P4 Homework 11/03/2019

Firstly apologies for all the noisy items that came home last week; we had been learning about sound and how we make it and how it travels.

Homework this week:

Spelling – (for Friday 15th March) all words are in their homework jotter – sentences are to be made using these words, it does not have to be one sentence per word, they can use more than one spelling word in a sentence. Children should also learn their words in a  way of their choosing.

Reading – see their reading diary. We read every day so please ensure that reading homework is completed and that your child has their reading book and diary in school every day.

Maths. The children will have a fraction revision sheet this week – this is to be returned by Monday 18th March.

Swimming: This week is their last swimming session.

Red Nose Day: P4 will be at swimming on Friday so will not be able to dress up, they may get opportunity to go to the bake sale, I will check this. Red noses will be for sale this week at £1.25

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming

P6 Home Learning W/B 11th March 2019

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Spelling – There’s a new spelling list this week plus advise and advice

Reading – Everyone will read for a minimum of 20 minutes per day in class.

Debates – The second bout of debates will start this week with new teams and new topics. More info to follow on Tuesday but children need to prepare their points in preparation for next week.  All the propsosing teams last week gained the most audience votes after each debate, so well done to you all.

Numeracy – Please hand in last week’s  completed area and perimeter worksheet by Tuesday 12th March.

Ski-ing –  Congratulations to everyone in P6 for making such good progress in six weeks. Although the school sessions have ended,  hopefully  children will continue to use this fantastic ski facility to keep their progress going.

Topic – Europe

PETuesday and Thursday


Thank you,

Sara Brunt







p3 Homework week beginning 4/3/19

Hi all,

Big apologies for the lack of post last week. As p3 know I can be a little bit silly and I realised I have written last weeks post and clicked save as draft instead of  publish! I didn’t even notice until now as I write this weeks. So once again apologies.


P3 have been learning all about measure and having covered weight and length we are now looking at capacity. A fun activity we are looking to do is to create our very own lava lamps. Similarly we are building lots of models to further our learning in our new ‘Human Body’ topic. If you have any plastic bottles (of any size) at home or glass jars (don’t have to have lids) I would really appreciate if you could donate them to us to help us with our active learning.


Many of the children’s homework jotters went home unmarked as they weren’t handed in on Monday. I will look over them and mark them this coming Monday if they are handed in.


This weeks spelling sounds are is ‘ou’ and ‘ow ‘ as in ‘cloud’ and ‘crowd’ found on list 21 of the spelling sheet . However spelling homework this week is optional. In its place I have sent home a reading for understanding worksheet based on the children’s fairy tale ‘The Enormous Turnip’. Reading for understanding is equally if not more important as reading for fluency. In class, many children have been finding this type of work particularly challenging therefore I will be sending home a new one each week for the next few weeks to give the children more experience doing this.


As normal select a task from the home learning wall. Please remember to colour in tasks after you have done them so I can see what you have done at home and know when to issue a new home learning wall.

New numeracy learning walls next week!


Hedgehogs – Petey

Tuesday – Chapter 2

Wednesday – Chapter 3

Thursday – Chapter 4-5

Friday- Chapter 6 and ‘Some years later’

Pandas – Bertha’s Secret Battle

Tuesday –p3-13

Wednesday – p14-23

Thursday – p23-end

Orangutans – Jungle Shorts

Tuesday –Chapter 1

Wednesday –Chapter 2

Thursday- Chapter 3

Tigers – The Kidnappers

Tuesday –p1-8

Wednesday –p8-16

Thursday- p16-24

Friday – p24-32

Polar Bears – Naughty Nicky runs away

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p8-16

Thursday- Whole book

Friday – Reading booklets

Miss Ramsay


Primary 4 Homework 25/02/19

I’ve had a lovely first week with the class, we have revisited the class charter and talked about what we would like our class to be like. The children wanted these things to feature in our class charter:

We will care for each other and be kind to each other.

We will be calm and quiet which helps us to listen, concentrate and learn.

We will speak calmly to each other.

We will be respectful to everyone.

We will listen to each other.

We will try and resolve problems with our friends ourselves (we know we can ask adults for help if we need it).

We will follow instructions.

I will post homework on the website every week. I intend to set homework on Mondays and would like it in on Fridays.

This week children have reading which is noted in their reading diaries. Please make sure you sign your child’s reading record when completed and that your child has their reading book and diary every day as they will read daily.

