Primary 3 Homework – First Week Back

Primary 3 Homework – 18th to 24th April

It was great to have P3 back yesterday, all ready for the new term!

We started our new topic looking at houses and homes. As part of this, would anyone be free to help on Wednesday or Thursday next week? We want to walk round Loanhead, spotting some of the things we’ve been learning about. Please let me know if you or another relative / carer could come with us. It would be from 2pm to 3pm (so just before normal pick up time) on either on Wednesday 25th or Thursday 26th.

This term I will teach P3 on Mondays as well as the rest of the week. Mrs Wallace will be with other classes. Homework will continue to run Tuesday to Tuesday. Our regular P.E. days will be Tuesday and Wednesday, with music on a Monday.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



After the Easter break our maths brains will need a bit of warming up. Number bonds tennis (to 10) is important practice, as are Learnits and the +/- games.

I have also put up a SumDog challenge covering lots of different skills and areas.



Reading grids will come home today. Please look out also for comprehension quizzes to be finished.



We have been learning about all the different kinds of buildings that people live in. In particular, we have focussed on flats, cottages, detached houses, semi-detached, terraced houses and bungalows.

For homework, can you describe your own home using words and pictures?


Spelling – Please could we practice the following words and then use them in some sentences:

ladder              bungalow

painting           cottage

turned             terraced

detached         each

P7 Info 20.3.18

CLASS PHOTOGRAPHS ARE TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY) PLEASE WEAR UNIFORM! Please note that the expectation is for pupils to wear school uniform and have no false nails, make up etc in school.  Hoop earrings or dangley earrings are also not permitted.

Maths homework which consolidates class learning from the past 2 weeks was given out on the 19th and is due in on the 26th.  We are also working on algebra, probability and finding patterns in data and using these to create formula.

We are reading the Wizard of Oz in class and also studying robots which the class are enjoying.

I would like if pupils could spend time on SUMDOG and hour of code to brush up on skills set.

A few pupils are still attending school not ready to learn because they have not had enough sleep.  Please can we work together to promote good health and wellbeing.  To much “gaming” is having an obvious effect on learning.

Many thanks

P3 Homework From 20th March

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 20th March

This week in class we are going to be doing some literacy assessments. These are intended to identify gaps in understanding so that we know what to focus on next term.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



We are looking back at lots of areas of numeracy work, ahead of maths assessments next week. Anything you want to choose from the following list will therefore be helpful reinforcement.

  1. Fractions puzzle

Jane ate half a pizza. Kate ate two quarters of a pizza. Who ate more? (Hint: It may be helpful to draw a picture.)

Sally ate three pieces of pizza that were all the same size. In the end she had eaten the same amount as Jane. What fraction of a pizza must each of Sally’s slices have been?

  1. Time puzzle

Mike went to bed at eight o’clock. Draw what his bedroom clock would have looked like.

Mike has a little brother called Alf. Alf goes to bed two hours before Mike does. Draw the time that would have been showing on the clock at Alf’s bedtime.

I have also put up a new SumDog challenge.



Pages from class books to be read at home will be written down in the grids as usual.

Instead of simply carrying on up to a certain page for the first part of this week’s reading homework, some of the children are being asked to choose just one page, and practice reading this with expression. Please look out for a comment on reading grids to see if this applies.



More words that people have been finding tricky. Please could we practise them using our usual look, say, cover, write and check method and then write sentences using them?

loud                                         noise

square                                     sphere

pyramid                                   cuboid

            circle                                       triangle

            allowed                                   aloud

P3 Homework from 13th March

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 13th March

After lots of work on polar bears we are moving onto penguins this week. We are also going to learn about the explorers who first travelled to the north and south poles.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



We are still working on halves and quarters. The children are getting used to identifying these fractions of shapes. The game Fraction Flags would be good practice. Please mix up the choice of halves, quarters, three quarters etc.


We are generally struggling more with finding fractions of numbers. To work on this, have a go at home at working out:

½ of 14                                    ½ of 22                                    ½ of 30

¼ of 12                                    ¼ of 24                                    ¼ of 40

½ of 32                                    ¾ of 12                                    ¾ of 24


In the next two weeks we are also revising things we have looked at over the year. Any chances to talk about time what time it is (12 hour clock, analogue and digital) would be helpful.


Pages from class books to be read at home will be written down in the grids as usual.



More words that people have been finding tricky. Please could we practise them using our usual look, say, cover, write and check method and then write sentences using them?

Thursday                                 other

broke                                       ocean

gave                                        boat

            seat                                         whale

P3 Homework from 6th March

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 6th March


We are going to learn about animals that live at the north and south poles. As part of this we will think about predators and prey. Please could you let me know if you think your child might find this distressing. In particular, I am keen to gauge whether we might watch a video of animals hunting. There would be no gory bits, but a sense of threat. If you could catch me at the door or send in a note I would really appreciate your guidance.

