P1 Homework 12/03/18

Starting this week we have Miss Chloe Cummings, a teaching student, with us until June. She will be working alongside me and also having responsibility of the class later on in her placement. The children have met her several times and will welcome her and enjoy having her teaching them.

Reading: See the red card as usual and help your child learn their key words,

Phonics we will be learning the sounds ‘pl’, ‘sl’ and ‘sc’ this week.

World Book Day: Thank you to all who returned the quiz and the book reviews for the competition. Lily won the book review competition and Reuben won the quiz. Congratulations to Reuben and Lily and well done to all who took part.

Gymnastics will be on Tuesday the children seem to be working hard and enjoying it.

The Elves and the Shoemaker drama workshop has been rescheduled to this Friday after we missed it when the school was closed due to the weather.

Lisa Cumming.

SCHOOL OPEN Monday 5th March

We will be open again tomorrow after all the heavy snow.

We ask you to remember that parking may be limited so to be mindful when making your journey in tomorrow. Pupils should dress for the weather.

See you tomorrow 🙂

P1 Homework 12/2/2018

As it is a 3 day week for the children this week I am not sending any new spelling or phonic homework home this week. I have asked the children to go over the words we have been learning in their small green jotter.

Reading: Please see the red card as usual and practise their words.

We are learning about the alphabet this week and the letter names rather than the sounds.

Maths / Numeracy: We are learning about data handling, creating charts, using tally marks and reading charts.

Our topic after the holidays is Toys – we will be looking at toys from the past as well as modern toys.

Thursday and Friday this week are holidays for the children.

Enjoy the short break and we all return on Monday 19th February.

Lisa Cumming


Primary 6 Homework 26/1/18

All groups with the exception of those reading Frogspell have reading homework for next week. They will be given homework on Tuesday (30/1)

All pupil have a maths worksheet to complete for Friday 2/2/18.

I have given pupils a few more days to learn /practise the Burns poem they chose last week. They need to be ready for Tuesday 30/1/18.

Thank You Mrs. Hunter.


P1 Homework 22/01/18

Reading: Please check the red card for reading homework.

Phonics: We are revising the past six sounds, these can take longer for the children to learn as they need to recognise that it is two-letters but one sound (the children often want to sound each letter individually). Please help your child identify them in their reading or when out and about and you see a word which has one of these sounds in it: ch, sh, th, qu, ou and oi.

Numeracy: We are learning about doubles to 10 and what double means. Please help your child by asking them questions about these doubles e.g. show me 3 fingers…now double it. How many now? So double 3 is ? 3+3=6.

Scottish Poem: The children have all of this week to learn their poem in Scots. We have talked about saying it with expression and putting any actions in of they want to.

Outdoor Learning: This week all the children will be taking part in Outdoor Learning again on Thursday and Friday. Their previous permission slips will cover them for this week. If you haven’t completed one yet I will send these home on Monday, please return them by Wednesday. Usual clothing applies: No need for school uniform but warm clothes (not jeans if possible), waterproof outer clothing, wellies or boots (that you don’t mind getting dirty), hats, gloves, change of clothes, snack and a water bottle.

Water Bottles: The children get really thirsty during the day please ensure that you send your child with a water bottle so that they remain hydrated. If they don’t drink enough they will get tired.


P1 Homework 6/11/17

P1 Homework – week beginning 6/11/17

Phonics: We are now learning the next block of sounds: Please continue to revise the sounds, play games with them and make words.

Date Sound
Monday 6th Nov ai Reading
Tuesday 7th Nov j Reading
Wednesday 8th Nov oa Reading
Thursday 9th Nov Recap all three Reading
Monday 13th Nov ie Reading
Tuesday 14th Nov  ee  or Reading
Wednesday15th Nov z Reading
Thursday 16th Nov Recap all three Reading


Reading: Please help your child learn the words that are in their word box and continue reading as per their reading card.

Letters: There is a letter about the Christmas Fair in your child’s bag. P1 And P2 are collecting second-hand/unwanted toys and books.

Flu Vaccine: The children who have returned their forms will have their flu vaccine on Monday 6th November.

Date for the diary: The P1 /P2 Nativity is on Monday 11th December, time to be confirmed.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming


Dear Primary 7 parents,

Mrs Hinton obviously still has camp brain and in a hurry to get permission slips out to you I used last year’s dates for the trip.  The dates for our trips are

  • Thursday 9th November – Poppy Factory
  • Wednesday 29th November – Sky Academy

Both are mornings, both require a packed lunch and prompt arrival and we would like 1 parent helper for each J

Many Thanks

Mrs Hinton

P1 Homework 30/10/17

Homework P1 

Reading – Continue with reading – check reading record for homework. There are new words for your child to learn in their word box.
Phonics – We are not learning a new sound this week but recapping on the last 6 sounds we have learned. I am sending home the 6 sound cards to add to the others to use to make words with. I will also be sending home a phonic worksheet for your child to complete for homework and return to school.

If your child has success at an afterschool club or activity please encourage them to bring their news, certificate, badge, trophy etc. into school to share with the class. We are interested in what the children achieve in their wider world of learning.

Could I remind you to return all library books when your child has finished with them. Our next library visit is on 13th November.

Lisa Cumming