P7 News, info and homework 12th October 2017

Camp Info that went home 13/10/17 (Pink Letter) Oct Camp Info

It was lovely to meet so many of you again at Parents Consultations this week.  Many of you are requesting additional homework and I suggestthat pupils revise multiplication, mental addition and subtraction up to (4 digit numbers), telling the time both analogue and digital and money (budgeting). I send out maths homework most weeks.

As well as reading for 20-30 mins each night, it would be advantageous for pupils to also revise common word lists and if they are secure with these then the most commonly mis-spelled words.

Common words

Common misspellings

Pupils have homework due on 23rd October.  This is an activity grid based on WONDER. Their answers should be high level and quote the text as evidence.  They are worth up to 10 house points per question and I have high expectations. This was issued on 8/10/19

P7 Wonder Homework

We have been made aware of a French High School transition test where pupils will be tested on listening and writing in French.  They are expected to know basic French for conversation for speaking and writing.  We have revised this every year and have worked on it this month.  Some pupils asked for revision to give them a good grounding for the test (next month) I put this pack together.

french revision

There are also many fabulous French apps such as Duolingo which have been proven to improve French – even just by doing 5 minutes per day.

P3 Homework for Week Beginning 2nd October

Primary 3 Homework – Week Beginning 2nd October

Well done Primary 3! On Friday the children earned a fruit party as their first whole class reward. This was for working hard and being a good team. We count down at the end of every great day – which is most days in P3, but not all!

Having finished our science topic on the human body we are looking at some issues in health and wellbeing. In particular, we are learning how to keep ourselves safe around medicines, and how we can handle difficult situations in school, like when friends fall out with one another.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



On Friday almost all the children managed to beat their previous scores in the Learnit challenge, so well done for practising at home. Please keep it up!

We are also carrying on with subtraction this week. Some great games to play online would be:


(Same as last week – a slightly easier game to start with.)


(Choose between level 1 or level 2 – good for testing speed.)


(Same as last week. Play up to 100 for more of a challenge.)



Pages to be read from class reading books will be written down in the grids as usual. Hearing pages out loud is so, so helpful in developing fluency. Where a word is tricky, please help the children to take their time and sound it out. Some words don’t sound out of course, so you may need to help with these ones.



Along with words that use our new spelling sound (‘or’) I have put down some words that we have been misspelling a lot in class. These are common words and worth practising.

As well as the usual look, say, cover, write and check technique of practice for the whole list (twice), please could we write two or three sentences which use up all of the common words.


fork                  sport

horse               corn

storm               have

blood               true

germ               daughter

P7 News and Homework 2/10/17

Please Note:

  • Lasswade High School roadshow is tonight (2nd October at 6.30pm in our school)
  • Beeslack open evening is Thursday 12th October (6.30pm-8.30pm)
  • Parent Consultations are next week.  If you are unable to attend or we have recently met and you would like to come in next term instead please let me know. Letters were sent out today and should be back for Thursday.  Times are tight due to class size. k.hinton@mgfl.net.
  • Swimming gala is tomorrow – pupils should be at school for 8.45am and have a snack, water bottle and packed lunch (all appropriate kit too!).


Pupils should continue to read for enjoyment! They have a word origins sheet and should use appropriate tools (discussed in class) to help them answer the questions.  We have been reading scales in class and there is a follow up sheet for homework too.


Homework P4 26/09/17


All children are learning when to use ck or k to end a word.

They have words and three activities to complete.

See jotters for words.


Write your words in the correct column     k         ck     or c

To earn 10 points on the Challenge grid. If anyone has lost this please let me know.

Tell an adult what your spelling rule is. Protector ck. Think of other rules we learned and try to teach someone at home.


Roald Dahl: See bookmarks  Tues, Wed,

J.K. Rowling: See bookmarks Tuesday, Wednesday

Enid Blyton: Read P 50 to the end  for Tuesday 3rd October

Jeff Kinney: See bookmarks Wed, Thurs

Julia Donaldson: See bookmarks  Wed, Thurs

David Walliams: Reading will be given tomorrow Wednesday 27th

P3 Homework for Week Beginning 25th September

Primary 3 Homework – Week Beginning 25th September

We will soon complete our topic on the human body. Having investigated how our organs and senses work, we will finish by thinking about how our bodies protect themselves (e.g. sweat, reflexes and ear wax!), and how we can look after them too.