I hope everyone had fun in the snow. It’s a shame our Vogrie Park trip could not go ahead. Mrs Duncan is trying to reschedule this and I will get back to you when I have more information.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



More words that people have been finding tricky. Please could we practise them using our usual look, say, cover, write and check method and then write sentences using them?

wife                             coat

will                              whole

Saturday                      quarter

            half                              glacier

            penguin                       Antarctica



Pages from class books to be read at home will be written down in the grids as usual.



In class we are moving on to look at fractions. We will begin by going over halves and quarters. We will be thinking about the fact that you can have a fraction of a shape (e.g. quarter of a pizza) or a fraction of a number (e.g. 24 grapes and I ate half). We will then extend this to think about thirds, fifths, tenths etc.

At home this week, how many fractions can you find? It could be to do with food at mealtimes or objects that are divided up. Write examples in your homework jotters. You could also draw a picture or take a photo.

For example:

“When I eat fish fingers I always cut them into thirds.”

“My kitchen window is split up into quarters.”


Please keep practising the Learnits.

I have also set up a new (smaller) Sum Dog challenge this week for those who have been finding that fun and useful.

P7 News/info and home learning 2/3/18

Hello everyone, I hope that you are enjoying the snow.

I have made a whole school sumdog competition so please remember to log in – if you need help with your log in details then email me.

Remember your individual targets – where do you need to go? How will you get there?

Home learning – due Wednesday

Literacy – please remember your book reports and quiz that were due in on 1st.  If you want to challenge yourself and consolidate learning we have done in class then write a short setting description of a snowy setting – remember our in-class success criteria (Using your senses, adjectives, adverbs, long and short sentences and no story/charactes e.g. The warm sun shone down on the turquoise water like freshly cleaned diamonds, the birds lazily perched on the tan branches while the sound of them gleefully singing danced in my ears.  I felt at peace.” Type it on word and email me, share with me on GLOW or just write it and bring it in next week.

Maths/Numeracy – Have a go at this BEAST FROM THE EAST P7 Maths activity challenge – how many house points will you earn?

The Beast From The East Maths Investigation P7-1nm7473

REMEMBER to keep sending my your fun in the snow, snow sculpture or snowy extreme reading photos.


An excited and keen parent first mentioned this in January and I could not believe that it was time to think about it so a pat on the back for planning ahead.  She has volunteered time to help organise this and attend on the day.  I have had a few more parents ask me about the day out and would suggest a wee team to go with the pupil ideas would work well.

Pupils discussed it with me and I posted the results on the page last week.  As Time Capsule was the firm favourite I presumed people would look into this – I am happy to get the office to price a bus for the parent team while they organise prices for the trip and food.

Pupils are saying the Time Capsule is closed during the day – after a quick email they got back to me to say that for trips etc they can open at 10am, you just need to speak to them.

Paintballing was not first or second choice but I do have to mention that this, or similar activities, is not something Mrs Donnelly or I would be happy to have organised for their day out so this is not an option.

If Time Capsule is not an option I am happy to go back to the class and chat about other ideas (escape rooms, Blair Drummond plus BBQ, Picnic etc were also suggested after our discussion).


Primary 3 Homework – Week from 20th February

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 20th February

Our topic on the North and South Poles is really taking off now as we think about what these amazing places are like and what kinds of animals can survive there.

Please see below my note on written subtraction methods.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



Pages from class books to be read at home will be written down in the grids as usual.

I am going to stop writing down when children have been heard reading aloud on these grids because it has proved impossible to keep this up to date. All the children are heard three times a week on average – sometimes twice or sometimes four times depending on what else is happening. From now on I will only write notes on the reading grids if there is something specific to raise. I hope that is OK.



More common words that people have been finding tricky.

taking                          cold

walked                         there

called                           their

Please could we practise them using our usual look, say, cover, write and check method and then write sentences using them?


As you help the children with columns subtraction, please be aware that there are some slightly different ways of doing these written sums and it will be helpful if we can all use the same method. For example, the way I was taught is different from what I would now teach. The reason is that the decomposition method (shown below) reflects most closely the underlying concepts of place value and subtraction. The other ways work fine but they can be a bit confusing for some children.


6 5                 Take 4 away from 5 to get 1 in the units column.

 – 3 4                 Take 3 away from 6 to get 3 in the tens column.


You can’t take 5 from 2, so you decompose the

  56 12                6 tens to become 5 tens and 1 ten moves across.

 – 3   5               You now have 12 minus 5 which gives 7 in the

___­__­              units column. In the tens column you then take 3

away from 5 which gives 2.


Our motto is:

          If it’s too big on the floor… steal one from next door.

This goes with other golden rules:

– Start with the units

– Never take the top number away from the bottom

– When you write a sum, line up the columns correctly


To practise at home:

43 – 22                     87 – 62                     63 – 28                   91 – 72

86 – 39                    364 – 226             506 – 262                544 – 245

P7 Homework 19/2/18

All pupils have to finish their reading novels to the end for next Mon.

Pupils have a decimals worksheet for maths (due on Fri), we have been working on multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

I have set a personal challenge of no screens after 8pm- this is not compulsory but a good talking point given that the class have screen obsessions.

We have been learning to tell the time in French – pupils would benefit from revising this.

For the parents organising the day out. We chatted about it and pupils voted on their top 3. See below.