Accessing Digital Technology (GOOGLE MEETS) – Parent Tutorials and Information

If you are accessing Google Classroom / GSuite or Google meets from a mobile device you are required to sign in with the secure email address – this may be different to the other GLOW email address given.ย  This is your child’s glow username followed by (username)

Please see these Tutorials and information for parents created by Midlothian Digital Learning Team.




๐Ÿ  P1 Home learning 18.1.21

Information for week 2 of home learning will be found on SeeSaw including the timetable below.

๐Ÿ  P1 online learning 18.1.21

Activities that require SeeSaw will be scheduled on the morning of their day on the timetable.๐Ÿ’ป

The hard work that parents and pupils have shown in 1 week of Home Learning has blown me away.ย  A huge pat on the back to everyone.

As always, more communication, information and messages will go through Seesaw.

Mrs H


To P1 parents,

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I cannot believe we are back here, not the new year we hoped for. I miss all the children, so fingers crossed remote learning is a short term thing.

I am just sending a quick message to let you know that activities and more information will be posted on Seesaw on Monday morning. I hope to do a wee video for the class to say hello and explain a bit about what learning may look like.

I will also message parents individually with sumdog passwords etc incase these are lost from last year.

I will be in school teaching for a few days a week as well so might not be instantly available so thanks for your support in advance.

I did remote learning with my 2 last time and it can be stressful but also a real bonding time. Some days will work well and others will be a right off and that is OK. Every household is different, how you approach this needs to work for your family. If you miss some activities and cannot catch up, that’s OK!

The work will be a lot interactive but you can do it on paper and take a photo within the assignment and send it to me. We used SewSaw last term to prepare for this and we will all be learning together.

Joe Wicks is back on Monday at 9am on his youtube channel. This is something the whole school tried to do last time and can be a great start to your day, especially if everyone gets involved.

As for a timetable, it is about what works for you. I can suggest but remember, remote learning is flexible.

Each day there will be literacy, numeracy activities as well as health and some Scottish topic work.

Enjoy your weekend of snowy fun x

Mrs H


Please follow the link for the most up to date information on Covid19 on the Midlothian Council website.


Midlothian Councilโ€™s Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Jim Muirhead reassured parents and carers that, as schools are now fully open to all pupils, weโ€™re doing all we can to keep staff and children safe. However, he stressed parents and carers need to do their part too.

He said: โ€œItโ€™s absolutely vital we all remain vigilant. If your child or a member of your household has any of the symptoms of coronavirus, however mild, be that a continuous cough, a temperature or a loss of sense of taste or smell, under no circumstances send your child to school. Please follow the guidance to the letter. This will ensure schools can remain open and ultimately, it could save lives.โ€