Spelling: As listed in their homework jotters: list of words, to make sentences and learn the words in the way your child prefers.

Every child has their Sumdog password now.

Topic this term: We will be learning about Climate Zones and Weather. We will also be looking at Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his art work.

We will also be covering some Science this term.


Lisa Cumming

Loanhead Poems

As you know Black Diamond came into school to record our pupils performing their Scots poems. They have now went live on the internet and thought you might want to hear. We are all so proud!


They can be found at:

p3 Homework 22/01/2019

Hi all,

Apologies for the written homework not returning last week, unfortunately I was off work ill at the start of the week. I hope everyone had a fantastic time over the holidays and that your children are enjoying being back in the swing of things in school.

As usual homework will go out on Tuesday and be returned the following Monday.

Missing Jotters and Folders

Upon organising the homework I noticed quite a few children are missing jotters or folders which makes it difficult to ensure that all the children are getting their homework and keeping their things together without going missing. If you find  child does have a missing jotter could you send me in a little note and I will get them a new one and similarly with the reading folders as I can provide a poly pocket for them to use.


This weeks spelling pattern is the long o vowel sound made using ‘oa’ ‘o_e’ and ‘ow’ as in boat, stone and bow. These can be found on Spelling list 16 on the new spelling words issued this week.

Can I ask that you are getting the children to also write a minimum of three sentences as well as practicing their spelling words as good sentence structure is something many of the children are not using within class. Your children should now be aware of vocabulary including adjectives, nouns, proper nouns and verbs as well as punctuation including full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas and speech marks and are encouraged to use these within their writing.


As normal select a task from the home learning wall. Please remember to colour in tasks after you have done them so I can see what you have done at home and know when to issue a new home learning wall.


HedgehogsThe Case of the Smiling Shark

Tuesday – Chapter 1

Wednesday – Chapter 2-3

Thursday –Chapter 4-5

Friday – Chapter 6

Pandas – Coming Clean

Tuesday –Chapter 1

Wednesday – Chapter 2

Thursday – Chapter 3

Orangutans – The Litter Queen

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p8-16

Thursday- p16-24

Friday – p24 – End

Tigers – The Jigsaw Puzzle

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p8-16

Thursday- p16-24

Friday – p24 – End

Polar Bears – Friends

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p8-16

Thursday- p16-24

Friday – p24 – End


*Please note there has been some changes within the reading groups the children are aware of these changes if unsure double check with your child what group they are reading with in class. There will also be a note in your child’s reading record.


P1 homework -07-01-19

Hello parents,

We hope that you enjoyed the Christmas holidays and have had a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

We are starting the new term with Scottish week. We will be learning about Scottish traditions and the Scots language.

Reading and phonics: We will not be sending home reading books or the red phonics book this week.

As part of our Scottish week we are asking the children to learn 2 Scottish songs which the school will be singing in assembly on Friday:

Auld Lang Syne

The flower of Scotland

We have sent home copies of the song lyrics and ask that you help your child to learn the songs for Friday.

We have also sent home 3 Scots poems –

Colter’s Candy

Ma half sookit sweetie

The Wee Rid Motor

Please can you help your child learn 1 of these poems to recite in front of the class on Friday.

Scottish Party

On Friday the lower atrium (P1-P4) will be having a Scottish themed party. If your child has any tartan clothing they may wear it on Friday. If they do not, the school has tartan which can be worn over the school uniform.


Thank you,

Miss Maley and Mrs Cumming

P6 Homework W/B 10.12.18

Hi all,

There are only two weeks to go until the end of term, time is flying by!

This week:

Spelling – as normal; homework to be completed for next Monday ( but this will be the last week of homework).

Reading – Children have worked very well with their reading journal. Children should have completed Task 4 by now.  I’ll catch up with all the reading groups this week.

PE – Can children have their kit in all week please as the halls’ timetables are temporarily suspended due to both schools requiring show practices.

Indoor shoes – Can you ask your child if he/she has their indoor shoes at school. If not, can they please bring a pair ASAP as the floors and carpets are getting very muddy! There are still children with no change of shoes.

Christmas Lunch– is on Wednesday. Children should have made their menu selections by now. Remember to wear a Christmas jumper!

Ski-ing – We had a safety and information talk from a Hillend ski instructor last week. Can children have payment and permission slips in as soon as possible please. I will post a separate ski-ing update later on this week, just going over what the ski instructor told us about what to expect when we go in January.

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss S Brunt