P6 Homework W/B 10.12.18

Hi all,

There are only two weeks to go until the end of term, time is flying by!

This week:

Spelling – as normal; homework to be completed for next Monday ( but this will be the last week of homework).

Reading – Children have worked very well with their reading journal. Children should have completed Task 4 by now.  I’ll catch up with all the reading groups this week.

PE – Can children have their kit in all week please as the halls’ timetables are temporarily suspended due to both schools requiring show practices.

Indoor shoes – Can you ask your child if he/she has their indoor shoes at school. If not, can they please bring a pair ASAP as the floors and carpets are getting very muddy! There are still children with no change of shoes.

Christmas Lunch– is on Wednesday. Children should have made their menu selections by now. Remember to wear a Christmas jumper!

Ski-ing – We had a safety and information talk from a Hillend ski instructor last week. Can children have payment and permission slips in as soon as possible please. I will post a separate ski-ing update later on this week, just going over what the ski instructor told us about what to expect when we go in January.

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss S Brunt

Homework w/b 3.12.18


I would like to start off this week by saying a big thank you to everyone who came and supported us at the school fair by buying some of our Christmas crafts.  Collectively we made over £1300. As well as this I can finally share with you the total from our Children in Need PJ day. As a school we raised £229! Big thank you to everyone involved and for all your contributions


As you know our Christmas show is coming up and we have been prepping outfits in class. In p3 we have a mix of angels and sheep. If your child has been told they’re an angel they will need some fairy wings however we are severely lacking in these in school. If you have any at home that you could contribute for the performance it would be appreciated. If your child has been told that they are a sheep if possible could you send your child to school with a plain white tshirt and black/brown/cream leggins. We are also going to be making some cotton wool ears and tails in school therefor any contributions of cotton wool are also welcome.

We could also benefit with any clothes hangers you may be able to provide to hang the children’s costumes.


This week we are revising the air sound as many of us found this difficult. Therefore this week we are not moving on to the next spelling list. The run up to Christmas is so busy for both us in school and for you at home as well as many of the  children having events coming up with out of school groups. As a result I have chosen to hold back on written homework until after the Christmas holidays. I would however encourage you to continue reading homework at home this has been handed out this week and will be handed out next week for the final time this term.


Hedgehogs – The Personality Potion

Tuesday – Chapter 1 and 2

Wednesday – Chapter 3 and 4

Thursday – Chapter 5 and 6


Pandas – Purple Buttons

Tuesday – Chapter 1

Wednesday – Chapter 2

Thursday – Chapter 3

Orangutans – The Blue Eye

Tuesday p1- p8

Wednesday – p9-16

Thursday – P17 – p24

Friday – p24-p32

Tigers – The Lost Key

Tuesday – p1 – p8

Wednesday – p9-p16

Thursday – p17-p24

Friday – p25-p32

Polar Bears – The Treasure Chest

Tuesday – p1 – p8

Wednesday – p9-p16

Thursday – p17-p24

Friday – p25-p32


Hope you all have a lovely week and hopefully I will see you at the Fair on Friday!

Miss Ramsay

P4 Parent Helpers for the Christmas Fair.

Hi there,

Just a wee reminder that if anyone is able to help at the P4 stall on Friday from 12:30-1pm  then any help would be much appreciated!

If you can help please let me know. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you there in one way or another.

Mrs Cooney

P3 Update and Homework w/c 5.11.18

Hi all,

Homework Schedule

Up until now we have been operating on homework being distributed on Tuesday and being due on the Friday however quite a few of the kids have been concerned that they didn’t have enough time to get everything done due to out of school commitments. Therefore Spelling homework will now be handed out on Tuesday and be due in the following Monday so everyone has equal opportunity to do it.

This week our sound is soft g as in giant, magic and gym and understanding that just as soft c’s ”best friends” ( letters that must follow to soften then sound are i, e and y so too are soft g’s. We are also working on proper nouns. Whilst there are no specific homework dedicated to this I would encourage you to challenge the children to find them in stories or in the environment around them.