On Friday we will have our first visit to the school library. Hopefully everyone will find something they’re interested in, so watch out for books coming home!

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



Please keep practising the Learnits. Each Friday there is a ‘Beat That’ challenge, where pupils try to improve on their scores from the previous weeks against the clock.

We will also be focussing on subtraction, learning to do this faster and with bigger numbers. Keeping on playing the + / –  games will really help with this. In class we are extending from  +1 / -1  and  +2 / -2, playing more with  +3 / -3  and  +10 / -10.

Some helpful online games would be:




The first two use numbers up to 20. The third one can go up to 100 and is quite a bit trickier if you fancy a challenge!



Pages to be read from class reading books will be written down in the grids as usual. Some children will also have quizzes based on this week’s books. If time is short, though, please prioritise the reading. Hearing pages out loud is so, so helpful in developing fluency.



Each week our spelling words come from the next sound we are practising (in this case ‘ar’) and also from a list of the 100 most common words in English.

For this week we have:

star                  park

far                   scarf

bark                 far

have                like

because           into

Well done with the wordsearches last week!

As well as the usual look, say, cover, write and check (twice for each word) please write three or four sentences that use up all this week’s words.

P7 News and Homework 25.9.17

There is a meeting tonight for Camp – Burnbrae Primary – 7pm.

If you are unable to attend do not worry as I can issue any relevant info missed.

CROSS COUNTRY – For those who are going then it is tomorrow and Vogrie have recommended wellies to go and runners to change in to.

GIRLS FOOTBALL – This Thurs, please return your slip asap.

HOMEWORK (for Fri) – Pupils have been given out a dictionary worksheet as well as a maths revision of Volume worksheet,  we have also been looking at prime numbers and square numbers (e.g 3² = 9) and pupils MUST be revising their multiplication up to 12x.

Homework (side 1)

Homework (side 2)

Maths (see below)




P4 Homework 19.09.17

Hope you all had a lovely September weekend.



Following the recent assessment that the class undertook I have identified a few sounds and spelling rules that the children need to revise. Therefore for the next few weeks the children will be given largely the same spelling words and sounds to learn.

After the areas to be revises have been covered in class we will resume with Spelling Made Easy and the children will merge back into their groups.  This week and next: all children are learning when to use ck or k to end a word.

See jotters for words.

Activity: To earn 10 points on the Challenge grid. If anyone has lost this please let me know.




Roald Dahl: See bookmarks Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

J.K. Rowling: See bookmarks Mon, Wed, Thurs

Enid Blyton: Read P 36-50 and Questions 1 and 2 in jotter for Tuesday 26th. Answers in full sentences please.

Jeff Kinney: See bookmarks Mon, Wed, Thurs

Julia Donaldson: See bookmarks Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

David Walliams: Read P 14- 28 for Tuesday 26th. Work to follow next week will be about these pages.

P3 Homework for Week Beginning 18th September

Primary 3 Homework – Week Beginning 18th September

I hope everyone had a good September weekend.

Our first project has been in science, looking at the human body. We have been investigating how blood carries oxygen and nutrients. We even acted this out! Next we will learn about our five senses.

Thanks again for all your support with home learning.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan


Numeracy – Big Maths

You may remember Learnits from last year. These are number facts that pupils need to know as quick as a flash! In class we say it should be like when someone asks your name – you don’t need any time to think, you just know.

Our Learnits for this term are:

10 x table                    7 + 4 = 11

8 + 4 = 12                    9 + 4 = 13

8 + 3 = 11                    9 + 3 = 12

The adding sums also have their associated “fact families”.

Coming home this week are Learnit flashcards so everyone can practise. Please can these stay at home for regular use throughout the term. Each Friday the children will have a quickfire Learnit challenge, trying to beat their own scores from the previous weeks.



Pages to be read from class reading books will be written down onto the grids as usual. If children finish these books, please do still hear some pages out loud.

Thanks also for making a start with the Home Reading Logs. It is interesting and useful to see what everyone has been enjoying!



Our words for this week are:

feet                  sweet

green               free

three                of

words              you

was                  to

As well as our usual look, say, cover, write and check (twice for each word) try making a wordsearch using this week’s words. See if anyone at home can solve the puzzle! (I will stick wordsearch grids into the homework jotters.)