P1 Homework 6/11/17

P1 Homework – week beginning 6/11/17

Phonics: We are now learning the next block of sounds: Please continue to revise the sounds, play games with them and make words.

Date Sound
Monday 6th Nov ai Reading
Tuesday 7th Nov j Reading
Wednesday 8th Nov oa Reading
Thursday 9th Nov Recap all three Reading
Monday 13th Nov ie Reading
Tuesday 14th Nov  ee  or Reading
Wednesday15th Nov z Reading
Thursday 16th Nov Recap all three Reading


Reading: Please help your child learn the words that are in their word box and continue reading as per their reading card.

Letters: There is a letter about the Christmas Fair in your child’s bag. P1 And P2 are collecting second-hand/unwanted toys and books.

Flu Vaccine: The children who have returned their forms will have their flu vaccine on Monday 6th November.

Date for the diary: The P1 /P2 Nativity is on Monday 11th December, time to be confirmed.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming


Dear Primary 7 parents,

Mrs Hinton obviously still has camp brain and in a hurry to get permission slips out to you I used last year’s dates for the trip.  The dates for our trips are

  • Thursday 9th November – Poppy Factory
  • Wednesday 29th November – Sky Academy

Both are mornings, both require a packed lunch and prompt arrival and we would like 1 parent helper for each J

Many Thanks

Mrs Hinton

P1 Homework 30/10/17

Homework P1 

Reading – Continue with reading – check reading record for homework. There are new words for your child to learn in their word box.
Phonics – We are not learning a new sound this week but recapping on the last 6 sounds we have learned. I am sending home the 6 sound cards to add to the others to use to make words with. I will also be sending home a phonic worksheet for your child to complete for homework and return to school.

If your child has success at an afterschool club or activity please encourage them to bring their news, certificate, badge, trophy etc. into school to share with the class. We are interested in what the children achieve in their wider world of learning.

Could I remind you to return all library books when your child has finished with them. Our next library visit is on 13th November.

Lisa Cumming

Primary 1 Homework 9/10/17

Phonics: We are now learning the next block of sounds: Please continue to revise the sounds, play games with them and make words.

Date Sound
Monday 9th October G Reading
Tuesday 10th October O Reading
Wednesday 11th October U Reading
Thursday 12th October Recap all three Reading
Monday 23rd October L Reading
Tuesday 24th October F Reading
Wednesday25th October B Reading
Thursday 26th October Recap all three Reading


Reading: Please help your child learn the words that are in their word box.

Letters: There is a letter about milk for the term from October to December – if you would like your child to have milk please send payment and the form back to school by Friday 13th October.

Our Harvest assembly is on Friday 13th October – please send any donations for this to school by Wednesday.

I look forward to seeing you for the parent consultations on Wednesday and Thursday this week. If you are unable to make the appointment please get in touch with me to arrange another one.

We finish on Friday 13th for the half-term break. Have an enjoyable week and see you on Monday23rd October.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming

Primary 1 Homework….Week beginning 25/09/1


Reading: Please continue to read the reading book with your child.

If you have not sent a word tin or plastic container in please could you do so as I will be sending words home this week. If you do not have one please let me know as I have a few spare ones.

(Somebody sent in a clear plastic container with a red seal on it with four plastic fasteners at each side – it does not have a name on it – if this is one of yours please could you let me know.)

Numeracy: Please help your child counting back from 10 – if they are able to do this then slowly work towards back from 20.

Phonics: as per previous sheet: R,M and D

Last Friday the children visited the school library, if they came home with a book they are able to borrow this until 13th October when they visit the library again. Please return the book before the 13th October.

Thank you,

Lisa Cumming

P4 Bimonthly Newsletter: Swimming, Outdoor Learning, Topic and Volunteers


The children really enjoyed their first trip to the swimming pool today.

They were placed in groups and got to grips with the routines. We had some winners for fastest changed at the end of the session and the medals and points went to Liam, Conor and Blair. Well done boys!

Please remember that the children need a snack and a packed lunch on a Tuesday.

You may have more children asking for goggles now swimming has started, they are welcome to bring them but they are not compulsory.

Please ensure children with long hair have it tied back. I do have a pack of emergency baubles to give away if needed (I promise they don’t get re- used!) But it saves me pennies of they remember in the morning.

Outdoor Learning

The children had a great time with myself and Mr Fallon from the outdoor education team last week. We are still awaiting some Annual Data Check forms to be returned and as soon as these are all in I can put the photos on the website.

We have just hears that the Parent Council have funded us over £300 to buy some outdoor learning equipment, so… watch this space!


Our new topic Weather, Climate and the Continents begins this week and we will be taking part in science experiments as part of this.


If there are any of you that would like to come to class to help out either in the morning or afternoon regularly of otherwise please let me know. I am always happy to have a few extra pairs of hands and some more heads in the classroom.

4/9/17 Primary 7 news

Please can pupils return Risk factory forms and payments by Tues 🙂

We will be leaving prompt on Wed, please remember hoodies and packed lunches.

Lasswade has an information evening on Thursday which is for current S1 pupils, The P7 date has changed to November 1st and they have still to decide times.

Camp Info packs have been given out and should be returned by Friday. An info sheet will be given out too. I forgot to put red hoodies on the camp kit list…plese can pupils travel in these.

We are currently reading Wonder in class, a book that celebrates differences and teaches the importance of being Kind. I recommend this book to adults too as it is fabulous. We are producing a 30day kindness challenge for homework and it will be handed out this week-the pupils chose the tasks to include and I have made the grid.

We are getting back into the swing of hard work and pupils are required to read for enjoyment and revise times tables as I think they have been lost somewhere in the summer holidays 🙂 we have been doing a lot of mental maths, volume and area revision and problem solving challenges too….

FULL PE kit is required in school as well as a stocked pencil case!

Word work, maths and reading will be given out as soon as we are organised.

Mrs Hinton