Just so you are aware p7 will be selling poppies throughout the week should your child want to purchase one with the suggested donation being £1. Also our Remembrance service lead by p7 is this Friday at 10:55am.

NSPCA Online safety for parents/carers

We are lucky enough this week to have people in school from th NSPCA running a course on online safety for parents and carers in the community rooms on Friday the 9th of November at 9:30-10:30.  You are all welcome to come along if you are free to join.

November Newsletter

A copy of this has gone home today with children however I do appear to have a large amount left over. This is a handy thing to have as it has all the dates for your diary so if you do find you need a copy of this just let me know and I will pass it along. Also you will find that Christmas Fair Friday is down for Friday the 30th of December. This is a misprint as we will all be off enjoying our winter holidays by then! The date of the fair is in fact November 30th. 



Cool Clive and the Little Pest

Whilst I appreciate this does seem like a large amount of reading the chapters in this book are very short.

Chapters 1 and 2 for Wednesday

Chapters 3, 4 and 5 for Thursday

Chapters 6 and 7 for Friday

Polar Bears

Underground Adventure

p1-8 for Wednesday

p9-18 for Thursday

p19-24 for Friday


The Outing

p1-8 for Wednesday

p9-18 for Thursday

p19-24 for Friday


Jungle Shorts

Chapter 1 for Wednesday

Chapter 2 for Thursday

Chapter 3 for Friday


What was it like? 

A particularly apt book for this time of year given it discusses war and its impact on children on the home front during WWII. This may be something you wish to discuss with your child when reading as we are in the lead up to our Remembrance assembly.

p1-12 for Wednesday

p13-22 for Thursday

p23-32 for Friday


P3 Homework 29/10/2018

Hi all ,

As you know Friday was our class assembly and you should all very proud, your kids were amazing. I was super proud of their confidence and all the hard work they put into their assembly.


This week our sound of the week is soft c as in pencil, price, circus where  the c makes an s sound. A new spelling list will be sent home with your child this week starting with this sound. I will also be sending home a ”spelling menu” which is more or less the same as the previous different spelling activities that was sent home before the holidays however this keeps them all to the one sheet of paper. Can I ask that each time you complete a task can you tick and date the box and colour the box green once the task has been completed 3 times. This just allows me to keep track of tasks being completed at home.



The Terrible Birthday Present

I do know that some of the children in this group have previously read this book in p2  however this week we are focussing on punctuation and it’s impact on how we read rather than fluency. We are discussing  expression and pauses as well as talking about how the writer may justify their use of punctuation. 

Monday – Chapter 1

Tuesday –  Chapter 2

Wednesday- Chapter 3

Thursday-Chapter 4


Princess Pip’s Holiday

Monday – Chapter 1
Tuesday – Chapter 2
Wednesday- Chapter 3
Thursday-Chapter 4


Green Island

Tuesday – p1-10

Wednesday – p11-20

Thursday – p21-32


The Lost Key

Tuesday – p1-10
Wednesday – p11-20
Thursday – p21-32

Polar Bears


Tuesday – p1-8
Wednesday – p9-16
Thursday – p17 – 24

P6 Homework W/B 29th October 2018

Hi all,

Hope everyone enjoyed the extra hour we gained this weekend! P6 should be bright and eager, ready to learn this week!


*HOCKEY on Tuesday 30th October* for ten pupils. These children have been selected to represent our school at a tournament. However, it was such a hectic week that we never managed to get the permission slips home so these will be given out on Monday and must be returned on Tuesday. Many thanks.

EvM    EvC    ZM  (girls)

FrC   AO   TJM   LCh    RA   WL    OM (boys)


Reading – Most, not all,  children have reading homework to do at home. On Tuesday, children will be given home a reading journal to accompany their book which will involve book related homework tasks.

Spelling – children will copy down their new list on Monday.

Numeracy – Sumdog Challenge ( Time Challenge)

Topic – For the next 2-3 weeks our topic is general science skills. Last week, we set up an experiment to find out the absorbency of three types of cloth. The core skills included planning, fair testing, measuring, observing, recording and concluding. In our writing lesson this week, we will write up our findings.

