P1 Week Beginning 28.11.22

Nativity: We are well under way with our rehearsals and we are looking forward to performing for the school and parents. We are performing the Nativity for the parents on Monday 12th December at 2pm. 

Christmas Fair: Our annual fundraiser is on Friday 2nd December and we are still collecting donations for our stalls. We are looking for chocolate, bottles, nearly new toys and gifts. Thank you. P7 are doing a ‘Guess the name of the teddy bear’ and ‘How many sweets are in the jar’ fundraiser on Wed/Thurs – guesses are 50p.

Thursday 8th December – School Christmas lunch and Christmas jumper day. Please hand in your child’s Christmas lunch preferences ASAP. 

Wednesday 14th December – Panto for Nursery to P4

Friday 16th DecemberP1/2 Christmas Party. Children can come to school dressed for their Christmas party!


Reading: Some children have moved onto a new stage of reading books (Stage 2), with each book they will get a little green piece of card with new key words they have to learn. By the end of the Stage 2 books, they have to know all of their key words by sight before moving onto a new Stage. For example, the first Stage 2 book is ‘The Toys’ Party’ and the key words printed on green card are ‘he, was, put’. Please remember to sign your child’s green reading record when homework has been completed. 

Sounds: We are learning v and oo (short oo and long oo) this week. The children will only have two phonic worksheets to complete – one for v and one for oo. Please ensure your child completes these as it so important for them to practise their letter formation when writing new sounds. 

Please ensure that your child brings their book bag to school EVERYDAY, as we will be doing reading everyday. They will be kept in school on a Friday, in order to have new homework ready for the following Monday.

P.E will be on Wednesday with Miss Simpson and Thursday with Mrs Lynch. 

Thank you, 

Miss Lauren Waller


🌟P2 28.11.22 🌟

This week will be the last week of reading books.  I will send home common words check lists for you to keep at home and revise. 5-6 a week is usually a good amount to learn.

Nativity – there will be a separate post about this,  Please bring costumes in by Friday and continue to learn, learn, learn the lines with your child if they have some.

There is no spelling or maths home learning set but there is a lot of revision that you can do at home should you wish.

CHRISTMAS FAIR – Separate info will be on the letter sent out last week.  The fair is on Friday, please keep your donations coming in.

CHRISTMAS LUNCH AND JUMPER DAY – 8th December – please bring order forms in by Thursday,

P2 Week Beginning: 21.11.22

Week Beginning: 21.11.22

Spelling words x 10 ll spelling pattern:

Ox, run, from, will, bell, doll, skull, there, they, windmill

-Please write out 3 times, the third time write in your favourite pens or pencils.

READING – Please complete the reading worksheet and read EVERY NIGHT with your child.  The words are becoming more challenging and reading daily ensures progress.

Maths- In class we have been learning about analogue and digital times for O’clock and half past times.  We are also looking at counting in 10s from 0 then at random numbers.

Nativity – Children have been given parts for the nativity may and have songs and lines to learn.  Letters and scripts will go home early this week.



Thank you

P2 News and Info14.11.22

Week Beginning 14.11.22

Reading – Please read with your child every night.  The first 2 nights ensure work knowledge and understanding.  The next 2 develop fluency and accuracy.   By Thursday children should  be reading more fluent without sounding out.

Each group has an activity home for their reading book.  This is due in on Friday.

Spelling – The spelling words are in your child’s jotter and should be written out 3 times using, LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK.  The previous week’s score should be written in their homework diary.  Children have been learning vowels so I have asked them to go over the vowels in blue pencil.

Maths – On Sumdog I have set a Home Learning challenge that ends on Friday.  It is called “November home learning challenge”

Children are consolidating time to half past and O’clock on analogue clocks.  They are also looking at how to read and write 3 digit numbers.

Please remember to check the school website for any important info .


Children in Need  -We are not marking Children in Need this year but welcome families to do so in their own time at home 🙂

NATIVITY– We plan to start rehearsals this week.  We are excited to be performing out Nativity in school again.  P2 have more speaking parts this year and children have been asked what roles they would like. More information will follow but we plan to perform to parents on Dec 12th at 2pm (all will be confirmed soon)

CHRISTMAS FAIR – We are thankful to have our school fundraiser once again this year. More information will come out regarding donations that we are asking for as well as help needed,

P1 Week Beginning 14.11.22


This week myself and Ms Hinton will be starting rehearsals for Nativity. Your child may came home with some lines to learn, please support them with learning them, using a loud and clear voice. We will be performing the Nativity for parents/carers on the afternoon of Monday 12th December at 2pm. This year P1/2 will be performing ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ and we are all very excited!

