HOMEWORK (For Monday)
We have been working on decimals and place value. Pupils can always do extra work on Numeracy using Sumdog, topmarks or nrich.  I will put together a suitable list of websites.
Decimals 10,100,1000 worksheet to be done in new numeracy jotters.
Pupils will have spelling lists to learn – words coming from wrongly spelled words in their writing.
Pupils have also been doing research on who was to blame for the Titanic sinking – although this is not compulsory.
Please note that ALL pupils should have indoor shoes to change into.  This week only 7 pupils had a change of shoes.  Also a polite reminder that jogging bottoms are suitable for outdoor P.E. but are not part of our daily school uniform.
P7 Camp Parents Meeting
There will be a parent meeting for Primary Cluster 7 camp at Burnbrae Primary School on Monday 1st October at 7pm. This meeting is for parents only as the school hall is not big enough to accommodate parents and pupils. Mrs Cooney, Miss Maley and Mrs Craig will be accompanying the Primary 7 pupils to camp this year.
Newsletter had the wrong date – we go to The Poppy Factory on WEDNESDAY 7TH OF NOVEMBER – letter will follow

P3 Homework w/b 10.9.18

Hi all,

Our sound this week is silent K therefore spelling homework is from the silent K list on the spelling sheet.  This week we have also been working on descriptive writing so where possible in your child’s final sentences can you encourage them to use WOW words (descriptive vocabulary) as far as possible.

The homework grid I mentioned last week I have decided to hold off on until further notice.

Reading homework for this week is as follows:


The Lie Detector

Chpt 1+2 for Wednesday

Chpt 5+6 for Thursday

Chpt 7 for Friday


Hard to Please

P1-14 for Wednesday

P15-p21 for Thursday

p21 -End for Friday


Survival Adventure

P1-p14 for Wednesday

P15-22 for Thursday

p22-End for Friday


Victorian Adventure

P1-p14 for Wednesday

P15-22 for Thursday

p22-End for Friday


The Laughing Princess

p1-8 for Wednesday

p8-p17 for Thursday

P17 – End for Friday

Polar Bears

Village in the Snow

p1-8 for Wednesday

p8-p17 for Thursday

P17 – End for Friday

We have also been doing lots of work on our two times table in class and understanding that 2 x 4 ,for example, means 2 groups of 4. Revision of this at home is optional but greatly appreciated.

Due to staffing there have been some changes in p3’s timetable and they will now take part in PE with me on a Wednesday and on a Thursday morning with Mrs Wallace. In addition to this we have also managed to secure a music spot with the amazing Ms Grigor on Friday!

Also a quick little reminder that individual and sibling photographs will be happening on Wednesday. Get ready to strike a pose p3!

Miss Ramsay

P5 Homework w/c 10.9.18


  • Spelling: I look forward to marking the first P5 spelling activity cards this week and setting new spelling pattern words for week 2 (remember complete green & red is optional).
  • Numeracy & Maths: pupils have been learning about 3-D shape in class and became familiar with their chosen shape by making nets. While we set-up spelling and reading strategies, I would ask pupils to carry on with their Times Table practice.
  • Reading: pupils have now learned their first Literacy Circle role, Illustrator and practised this using their class reading book/novel. Over the coming weeks we will continue to practise the other four roles so pupils will be ready to apply their learning to their reading homework.

Additional Information

Tuesday 11th 2018 Swimming Wk2, 11:00am to 12.30pm

Please ensure pupils bring their full swimming kit and wear weather appropriate jacket and shoes for the walk to the pool.

P5 Cross Country, 8 pupils will take part in this event.

Wednesday 12th 2018 Individual & Family photographs 

This is an opportunity to pop in after school to see the classroom and have a quick chat.

PE – Tuesdays will consist of P5 taking part in a block of swimming lessons from 4th Sept to 27th November 2018. The class will walk down to the pool with Mrs Donnelly and will return with Mrs Watts.

Many thanks,

Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy

P3 Homework w.b 3/9/18

Hi all,

Hope you have been hearing all about our learning in p3 so far and hope your kids have been loving it as much as me!

I have sent home our first lot of homework this week which you will find in your child’s reading folder or school bag. They now all have a reading book as well as a small blue reading record which details what the reading homework is as well as a small comment about their reading in class that day.

As of today reading is as follows:

New name yet to be determined(former Blueberries #1)

  • Robbie Woods and his Merry Men – To the end of Chapter 1

New name yet to be determined (former Blueberries #2)

  • Flans Across the River – To the end of Chapter 1

Pandas (former Blueberries #3)

  • Storm Castle – Pages 1-14

Polar Bears (former Apples)

  • Castle Adventure – Pages 1-8

Orangutans (former Strawberries)

  • Viking Adventure Pages 1-14

In addition to this all children have been given a pink homework jotter and a sheet with 6 spelling lists for the coming weeks. Only one spelling should be completed each week as this sheet spans the next 5 weeks with the first list already having been covered in class. This allows you to practise the same spelling patterns we are working on in class and maintaining consistency between home and school. So far we have covered the first 2 spelling lists ( silent -b and silent -w).  The expectation is that children can look, cover, write and check these words a minimum of 3 times over the week and on the final night can use some of their spelling words in context in some sentences.

