P Spelling Homework 11.9.17

Monday 11th September

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK words twice

Chocolates – choose 2 activities to complete in your jotter.

Lollipops and Gummy bears – please choose 1 activity from sheet to complete in jotter then complete sheet sent home.


For Monday 25th September

P6 Outdoor Learning

This morning P6 went into the woods and in small groups built shelters using 5 ropes and a tarpaulin sheet.  The children enjoyed a small snack under their shelter before taking it down and ensuring that we had left no trace of our visit. One group were so quick at building their shelter that the got to put a hammock under their shelter which they enjoyed having a seat in.

The children evaluated what had worked well and what they needed to improve for next time.  They all behaved extremely well and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Homework Friday 1/9/1

Numeracy. All pupils have a worksheet to complete for Friday 8/9/17

Outdoor Learning Monday 4/9/17. Pupils were issued with a letter giving further details.

P6 Spelling Homework 28.8.17

Monday 28.1.17

Please read, cover, write and check all 10 words twice in your jotter.

Please put your words into alphabetical order.

Then rewirte your words and circle all the vowels.


FOr Monday 4th September

P6 Homework 12.6.17

Monday 12th June

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK all words twice.

COmplete one activity from front of jotter and complete sheet.

For Monday 19th June

P6 Homework 6/6/17


Spelling homework for Monday 12/6/17.Please complete two spelling activities.


All pupils have reading homework for Thursday 8/6/17


All pupils have a maths worksheet (Rounding) for Friday 9/6/17