P1 Stay and Play 

Thank you so, so much to everyone who managed to attend our first stay and play on Friday. It left such an excitement amongst all the children and I hope you all enjoyed it too. I have emailed out a feedback form to get your opinions on the experience. I would be very grateful if you could take a minute to fill it out. We are hoping to do more dates in the future and I will list the dates on the website as soon as I know!


The children have all received their own iPad to use in Primary 1 and we first used them on Thursday morning. To say the children enjoyed it, would be an understatement! These will be staying in school for the time being and will be used for their learning in class.

Road Safety Week

To celebrate Road Safety Week, P1 and our P6 buddies will be going on a short walk around our community on Thursday afternoon, to practise crossing the road and discuss the importance of road safety!


Reading: Pages to be read will be written in your child’s green reading record, please sign to evidence reading has been completed. The routine we follow for reading is Monday (p1-4), Tuesday (p4-8), Wednesday (whole book) and Thursday (worksheet). Please ensure your child sometimes starts the story at different pages or reads from the last page to the front page etc. This helps the children to read the words, rather than memorise.

Sounds: We are revising our sounds from the past two weeks and practising our CVC words. We are also looking at the tricky words: I, the, she, he and me. At some point this week/next week, the children will bring home a keyring with the tricky words we are learning in class. Every time we learn more, I will add them on.

A helpful website to use at home to support numeracy and phonics is https://www.topmarks.co.uk We really enjoy robot addition and phonics balloons!

Please ensure that your child brings their book bag to school EVERYDAY, as we will be doing reading everyday. They will be kept in school on a Friday, in order to have new homework ready for the following Monday.

P.E will be on Wednesday with Miss Simpson and Thursday with Mrs Lynch. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week,

Miss Lauren Waller


🎖️ Primary 2 Info 7/11/11 🌸

This week in Literacy we are continuing to look at vowels and using “a” or “an” correctly.  Our spelling words should be written in homework jotters 3 times and adults should help children to learn them throughout the week.

There is reading homework for all groups.  As well as fluency and expression, we are looking at asking questions from the text, trying to deeper our thoughts about the books and make connections.

In Numeracy we are continuing to make numbers using concrete materials to show Hundreds, Tens and Ones and adding these together.  Our student, Mr Aitken, is teaching each group Time – focussing on O’clock and half past times.

We are revisiting Dinosaurs topic after a break and are looking at Remembrance and The Poppy Story this week.  If the weather allows, we plan to walk to Loanhead Parish Church to see their poppy display and look at the war memorials.  Poppies are on sale this week, suggested donation is £1.  We will have a Remembrance assembly on Friday which will be led by P7.

We will also begin discussions about the P1/2 Nativity performance this week, look at roles and begin learning songs.

We are continuing Zones of Regulation and each child will revise their strategy toolkits.  We are also looking at Jealousy and how this makes us feel/behave and strategies to help.

As the weather gets cooler and wetter, please can children come to school with suitable footwear and coats.  They should also all have indoor shoes to change into that are kept in school.

P1 Week Beginning 7.11.22


Learning trio sheet will be given out on Friday 11th November. This is the sheet which includes your child’s strengths, areas for improvements and targets to work on for their next learning trio (February).

We had such a lovely time at the Loanhead Library on Friday, thank you so much to the wonderful ladies for taking the time to read us a story!

This week, the P7 pupils will be selling poppies prior to their Remembrance assembly on Friday.

Monday 7th November – Flu nasal sprays in school.

Tuesday 8th November – Our buddies will be introducing the children to their Bookbug bags which they will bring home with them on this same day.

Friday 11th November – We are having our first Primary 1 ‘Stay and Play’. Parents/Carers are invited to stay for a little bit of the morning to come and experience some of our play-based learning. I do ask that only one parent/carer attends per child, if possible, as we have limited space in our class/atrium. Please come to the P1 classroom door for 9am and we will finish around 9:40/45am.


Reading: Pages to be read will be written in your child’s green reading record, please sign to evidence reading has been completed. A gentle reminder, that it is really important your child learns their orange key words, as once they can do this, they will begin to read books with words. 

Sounds: This week we are learning the sounds ie, ee, or and the children will be bringing home the sound worksheet to practise their letter formation that same day the sound has been taught. Monday – ie, Tuesday – ee and Wednesday – or. 

We have a big focus on blending/segmenting CVC this term, so it is really important you continue to practise the sounds we have learned with your child. If you are unsure of how to pronounce the sounds, then all of them can be found on this website: https://www.jollylearning.co.uk/resource-bank/learn-the-letter-sounds/

Please ensure that your child brings their book bag to school EVERYDAY, as we will be doing reading everyday. They will be kept in school on a Friday, in order to have new homework ready for the following Monday.

P.E will be on Wednesday with Miss Simpson and Thursday with Mrs Lynch. 

I am looking forward to see you on Friday!

Miss Lauren Waller