Primary 5 new year information 6.1.20

Happy New year everyone!

We hope that you have had a relaxing and enjoyable break ready for the new year ahead.  This week we will be reflecting and target setting in preparation for learning trios next month.

Homework – There will be spelling and reading homework this week and pupils have a choice of 3 Scots poems to learn – perform and recite on 22nd January.  All pupils are expected to use these 3 weeks to learn their poem to recite for their classmates.  This is not intended to be stressful and if all pupils try then this is an equally daunting achievement for them all which will help develop their presentation skills.

see here for the choice of Scots Poems

PE – is Tuesday and Thursday again this term and we have Music on a Monday

In Maths we will be revising skills from last year as well as beginning to look at shape and fractions.  Please continue to support your child with their mental maths at home to develop more speed and accuracy.

P1 Homework w/b 7.1.19

Hello parents,

We hope that you enjoyed the Christmas holidays and have had a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

We are starting the new term with Scottish week. We will be learning about Scottish traditions and the Scots language.

This week’s sound: x (pronounced ‘ks’ not ‘ex’) as in box


Groupings have changed so you may find your child has a book at a different stage than before.

Letters have been sent home to let you know what key words your child struggled with in a recent Key Word Assessment. Could you please make these your main focus at home this week for homework.

Chips- Kipper the Clown

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday -p1-16

Thursday- Kipper the Clown booklet

Biffs- Floppy the Hero

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday –p1-16

Thursday- Whole Book

Kippers- A Good Trick

Tuesday- p1-4

Wednesday- p4-8

Thursday – Whole Book

Independent Readers- Bob Bug 

Tuesday- p1-4

Wednesday- p4-8

Thursday – Whole Book

As part of our Scottish week we are asking the children to learn 2 Scottish songs which the school will be singing in assembly on Friday:

Auld Lang Syne

O’ Flower of Scotland

I have sent home copies of the song lyrics and ask that you help your child to learn the songs for Friday.

I have also sent home 2 Scots poems –

Mince and Tatties – JK Annand

The Wee Rid Motor-Sandy Thomas Ross

Please can you help your child learn 1 of these poems to recite in front of the class next week. Some children may be selected to perform these at our poetry recital in a few weeks time.

Finally, just a quick thank you for all of your lovely gifts at the end of term, they were appreciated. It was really very generous.

All the Best,

Miss Ramsay

P6 – Week Beg: 6.1.20 – Information


Happy New Year! I hope that you all had an enjoyable time over the holiday. Thank you for all the lovely gifts I received, they were very much appreciated.

Upcoming Events in January

  • Scottish Week – In school this week we are celebrating Scottish Week, including all things Scottish! This will lead up to a poetry recital. Pupils will be asked to read, learn and recite a Scots poem; either by Robert Burns or a contemporary Scottish poet. Two pupils will be chosen to recite their poem at a special assembly on Friday 24th January.
  • Skiing – The pupils in P6 are attending Hillend Ski centre, starting on Wednesday 22nd January. For those pupils wishing to still attend, please return the consent forms provided at the end of last term along with payment ASAP.
  • Indoor Athletics Competition – Some pupils in P6 have been selected to compete in Athletics on Tuesday 14th January. It is reminded that the consent forms and payment must be returned to school in order to attend.


Spellings have been set for Friday 10th January. These are in the red homework jotters.

On Wednesday, a choice of Scottish poem will be sent home to learn and then recite in class. Props and acting as part of the recital are welcomed!

This task is due to be completed by Wednesday 22nd January.


Thanks for your support,

Mr Nelson

P2 Homework w.b. 7.1.20

Welcome back!!

I hope you all had a lovely winter break and a very happy new year. It was so lovely to see all the pupils again today and hear all of their wonderful Christmas news 🙂

P2 are going to be getting a few sessions of rugby from Bradley on Thursday afternoons, starting this week, from 1:45 – 2:30. Please ensure your child has a full P.E. kit for this.

Homework will be given out tomorrow (Wednesday 8th) and it will consist of reading and spelling homework. In addition to this, I have put two Scots’ poems into book bags and children have to choose one to learn for the Burns competition on the week beginning 20.1.20. 

Reading: Pages to be read have been written into your child’s green reading record. Please sign beside each night when homework has been completed.

Spelling: This week we will start learning all about magic ‘e’ (my favourite!!!) and this week it is a with magic ‘e’. Magic ‘e’ in words is silent and it turns the vowel into its long vowel sound. For example, mad – made, car – care, cap – cape. Therefore, this weeks spelling list contains magic ‘e’ with a words.

Thank you,

Miss Lauren Waller (



This week’s homework (due Friday 10th Jan)

Hello everyone, welcome back! I hope you all had a restful winter break.

Starting this Thursday, P3 will be getting rugby lessons in school time in addition to normal PE, so please make sure that your child has the right kit for this!

As we are approaching Burn’s night, I have sent home copies of three poems for your child to pick from for poetry recital. We went over these in class today, however if there are any further questions about pronunciation please get in touch! Poems will be recited the week beginning 20/1, and rehearsal of your child’s chosen poem will be this week’s reading homework. Reading book work will resume next week.

This week’s spelling homework is practice of the /ee/ pattern. The words are as follows:

1. arm

2. shark

3. seen

4. three

5. seat

6. cream

7. please

8. teenager

9. eleven

10. twelve


Finally, today we welcomed Mrs Sharpe to Primary 3 where she will be working as our new Learning Assistant! Mrs Sharpe will be in our class Mondays through to Fridays.

Best wishes (and a happy new year)

Mr McGaff

P7 Info W/B Tuesday 7th January 2020

Hi all,

Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who gave me a lovely gift before the Christmas break. All very much appreciated.

What’s coming up this term?

This week is Scottish Week and it’s building up to the yearly poetry recital. Students will be asked to read, learn and recite a Scots poem; either by Robert Burns or a contemporary Scottish poet. Two pupils will be chosen to recite their poem at a special assembly on Friday 24th January.

Topic – we are still focussing on WW2 as our project but should finish this in the next couple of weeks. I’m going to speak with the class to finalise plans for their pupil talks on the subject.

Maths/Numeracy – a revision sheet will be sent home on Wednesday to be completed by next Wednesday.

Schedule for the week:


PE – please bring a full kit to change into!


PE – please bring a full kit to change into!

Maths/Numeracy sheet home

Poem home to learn


 That’s all for now,

Best wishes for 2020,

Miss S Brunt

Thank you!

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for the gifts and cards I received this week. I feel very flattered by the thought put into them and I know they will all go to good use over the next two weeks!

You have all been very supportive and helpful in 2019 so I would also like to thank you for that. Primary 3 are a wonderful class, and totally deserve the break for all their hard work in school. I hope you all enjoy the winter break and I shall see you in 2020 for more!

Best wishes,

Mr McGaff 🙂