




P7 30 days of kindness grid…

Below is the grid that out P7 pupils have challenged themselves to complete.  We are choosing kind and trying to be a kindness classroom which is part of our “Wonder” novel study.

I typed this when pupils worked in groups to create the grids so initially there was some typos – that will teach me to proof read!  🙂

I have hopefully edited it so here is a copy.  We will reflect on these on the 10th of October!

30 days of kindness challenge

P3 Homework Week Beginning 4th September

Primary 3 Homework – Week Beginning 4th September

Thank you for a great start to our home learning for this year.

Please feel free to write comments into homework jotters about how your children have been finding the homework.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



Play +1 / -1 with someone at home. (To play, write +1 and -1 on opposite sides of a piece of paper so that one of these is showing face up. The first player says a number, and then the second player has to say back the number that is either +1 or -1, depending on which side of the paper is showing. After every five or six numbers, flip the paper over.)

If you want more of a challenge, play +2 / -2 or even +10 / -10!

How many can you get right in a row?

Can you play the game faster and faster?

Challenge the adults in your house!


Play an addition game on a computer or tablet (e.g. http://www.arcademics.com/games/alien/alien.html). Start with sums up to 12, and then see if you can go up to 20.



Everyone has a new reading book this week, with a note of pages to be read in time for reading groups in class on Thursday 7th and Tuesday 12th September.

Reading pages out loud is very helpful. Can you pick a page to practise, and then read it out with no mistakes and lots of expression?



Please could everyone practise these words:

back                 neck

pick                  sock

stuck                were

many               these

for                   about

A great method is to look, say, cover, write and then check each word. This is how we will practise in class. Please try to practise each word twice in this way.

Try to make up a sentence that uses three of the words from this week’s list. Or more if you like!

P6 Outdoor Learning

This morning P6 went into the woods and in small groups built shelters using 5 ropes and a tarpaulin sheet.  The children enjoyed a small snack under their shelter before taking it down and ensuring that we had left no trace of our visit. One group were so quick at building their shelter that the got to put a hammock under their shelter which they enjoyed having a seat in.

The children evaluated what had worked well and what they needed to improve for next time.  They all behaved extremely well and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.