P6 Homework W/B 12th November 2018**UPDATED**

Updated Wed 14.11.18

A few things have cropped up since Sunday when I posted this.

  • Friday 16thChildren in Need – wear PJs to school and bring a small donation.
  • Friday 16thLibrary – please ensure books are returned so new ones can be borrowed.
  • Appeal for any unwanted wrapping paper, wallpaper or newspapers so that P6 can make recycled gift bags and tree decorations for the Christmas Fair. Thanks.
  • Thursday 22nd November – Dress as a book character.
  • Reading homework – Everyone should be starting  Task 3 but have 2 weeks to do this as some of the questions chosen by children may involve more work.
  • Congratulations to our P6/7 basketball team who won all their matches today at a tournament in Gorebridge. Well done to LM, WL, LR, LCh and ZM!


Hi all,

Homework this week:

Spelling as usual; a new list will be copied down on Monday; tasks to be completed and handed back the following Monday.

Reading  Thanks to all who completed Task One of the Reading Journal last week. Children should be working on Task Two for this week, based on the next few chapters in each novel. This is quite a simple task and won’t take long.

Numeracy/Maths  Thanks to all who completed the task about time. This week, I have set a division challenge on Sumdog to try at home.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday – continuing our block on decision making through netball.



Miss S Brunt

P6 Homework W/B 5th November 2018

Hi all,


Homework this week:

P6 have all received a reading journal (RJ)and we’ve had a good chat about homework being completed to a high standard and delivered in on time. Credits to be earned, P6! The Homework Bank account sheets are ready! Children should have their reading book and RJ in their bags daily.

Reading – Finish Task One from the RJ and start Task Two for next week.

Spelling – new lists will be copied down on Monday.

MathsTime – A time worksheet will be sent home to be completed for next Monday please.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday – continuing on with decision making in sport, through netball.

French and Mandarin – Miss Dickson will begin a block of French revision this term and also, P6 will begin to have  tuition in Mandarin, starting on Wednesday. More info to follow next week.

Science – Last week P6 wrote up a science report detailing how they investigated the absorbency of three materials. They also carried out tests to find the bounciest ball in the PE cupboard! All these experiments are developing the notion of fair test investigations.

P6s Got Talent – Every Friday, after our P6 Meeting ( when we discuss the week that’s gone , the week ahead and AOB. A secretary takes minutes!), we have twenty minutes of talent showcasing. So far, we’ve had singing, tenor horn playing, jokes, magic tricks and funny little comedy sketches. Anyone can perform- it’s great fun and super for developing confidence in a very friendly, supportive and informal setting. So, P6, give it a go!

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt

P6 Homework W/B 29th October 2018

Hi all,

Hope everyone enjoyed the extra hour we gained this weekend! P6 should be bright and eager, ready to learn this week!


*HOCKEY on Tuesday 30th October* for ten pupils. These children have been selected to represent our school at a tournament. However, it was such a hectic week that we never managed to get the permission slips home so these will be given out on Monday and must be returned on Tuesday. Many thanks.

EvM    EvC    ZM  (girls)

FrC   AO   TJM   LCh    RA   WL    OM (boys)


Reading – Most, not all,  children have reading homework to do at home. On Tuesday, children will be given home a reading journal to accompany their book which will involve book related homework tasks.

Spelling – children will copy down their new list on Monday.

Numeracy – Sumdog Challenge ( Time Challenge)

Topic – For the next 2-3 weeks our topic is general science skills. Last week, we set up an experiment to find out the absorbency of three types of cloth. The core skills included planning, fair testing, measuring, observing, recording and concluding. In our writing lesson this week, we will write up our findings.

Peer Mediation – Ms Brown, the school’s Educational Psychologist,  will be working with P6 to train them to become peer mediators. An information letter will be posted here soon but it basically involves exploring feelings and how best to deal with conflict between friends.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday – Developing netball skills

French – Miss Dickson returns from University and will revise French with P6 and develop their speaking/ writing skills further over the course of this term

Thanks to everyone who donated a tombola prize for the Halloween party this week.

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt



P6 Homework W/B Tuesday 23rd Oct 2018

Hi all,

Hope everyone had a relaxing October break.

This is just a very brief update!


Spelling – Practise new list for next Monday

Reading – some children will read with me in school and have no book home. Others will bring a book home on Thursday with set reading tasks.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday

Friday is a DRESS DOWN DAY in return for bringing a tombola prize for the winter school fair ( Nov 30th).


Miss S Brunt


P6 Homework and Update W/B 8th October 2018

Hi all,

Last week was very busy with sporting events and our class assembly. Many congratulations to our P6/7 cross country team who came fourth overall and in particular, to two P6 boys WL and LR who narrowly missed out on 2nd place but gallantly ran across the line together to secure joint third. I believe each race had about 80 competitors or more. Also, a superb run from a P6 girl, ZM to secure fifth place, again out of a large field.