Next week I will be sending out a homework grid which will have a variety of other activities that can be done to support numeracy and literacy. This will also cover the whole term.  Children should choose only 1 activity a week to complete. It would be extremely helpful if you could traffic light this ( green for done with little support, orange for significantly supported and red for unable to complete even with support) to let me know how your child got on with each task.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me.

All the Best,

Miss Ramsay

Welcome back Primary 7 – Class of 2019!!!! Eeeeek

Welcome back, I hope you are all feeling refreshed and revised after your holiday.  We have a lot of exciting learning to get our teeth into this term, starting with a short mini-study (or getting to know you unit) of The Unsinkable Ship.  I look forward to making memories with P7 in their last year at Loanhead with laughter, fun and plenty of challenges.

Trips this term are 2 of my favourites – The Risk Factory and the Poppy Factory.  parent helpers are needed.

We began P7 by watching this video of Derek Redmond (Makes me so emotional every time)  and we had a fabulous discussion about challenge, to keep going at whatever speed, to help others along – but not win the race for them, to win our own races.  Really helped set a tone for P7 – never give up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9GWhSndmf0

Homework – The first activity will be to write and present your House Captain speech and because I know how nerve wracking this can be, apart from 20 minutes of reading for enjoyment and some fresh-air time, there will be no homework until those are dun and dusted.

P.E. – Quick note about P.E. and a general hygiene rule mirrored by High Schools.  Pupils MUST have a FULL change of PE clothes – shorts and a top for P.E that are not their daily uniform and supportive sports shoes.  Our classroom is hot and P7 become so attached to their hoodies that they rarely take them off so wearing them to get hot and sweaty in P.E. and then all day is not promoting good personal hygiene.  In P7 it is common for pupils to bring their own roll on or stick deodorant (no aerosols) and pupils are allowed to use these as needed.

I look forward to meeting you at “Meet the teacher” on Wednesday (3.30)

Many thanks

P5 Homework w/c 27.8.18


  • Spelling: we will take this week to learn the spelling homework expectation including green and red spelling card activities so there will be no homework sent home
  • Numeracy & Maths: there will be a 2D shape activity sheet to complete following the work started in class
  • Reading: pupils will begin to learn Literacy Circle roles over the coming weeks and will use their own choice of novel, either from home or the school library, to practise these roles

Additional Information

Tuesday 28th 2018 Trip to Book Festival 11:45am to 3.15pm

Please provide a packed lunch and ensure pupils wear their uniform and weather appropriate jacket and shoes.

Wednesday 29th 2018 Meet the Teacher 3:30pm to 4pm

This is an opportunity to pop in after school to see the classroom and have a quick chat.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday

Many thanks,

Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy

P5 Homework

Spelling Homework

Now your child is in P5, they will be encouraged to have greater independence and responsibility for their own learning. Therefore, spelling homework will be taken home on a Wednesday afternoon and returned the following Tuesday morning. This must be checked by an adult.

Pupils will write their spelling words on a new page of their jotter on Wednesday each week. At home they should use:


to write out their new spelling words three times in neat columns. They should also complete a green activity card which will earn pupils 2 credit card points. An optional red activity may be completed for extra practice (and 1 credit card point) but is not mandatory.

Reading Homework

Reading will consist of a variety of activities including Literacy Circles, Novel Studies and individual reading tasks. A library novel will also be chosen by your child.

Maths & Numeracy Homework

Maths/Numeracy homework will be given out on a regular basis to tie in with what has been taught in class. This will be handed out on Wednesday to be returned the following Tuesday morning.

Topic Homework

There will be occasional homework for topic which may include individual research and class talks.

General Expectation

Please ensure homework book is covered. In P5 we expect children to date work, present their work neatly, and use rulers to draw lines.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Roy & Mrs Watts

P5 Homework w/b 18.6.18

P5 Homework will consist of one last spelling practice and a ‘weight’ activity exercise:

  • Spelling Activity Cards (complete green & red is optional)
  • Weight activity exercise

As you are aware our class trip to Scottish National Mining Museum is this Wednesday 20th June 2018.  Many thanks for returning all ME2 slips. We will leave school at 9:15am and return at 2:45pm with pupils being dismissed at the normal time of 3:15pm.  Can you please ensure pupils come with a packed lunch, snack and wearing a light rain jacket and outdoor shoes as some of our tour is outside. The weather forecast for Wednesday looks like rain but hopefully we will be able to avoid this and enjoy our day.

I will send home a slip detailing this information with pupils on Tuesday afternoon,

Many thanks,

Mrs Watts