SHOEBOX APPEAL 2016 – Donations required this week

* SHOEBOX APPEAL DONATIONS should be in on Wednesday this week -please see below for the letter that was handed out last week, we appreciate your support.*


Dear Parents/Guardians,

This year the school has decided to contribute to the children’s shoe box appeal run by Operation Christmas Child (for children who don’t receive as much as we do at Christmas).  We think this will help us to appreciate that there are some children who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We are not asking you to spend a lot, but if every child donates something little, then together we can make a big difference!

We would appreciate it if your child could make a small donation from the suggested list below:


  • Toys – e.g. doll/cuddly toy, trucks, skipping rope, yoyo, ball, small puzzles or musical instruments, with a CE label.
  • School Supplies – e.g. pens, colouring pencils, crayons, notebooks, solar calculator, colouring and picture books etc.
  • Hygiene Items – e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, bar of (wrapped) soap, comb/brush, flannel.
  • Other Items – e.g. hat, gloves, scarf, sunglasses, hair accessories, wind up torch, jewellery sets, sweets, etc.

Please do not include:

Used/damaged items, war related items, such as toy guns/soldiers, clothing other than listed above, playing cards, liquids/lotions, medicines, hand made/knitted stuffed toys, sharp or fragile items, chocolate, anything of a political/religious/racial nature, books with lots of words.

If you are unable to provide something for the shoebox, but would still like to contribute, please can you give a small amount (e.g. £1) which would help to cover the postage costs (£3 per box).  (If we collect more money than is needed for the postage costs, we will use the money to buy additional items to put in the boxes).

There will be a box in every classroom where children can deposit the items. We will be collecting the boxes on Wednesday 2nd November.

Thank you in advance for all your help and support.

From the House Captains in P7

P6 spelling homework 31.10.16

Monday 31st October


Complete one activity from sheet in your jotter.

Complete sheet – BLUE – short vowel sounds

RED – 5b and 5c

For Monday 7th November


P1 Visit to Dynamic Earth

Last week Primary 1 accompanied Primary 2 on a visit to Dynamic Earth. We became time travellers and went all the way back to the time when earth began. We flew over the ice fields and a glacier, then experienced an erupting volcano! We went in a submarine and visited the Polar lands…brrr it was cold! There was an enormous iceberg that looked as if it had polar bear claw marks in it! In the dinosaur workshop we met three dinosaurs and went on an adventure with them. We were able to hold a replica fossil of a Triceratops horn, a Stegosaurus plate and a T Rex claw.

"Up periscope - I see a cold distant land"

“Up periscope – I see a cold distant land”

"Brrrr that's cold!"

“Brrrr that’s cold!”

Dinosaur poo!

Dinosaur poo!

All the children had a great time and learnt lots. We even got to feel a lump of dinosaur poo and rub it on our faces…luckily it was fossilised!20161026_1248021

In the 4D cinema

In the 4D cinema

Dinosaur Adventure workshop.

Dinosaur Adventure workshop.

Lunch was good too!


P1 Homework week Beginning 31/10/2016

Sounds: This week we are starting the 4th set of sounds which include digraphs (two letters together making one sound). It is important that the children understand that they do not need to sound out both the letters. For example, on Monday we are learning ‘ai’ as in ‘rain’ so the children don’t need to sound the ‘a’ and the ‘i’ individually. We will learn that ‘when two vowels go walking the first does the talking’; so ‘ai’ will actually say the name of ‘a’ being A. This can be trickier for the children and may take longer to learn so please don’t worry.

We are moving on from the days of the week to ‘seasons and the months in each season’.

Topic: We are finishing off our dinosaur topic this week. As part of the topic we are doing some African drumming and using other percussion instruments.

Events: For the next five weeks small groups of five children from P1 will go with some children from St. Margaret’s P1/2 on an Outdoor Education excursion which is led by Sean Fallon (Outdoor Education Leader). We will be doing forest skills. Letters will be sent home on a weekly basis to the children involved. I apologise for the short notice this week but if your child has a letter please could it returned by Wednesday morning at the latest.

We will be talking about Guy Fawkes and firework safety and doing some related art work on Thursday.

Trip to Dynamic Earth

P1 and P2 went to Dynamic Earth last week to discover more about our planet; in particular, dinosaurs.

The following pictures are not of great quality but do show some of the experiences the children had.


A real ice berg!


What was the Ice Age like?


Brrrr…it’s cold in ‘ere!


The afternoon workshop…a story about an allosaurus, a stegosaurus and a triceratops. Children got to see and hold replica dinosaur horns…and even fossilised dinosaur poop!


Artefacts being handed around…



The bit everyone asks for …lunchtime! Nom nom nom…


Unfortunately no pictures were taken of the time machine, the volcanic eruption simulator, the submarine, the 4D movie experience with an actual snow flurry or the rainforest downpour. However, a great day was had by all.


P2 Homework W/B 31.10.16

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Homework this week:

Spelling – List 9 ‘ff’  (unless you have been advised separately)

Reading – Everyone will get a Halloween poem and some jokes to read and enjoy on Monday. From Tuesday onwards, we’ll get back into our reading routine (which was off track last week, partly because of our school trip and extra activities surrounding this).

Numeracy – If you can access Sumdog at home, I’ve put on an activity called “Our First Challenge”. 75 points to collect, revising basic numerical skills. If you cannot access this at home, do not worry as children can access this in school in one of our ICT sessions.

Maths – Telling the time – as the clocks have changed, we’ll look at o’clock this week.

Topic – We’ll finish off the topic on Dinosaurs by creating some dinosaur ‘Top Trump’ cards. We’ll also start to learn about fireworks safety and bonfire night.

PE – Can children have PE kit in with them at all times as we may have to reschedule Tuesday’s time due to lack of hall availability. Thursday PE as normal.

Thank you,

Miss Brunt


Primary 6 Homework 28/10/16


All pupils have reading homework for next week and have been reminded to keep their reading log up to date.


All pupils have a maths worksheet to complete for next Friday 4/11/16.

Practise x7 x8 tables.

P5 Reading books

This week all children in Primary 5 have a reading book which they will take home and read the next chapter so that they are ready to study and discuss it in class next Tuesday and Wednesday.