On Thursday, the boys enjoyed six short games of football in their tournament and I believe won 4 out of 6 so huge congratulations to them. Girls, it’s your turn this week, on Thursday afternoon!

Events this week:

Monday*RUGBY* – I think this is the final week so huge thanks go to Bradley from LRC for his wonderful coaching.

Wednesday – Parents Evening from 17:30 onwards.

Thursday – Parents Afternoon from 15:30 onwards.

Girl’s Football Festival


FridayWorld Porridge Day in aid of Mary’s MealsWorld Porridge Day is actually on Wednesday but we have signed up for our porridge party, in association with local company STOATS, for Friday. This will not only raise  funds and awareness for Mary’s Meals but  also means extra  fun on our last day before the October break.

Children get to help make a bowl of porridge, then decorate this with healthy toppings to make a smiling face. Photos will be taken of this. We ask for a small donation ( £2 is the suggested amount but whatever you can afford would be appreciated) It  might be an idea for children ( who like porridge!) to either have a smaller breakfast or snack that day.

Here is a link for more info. I see that it has a ‘text £2 ‘  option so you could do that or bring  a donation on the day. Many, many thanks!



Spelling – continues as normal

Reading – We will be doing reading comprehension in class this week so no reading homework as such, other than to remind children to try and read 2o minutes a day, texts of their choice.

Numeracy – no homework this week. Congratulations to those who participate in the weekly Sumdog challenges. I am keeping a table of results of who is in the top 10 each week.

FridayEND OF TERM @ 12:25pm. Wishing P6 a super fun and safe October break. All back on Tuesday 23rd October, bright and breezy, ready to board the Learning Train again! Choo choo!

Miss S Brunt


P6 Homework and Update W/B 1st October 2018

Hi all,

Here follows the homework and events list. It’s going to be a very sporty week for some! We also welcome Miss Dickson back, after a couple of weeks at Uni.

Spelling – continues as normal.

Reading – Thanks to all who completed the reading comprehension task last week. I will set a new reading task on Wednesday. We only have a few pages of Kensuke’s Kingdom to read, to find out what happens at the end! Remember, children should be reading other texts at home, in addition to  set school tasks. 

Numeracy – Another Sumdog Challenge this week. Please try and complete this if possible – the repetition of basic facts is essential. 250 coins to collect!


MondayJudo taster session and Rugby

Tuesday – A P6 and P7 Cross Country team have been selected to represent the school. Pupils know if they have been chosen. Permission slips ( out on Monday 1st) to be returned by 2nd! Thanks.

Wednesday – Music

Thursday – A visiting theatre group will perform a little bit of Shakespeare.

Football Festival for P6/7 boys. Again, pupils know who is involved and have already returned slips, thank you.

PE for the remaining group.

Friday – P6 will share some of their learning with fellow school pupils at assembly – we intend to share experiences gained by studying Kensuke’s Kingdom.

Parents Night  Appointment Times – slips with times were handed out to everyone present last Friday so check with your child if you haven’t seen yours yet!

That’s all for now,

Thanks for your support,

Ms Sara Brunt



P6 Homework and Update W/B 24th September 2018

Hi all,

Here is the weekly update.

RUGBY – continues on Monday.

PE will be on Thursday.

Spelling – Can children please have their previous week’s homework finished, ready to hand in each Monday. Thanks.

Reading – We are about two thirds through Kensuke’s Kingdom in class and overall, the feedback from children has been very enthusiastic.

As a separate reading task, children will get a reading comprehension sheet home ( probably Wednesday) to develop their skills.

Numeracy – Well done to all those who took part in Sumdog last week. Everyone has a new challenge this week. Good luck!

Parent Appointment Slip – if you haven’t already, can you fill this in please. We hope to send home appointment times on Friday.

Indoor Shoes – just another reminder that all children should have a pair of indoor shoes to change into. Thanks.

That’s all for now,

Ms Sara Brunt


P6 Homework and Update W/B 17.9.18

Hi all,

Here follows the homework and news for the week ahead.

Spelling – continue as normal with a new list of words.

Reading – We are over midway through Kensuke’s Kingdom in class and will  work on specific reading comprehension skills this week. Please encourage your child to read something else for pleasure at least 5 times per week. Thanks.

Numeracy SUMDOG – National Contest results .Congratulations to a P6 pupil ( identity to be revealed on Monday!) who came 559th in the National Maths Contest last week! To put this into perspective, 78,624 pupils across Scotland took part, answering between them over 20 million questions! So, to beat over 78, 000 other students in one week is pretty impressive! This person answered 926 questions with an average speed for each one of 2.6 seconds.  Well done!

This week, back to a new challenge within the class! