P1 Homework Week Beginning 24.10.2016

Sounds: This week we are not learning any new sounds but focussing on revising the ones we have learnt and using these to make short words. The children have been given a new set of sounds which have the last six sounds that we have learnt. They also have a list of words to learn to read and to make using their sounds. The list of words can be cut up. These short words can all be sounded out to help the children learn to read them.

Reading: Please help your child to read their new book. They will keep the book for a week but will be doing other activities connected to the book. Some of these will be sent home for homework.

Please supply an envelope for your child to keep all their key words and sentence strips from their reading books.

Other information:

A reminder that we have the trip to Dynamic Earth on Wednesday. Please return the slip about packed lunches particularly if you wish to have a free school packed lunch. Of course you are welcome to supply your child’s own packed lunch if you wish to.

The Parent Council Halloween disco is on Thursday evening, information has been sent home in their reading bags.

P4 Homework 25/10/16

P4 Homework 25/10/16

Spelling– Week 1) th and a

Gorillas (a) sound like in class

Pandas (th) sound

Wolves (th) sound (make sure children aren’t sounding out the (f) sound when they say this.

All Groups:

Words in jotters

Write me a silly story with your words, noticing the tricky words and how they sound different.

Complete one Spell Well activity- if these are lost please send in a note or a message with your child for a new one.

Some children have lost their homework jotters and have their spelling on paper. Please have a look at home and see if you can find it. 


I have jury duty this week and if selected won’t be here to distribute new books. The children who are supposed to get new books know where they are so, if needed, can you ask them to ask whoever is here for them.

Pink – 25-end for Wednesday and P1- 8 of a day in London for Thursday, new book to be given from book box in class.

Orange – P16-end for Wednesday and New Book “The treasure chest” P1-8 for Thursday. New book to be given from book box in class.

Yellow- Chapter 6 and 7 to be completed for Tuesday 1st November- try to read a little every day and if finished read a little of something else please.

Blue Yellow- Chapter 6 and 7 to be completed for Tuesday 1st November- try to read a little every day and if finished read a little of something else please.

Green – new book Scrap man- see bookmarks in books.


P7 homework and news

24/10/16 – Pupils have been given a common misspelled words worksheet to complete using the hints or a dictionary/dictionary app.

Maths – 7+8 times tables with division facts, speed recall of division within 100 – mental work, 5 mins per day.

20 Minutes reading for enjoyment per day.

Pupils are also working on a power point/poster on a specific aspect of The Home Front for our WW2 project.  If groups have not been 100% on task then this may also be part homework this week.

BAKE SALE – we are having a bake sale on Thurs 27th to raise money for our visiting WW2 museum next week – all donations of baking and sweet treats (no nuts) are gratefully received on Thursday – good chance to discuss and recap weight and volume 🙂 

P6 Spelling 24th Oct

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK each word twice.

Complete 1 activity from the sheet in your jotter.

BLUE – sheet 3 short vowel sounds.

RED – sheet 4b and 4c

To be completed for Monday 31st OCt

P2 Homework W/B 24.10.16

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a nice October break. This  term will be very busy with dinosaurs, Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course, Christmas!

Events this week:

Wed – Trip to Dynamic Earth. Please make sure you have paid and filled out the permission slip in advance.Thank you. 

Tuesday and Thursday – PE

Thursday evening Halloween Party at 6:30pm. Many thanks to all who donated something for this!


Show and Tell – Week Two Rota

Indoor shoes – all children should have a pair of indoor shoes to change into.

Coats/jackets – Can all pupils please come to school with a coat or jacket now that the weather is turning cooler.


Spelling List 8 – See new 6 week sheet list ‘Days 2’

Reading – as normal ( though may send home some Halloween poems to read)

Numeracy – practise adding on two and taking away two  within 10, 20, 100 and beyond if appropriate.

Topic – continues to be about Dinosaurs


Miss Brunt

P1/2 Trip to Dynamic Earth

A wee reminder that the trip to Dynamic Earth for P1/2 is on Wednesday 26th October. If you have not returned your form please do so on Monday 24th October (first day back after the October break).