P1 Week Beginning 15.5.23

Hi all,

If you had not yet paid or returned the trip letter, please do so ASAP. We are going to the National Museum on Wednesday 24th May. Please remember if you have not opted for your child to get a packed lunch from school, then you need to provide one on the day.

Family photos can still be emailed/brought in to add to our family wall. Thank you to everyone who has passed theirs on!

Maths – We are starting to learn about o’clock and half past on analogue and digital clocks.

Literacy – We are learning how to use the joining word ‘and’ in our sentences.


Reading: Lots of children can’t move onto their next stage books because they have not learned their key words. Please help your child to learn these when reading. As always, pages to be read will be written in their green reading record.

Spelling: Just like last week, your child has a worksheet to complete. They have to read the sentence and then spell the missing word, as shown by the picture beside the sentence. It is good practise to get your child to copy the sentence underneath. This helps to encourage great handwriting.

P.E – Children have P.E. on Wednesday and Thursdays.

Dates for the Diary

P1 Library Visits:

  • Friday 9th June
  • Friday 23rd June

P1 Stay and Play:

  • Friday 19th May (9am – 9:50am)
  • Friday 16th June (9am – 9:50am)

We are still collecting empty boxes and kitchen roll tubes (plus other similar items) for our junk modelling. This is our favourite part of the craft table! 

Miss Lauren Waller

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