p1 homework 18/11/19

Revising all old tricky words.

Reading books.

Chips: The Dream

Biffs: The Babysitter

Kippers: The Apple

Floppys: The Apple

There has been a little bit of confusion over the list ofย  stage 2 reading words that were sent home with some children. These were the words to be coloured in once your child can recognise it consistently in different contexts 3 times (Everyone, said, got etc). Children can only move on to these once they are reading stage 2 and they can only move on to this stage when they are able to recognise the words: Kipper, Biff, Floppy, Mum, and, a , Chip, the and Dad.

If your child is reading stage 1 books please continue to revise the words above. We are hoping that some children will be moving stages by Christmas.


Primary 1 and 2 are still looking for ‘nearly new’ toys which we can sell on at the Christmas Fair. All donations are appreciated.

P1 and 2 have also began to create our props for the nativity. We are looking for large bits of cardboard or cardboard boxes.

We are progressing really well with nativity. Miss Waller and I are so impressed with how the children are picking up songs, directions and lines. We truly appreciate your continual support with this at home.

Hope you all have a lovely week,

Miss Ramsay


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