Peer Mediation – Ms Brown, the school’s Educational Psychologist,  will be working with P6 to train them to become peer mediators. An information letter will be posted here soon but it basically involves exploring feelings and how best to deal with conflict between friends.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday – Developing netball skills

French – Miss Dickson returns from University and will revise French with P6 and develop their speaking/ writing skills further over the course of this term

Thanks to everyone who donated a tombola prize for the Halloween party this week.

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt



P6 Homework and Update W/B 8th October 2018

Hi all,

Last week was very busy with sporting events and our class assembly. Many congratulations to our P6/7 cross country team who came fourth overall and in particular, to two P6 boys WL and LR who narrowly missed out on 2nd place but gallantly ran across the line together to secure joint third. I believe each race had about 80 competitors or more. Also, a superb run from a P6 girl, ZM to secure fifth place, again out of a large field.

On Thursday, the boys enjoyed six short games of football in their tournament and I believe won 4 out of 6 so huge congratulations to them. Girls, it’s your turn this week, on Thursday afternoon!

Events this week:

Monday*RUGBY* – I think this is the final week so huge thanks go to Bradley from LRC for his wonderful coaching.

Wednesday – Parents Evening from 17:30 onwards.

Thursday – Parents Afternoon from 15:30 onwards.

Girl’s Football Festival


FridayWorld Porridge Day in aid of Mary’s MealsWorld Porridge Day is actually on Wednesday but we have signed up for our porridge party, in association with local company STOATS, for Friday. This will not only raise  funds and awareness for Mary’s Meals but  also means extra  fun on our last day before the October break.

Children get to help make a bowl of porridge, then decorate this with healthy toppings to make a smiling face. Photos will be taken of this. We ask for a small donation ( £2 is the suggested amount but whatever you can afford would be appreciated) It  might be an idea for children ( who like porridge!) to either have a smaller breakfast or snack that day.

Here is a link for more info. I see that it has a ‘text £2 ‘  option so you could do that or bring  a donation on the day. Many, many thanks!



Spelling – continues as normal

Reading – We will be doing reading comprehension in class this week so no reading homework as such, other than to remind children to try and read 2o minutes a day, texts of their choice.

Numeracy – no homework this week. Congratulations to those who participate in the weekly Sumdog challenges. I am keeping a table of results of who is in the top 10 each week.

FridayEND OF TERM @ 12:25pm. Wishing P6 a super fun and safe October break. All back on Tuesday 23rd October, bright and breezy, ready to board the Learning Train again! Choo choo!

Miss S Brunt


Eco Committee News #1 September 2018

ECO COMMITTEE NEWS  14th September 2018

 Welcome to our new Eco Committee, made up of pupils from P1-7, plus three teachers.

We’ve just held our first meeting and realize that we have a huge amount to do within school to improve our surroundings and live a more ‘green’ life.

Children these days are very clued up on environmental issues which is so heartening to see. The number one menace, that every single pupil cited, is litter in the playground. So, our first jobs are to source new litter pickers; complete a litter survey of the grounds and see where best to place bins; organise litter picking rotas across all classes; contact the Council to see if we could have bins with flaps to stop birds/wind taking litter out!

We’re also going to put new collection points for plastic bottles in each class and in the dining hall to ensure as much recycling is done as possible. We’ll create teams of helpers to help empty these bins along with the paper recycling bags each Friday.


Future projects include –

  • Investigating solutions to the milk cartons and straws issue
  • Reducing use of plastic (and disposable items) within school and dining hall
  • Checking that electrical items are switched off when not in use
  • Setting up a used school uniform rail
  • Growing fruit and veg
  • Fundraising for the Eco Committee
  • Presenting at Assemblies


As you can see, there’s so much to do but with our amazing team, we can do it!

‘Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean!’

 Go Eco Team Power !

Thanks for reading,

Miss Brunt, Mrs Watts and Miss Maley