P1 Homework 5/2/2018

I can’t believe it is February already. It was good to see some parents at the drop-in on Thursday night and I think the children enjoyed showing their work too!

Phonics: We have now finished all the Jolly Phonics sounds but we will continue to revise them along with introducing new sounds. This week we are looking at double consonants: ff, ss, tt, ll etc. There will be some work coming home connected to these but please help to reinforce that you only need to make the sound once in a word and to look for these sounds in their reading books.

Numeracy: We are revising doubles and will be learning about fractions of number and of objects.

Reading: Please see their reading card as usual and keep revising their words in their word boxes.

Outdoor Learning: One group still need to have their session that was rescheduled from three weeks ago, these children will be bringing home their forms today. Please check their bags and return the forms with payment by Wednesday. As before, clothing should be warm and comfortable and please provide wellies, hats, gloves and change of clothes.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming

P6 Spelling Homework 5/2/18

Monday 5th February

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK words twice.

Chocolates – choose 2 activities from sheet

Lollipops and Gummy Bears – choose one activity from sheet and complete sheet.

For Monday 12th February

P2 Homework W/B 5.2.18

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Reading as normal– check book bags for updates. Thanks so much to all children who learned part of or all of their Scottish poem. I really was very impressed!

Spelling – List 23

Numeracy/maths – No new Sumdog challenge but in class, we will be working on numbers to 100 this week – writing, ordering, sequencing and breaking numbers down into tens and units.

However! There is a problem solving task coming home, based on the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. Children will probably need help with this.

In the next few weeks, along  with a topic on electricity, we’ll also be taking inspiration from the Winter Olympics to base some of our maths and numeracy on.

PE – Wednesday and Thursday


Miss Brunt

P5 Homework w/b 29.01.18

Firstly I would like to congratulate P5 for the effort that has gone in to their Literacy Circles homework. We have now come to the end of our 6 week block and the general feeling from the class is that they have really enjoyed learning the LC roles and reading their choice of novel.

Our next project is a Pupil Talk which will be prepared during school and home time. The choice of topic is completely up to the individual and should be no longer than 5 minutes with questions and answers at the end. Pupils agreed upon the most appropriate dates to fit their schedules and skills will be taught over the next 2 weeks. I am very keen for this to be an enjoyable experience and should not take too much time to prepare. There will be no reading homework until after the Easter break, instead non-fiction reading will take place in class.

Spelling activities will continue weekly, with the red activity being optional.

There is a maths follow-up sheet that corresponds to learning in class but if pupils feel this is too much to fit into their week then this terms times table (8 x) can be practised instead.

We look forward to continuing with our Victorian project and having Mrs Hollins join our class until 2.3.18.

As always, thank you for your support,

Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy


P4 Homework 30/01/18


Some children have a particular system that they are following and the pattern of this should not should not change.

See Reading Records:

On TuesdayThursday for J.K Rowling-  Learn to be a  summariser and word detective activity sheet- in reading records. Reading for Thursday 1st and Summariser work for Tuesday 5th

On Tuesday, Thursday for Julia Donaldson

On MondayWednesday, Thursday for Roald Dahl and Jeff Kinney- Summariser activity for Jeff Kinney for Tuesday 5th

Enid Blyton- Given on Tuesdays- Learn to be a  summariser and word detective activity sheet- in reading records. For Tuesday 5th

David Walliams- Given on Tuesdays- Learn to be a  summariser and word detective activity sheet- in reading records. For Tuesday 5th



Activities 30/0/18:

  1. Jan/ February Spelling activity challenge- earn 20 points.
  2. Write two sentences with your spelling words and a connective (but, because, so, then, however, meanwhile, therefore, consequently).

Children have been give new Spelling challenge sheets and now should earn 20 points.

They have new spelling groups also.

Dolphins- magic e    a-e     e.g. came  same

Pigs- ai     e.g. maid   said

Parrots all-al      e.g. walk     fall   small

I have told the children that they can also learn the sounds and patterns from the other groups if they wish so this is why your child may have more than one word list home.

Primary 3 Homework from 30th January

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 30th January

We’re really looking forward to Friday’s assembly and showing all our learning about Scotland. It’ll be great to see you there if you are able to make it (11:45am).

In RME with Mrs Wallace the children are going to be learning about weddings. If you have any photos from family weddings it would be fun for the children to see some in class. Please don’t send anything too precious though! A copy or even a drawing of the photo would be absolutely fine.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan




In numeracy this week we will have a final ‘exit pass’ to check understanding of the columns method for addition. I have been very pleased with how well this has been picked up.

After addition we are now moving on to subtraction. To start with we will go back to empty number lines to ensure solid understanding of this process. Then (next week) we will look at the written method for subtraction in columns, which people often find slightly trickier than the method for addition.

To get our brains fired up for all this, I have set a new Sum Dog challenge which is focussed on subtraction.

Please let me know if you need a reminder of login details or if you have been having any compatibility issues.



Pages from class books to be read at home will be written down in the grids as usual.



To help develop our VCOP, the children are each going to start a writing Swag Bag. This is somewhere they can write down great words or phrases that they come across, storing them up for whenever we are writing and they need some inspiration.

To get a few things in the bag, please could everyone try to find four ‘wow words’ this week? A wow word can be something we just like, or maybe a new word that we did not know before. They could come from reading online, story books or a newspaper. They could even come from something we hear.

If these four words are written into homework jotters they can then be copied across in class.



A few common words have been cropping up as common mistakes. Please could we practise these (look – say – cover – write – check) and then use them in sentences.

every                           everyone

come                           some

someone                     never

P7 Info 29.1.18

Pupils will be reciting their Burns Poetry on Tues – I cannot wait to hear them, they have been working so hard on these!

Their Scots Person from the Enlightenment project/presentation is for Feb 9th but I am aware many are complete so we may see some sooner.

This week in Maths and Numeracy we are working on revision of division with the written method e.g. 4/2576 and we are consolidating Measure (Length, area, volume and Weight)

Homework is for Monday 5th Feb and Pupils have a green maths homework jotter and a pink literacy homework jotter.

Literacy homework – re write the passage correctly using a dictionary to correct the spelling – correctly spelled words may be written in colour or underlined.  Please encourage quality presentation for homework.



Pupils should bring full PE kits Tues/Thurs inc indoor shoes.  ALL JEWELLERY MUST BE REMOVED OR TAPED UP as per High School policy.