P3 Home Learning WB 08/05/17

Homework- Homework is grid pasted into jotters with spelling words. This homework is due for Friday 19th May.

Secret Friend- Next week I am going to introduce the class to a special mission called Secret Friend. For the next three weeks children are randomly issued a secret friend (a new one every week). Over the week they must be a good friend to this person. For example: putting a nice note/picture in their tray, saying hello to them, helping them with a piece of work etc. They cannot reveal who they are until the end of the week. Secret Friend will be part of our work on relationships in Health and Wellbeing.

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P1 Homework 2/5/2017

Reading is as indicated on their reading cards. Please ensure that your child keeps revising the key words as these are crucial for reading to help them with fluency.

Common words: I have attached the next five common words for your child to learn to read and to write.

Phonics: We are revising ou and ai this week.

Maths: We are looking at time, please help your child with o’clock and if they are confident with this half past the hour.

Topic: We have finished Fairyland now and had a wee celebration for this on Friday. We are starting our new topics which I may weave together in parts, these are ‘People Who Help Us’ and ‘Our Senses’.

I hope to organise a trip for our topic, this will depend on the cost of the coach hire. More information to follow soon.

PE: We have two more sessions of gymnastics on the 8th and 15th May. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school.

P4 Homework 2/5/17

Homework 02/05/17

Apologies, someone told me they couldn’t find the homework on the website for the last two weeks. I looked and couldn’t find it either, not sure what happened there. I have double checked and this is definitely on the website now

Also, homework wont be marked this week as the children weren’t here yesterday to hand it in. .

Spelling– (Week 2) 

Gorillas (au)

Copy words 3x. Write four sentences and think of at least three more words that end with this sound.

Pandas (ing) ( Spelling rule drop the e add ing)

Copy words 3x. Write four sentences and think of at least three more words that have this sound in them.

Wolves (ing)

Copy words 3x. Write four sentences. Plus think of three more words.

Reading Homework

The Yellow and the Blue group- Question Master- Learning Blooms questions.

Yellow Group Chapter 6 and 7 of their book and create 2 questions. 1 must be an evaluating question the other can be any type of the ones we have covred ( remembering, understanding, evaluating or analysing) these should be completed in their yellow jotters and each child should have a description of these questions in there.

Blue- No reading this week.

Pink – See bookmark

Orange – See bookmark

Green –  See bookmark

*NEW*   Numeracy- Keep going with your Learnits. If there are any people who need new learnits can you write a note and let me know.

Learnits- The Rules…

The children are asked the question on the learnits card on several occasions and if they answer correctly,  within about two seconds, they can have a tick. Once they have ten ticks they can throw the learnit away. Once the envelope is empty they can have some new learnits. You can keep the envelope at home until it needs refilled.

Don’t feel you have to do all of them at once. A few at a time is sufficient.

P1 Homework 24/04/17

Phonics:This week we are revisiting the ‘ie’ sound and the ‘oa’ sound. We will look at the other ways of making this sound although these will not be a focus.

Reading: Reading will be sent home as usual – please check their reading bags. There will be words linked to their reading to learn and also common words that the children need to learn to read and write to help them with their reading and writing. Please help them with this as we will use these words for dictation in class.

Numeracy: We are continuing to learn about addition and subtraction – ‘addition being more’ and ‘subtraction being less’. We are also learning ‘skip’ counting. Counting in 10s (to 100) and 2s (to 20 or more if able to)

In May we will have the final two sessions of gymnastics which the children have really enjoyed.

Thank you,

Mrs Cumming


P1 Homework 18/4/17

Welcome back after the holidays, I hope you all had a good break, the children sounded like they had!

I can’t believe this is the final term in P1 already – just 11 weeks left!

We are going to continue Fairyland for a couple of weeks and then move onto another topic this will be either Our Senses or People Who Help Us.

Homework this week is only reading and the associated words. Next week I will be continuing with sounds  – revising the sounds which consist of two letters. These sounds can be confusing as there are other ways of writing them. We will continuing to learn common words which will help with reading and writing – please help your child learn these.

Please remember to return their PE kit if they have not already done so. PE will still be on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

27.3.17 P7 Homework

It is nearly the Easter holidays 🙂  P7 have had such a busy term so I wish you all a happy and restful holiday in preparation for the last term of their primary schooling – which will also be really, really busy.

mi:SPACE is almost complete – I have anticipated a parent drop in where pupils could show off their inspirational learning space but this may need to be the first or second week back.

Pupils have a maths sheet with 20 questions to complete in their green jotter and a creative, personal info sheet to complete for their profiles – details below.



This week we have been working on your pupil profiles and I would like you to include some information about your life out with school.  I would like an A4 sheet that can either be typed out and printed – or emailed to me and I will print it for you.  You could include what you like doing outside school, what you are proud of, achievements and successes, personal goals for clubs you do, events you are working towards etc.  You should produce quality work of both text and pictures/photos and detail at least 3 things – why you have included it,  achievements/goals – how you got to that stage, how you will progress etc.  This helps to build a rounded profile of you because we know about all the school successes that you have.


Due 30/3/18 (along with the maths work done in your jotter)

P1 Homework 6/3/17

We are continuing with our Fairy Tale topic which the children seem to be really enjoying.

Gymnastics on Monday is being thoroughly embraced by all. They are all having a go at the trickier things which is good to see.

French is on Thursday with Margaux.


Reading: See book bags for relevant reading and key words for their reading book. I am continuing to send home a small list of the common words for them to learn to read and write.

Numeracy: We have started learning about the number names – how to read them and write them. Homework sheet in their book bags.

Sounds: We are continuing with the consonant blends.

We will have PE again on Thursday morning.

Date for your diary!

P1 and P2 hope to share some of their learning with you, the parents, on the afternoon of Thursday 30th March. Time TBC but will most likely be from 2pm onwards.