Christmas hamper and fair

Hello parents and carers,

It is coming up to that festive time of year again and the school is slowly being transformed into a winter wonderland for the Christmas Fair.

Just a reminder that the lower atrium, P1-4, are collecting items for their Christmas Eve/The Night before Christmas hamper for the Christmas Fair. Any donations are gratefully received.

We are also looking for anyone who would be able to give us a helping hand with the Christmas Fair toy stall on Friday from 12:30pm – 2pm. Please do let us know if you would be interested in helping out!

Thank you,

Miss Kristel Maley and Mrs Lisa Cumming

P2 Parent Helpers

Hi all,

Just a reminder that the lower atrium, P1-4, are collecting items for their Christmas Eve/The Night before Christmas hamper for the Christmas Fair. In addition to this, P1/2 are also looking for anyone who would be able to give us a helping hand with the toy stall on Friday from 12:30pm – 2pm. Please do let me know if you would be interested in helping out!


Miss Lauren Waller

P4 Parent Helpers for the Christmas Fair.

Hi there,

Just a wee reminder that if anyone is able to help at the P4 stall on Friday from 12:30-1pm  then any help would be much appreciated!

If you can help please let me know. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you there in one way or another.

Mrs Cooney

P4 Homework 27-11-18

P4 Homework 27/11/18
Remember written homework is due in on Mondays

See reading records and website for details

Spelling – double letters with -ed and -ing endings

Hop- Hopped- Hopping
Stop- Stopped- Stopping
Knot- Knotted- Knotting

If your child has words written in pen in their homework jotter they should include these in their list for the week.

1. Write, cover, copy and check words in their homework jotter
2. Think of FIVE more words that fit this pattern.
3. Write one sentence per word group.


There is another Sumdog challenge on Sumdog and the children should all have their sumdog passwords.


P1 homework for week starting 26/11

Homework for this week:

Reading: Please see the blue reading record book and continue to help your child learn the words in their word box and use the letters to practice creating 3 letter words.

Phonics: We are not learning any new sounds this week but we are recapping the ones we have learned so far. To help with this we will be sending home worksheets which either focus on the phonics sounds or are related to your child’s reading book. Please help your child to complete these.

Newspapers – As part of the run up to Christmas each class has been asked to create a crafty christmas tree. We are considering making a 3D tree from recycled newspaper. If you have any newspapers which you could donate to this we would really appreciate it if you could send them in.

We would just like to say a huge thank you for helping your child to prepare for this years nativity. We are delighted to see that the children with speaking parts have been learning their lines at home and that the whole class are trying their best to learn the songs and their roles within the play.



P2 Homework w.b. 26.11.18

Hi all,

We had such a blast at Deep Sea World last week! I can’t believe we even got to meet a starfish, bearded dragon and a snake!! I will upload photos of our day when I find some time in between Nativity practice!

Children who have a speaking part in the Nativity have been given laminated lines to take home to learn and a few have been given a letter regarding some clothing that they need to complete their outfit.

Just a few dates for your diary: 

Friday 30th November – Christmas Fair from 12:30pm (The Lower Atrium is creating a Christmas Eve Hamper so donations towards this would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, P1 and P2 are collecting used toys in a good condition for the ‘Nearly New Toys’ stall). Donations can be handed in to P1, P2 or the school office.

Monday 10th December – P1/2 Nativity @ 2pm 

Wednesday 12th December – Christmas Jumper Day, Campus Christmas Lunch and P2 Carol Singing. (P2 are going to the local care home in the afternoon to do some carol singing for the residents, there will be a letter in their bag explaining more on this).

Homework for this week:

Reading: Please check your child’s green reading record for the pages they should be reading on that date. Some groups will also have small lists of key words to learn alongside their books.

Spelling: This week we are learning the ‘ck’ sound (for example, duck and rocket). The children will have a list of words containing this sound and tricky words to practise.

Numeracy: Apologies for the late distribution of the numeracy homework last week, had a few photocopying issues. This week it will be out on Tuesday for the children to complete for Friday.

Hope you all have a lovely week and I will see you on Friday at the fair,

Miss Lauren Waller

P6 Homework and News W/B 26.11.18

Hi all,

This week:

Spelling – as normal; homework to be completed for next Monday.

Reading – Children are working very well with their reading journal. Everyone is now working on Task 3. The children got some personalisation and choice here and were asked to choose three question types to work on with their book. We went over this again last week and children seemed happy with their question choices.

PE – Can children just have their kit in all week please as our normal Thursday slot is taken with other things this week so I’ll find a slot in the timetable elsewhere to fit in PE. Tuesday PE remains unchanged. We have finished our netball sessions and will move onto basketball.

Indoor shoes – can you ask your child if he/she has their indoor shoes at school. If not, can they please bring a pair ASAP as the floors and carpets are getting very muddy!

Community Police Officer – PC Ian Black will visit P6 on Wednesday morning to chat about staying safe online.

P3-7 Christmas Concert – all  children who asked for an acting part have been given their roles and lines. We need to sort out costumes but we will try to source as much from school as possible. However, children may have to provide some of the costume themselves. Watch this space!

Christmas Fair –  Friday 30th November from 12:30pm. Stalls include: toys and books, home baking, tombola, hamper raffle, crafts, café, Santa’s Grotto and much, much more! We are still looking for more Fair Trade items for our P5-7 hamper. Thanks so much to those who have already handed items in.

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt

p3 Homework w/b 26.11.18

S0…. I don’t think I can deny we are definitely in the run up to Christmas now which of course means the timetable is bulging with things to do. I have put a couple of dates for you diary below and will update you further on anything you need to know about.

Friday 30th NovemberChristmas Fair* @12:30pm

Wednesday 12th DecemberChristmas Jumper Day and Christmas School Lunch

Thursday 13th December  – Drumming Workshop

Tuesday 18th December – P3-7 Christmas Concert (afternoon)

Friday 21st December – Last day of term – Assembly at LP Church.

*With regard to the Christmas Fair, the Lower Atrium will be compiling a Christmas Eve Hamper to raffle on the day so if you can donate any appropriate items to the hamper, that would be super!



Our sound this week is -air (hair, chair, stair etc). Spelling homework is as usual.


Quite a few children are concerned that they don’t have time to complete this alongside everything else. Can I stress that it is only one brick on the wall a week and this can be done during the week or even the weekend as I don’t check jotters until the following Monday. I really encourage personalisation and choice in learning and hope this learning wall approach to numeracy homework allows for that.


Hedgehogs – I Wish, I Wish (New Level)

Tuesday – Chapter 2 and 3

Wednesday – Chapter 4 and 5

Thursday – Chapter 6 and 7

Friday – Chapter 8

Pandas – The Masked Cleaning Ladies Save the Day

Tuesday – Chapter 1

Wednesday – Chapter 2

Thursday – Chapter 3

Orangutans – Storm Castle

Tuesday p1- p8

Wednesday – p9-16

Thursday – P17 – p24

Friday – p24-p32

Tigers – The Broken Roof

Tuesday – p1 – p8

Wednesday – p9-p16

Thursday – p17-p24

Friday – p25-p32

Polar Bears – Land of the Dinosaurs (New Level)

Tuesday – p1 – p6

Wednesday – p12-p18

Thursday – p18-p24


Hope you all have a lovely week and hopefully I will see you at the Fair on Friday!

Miss Ramsay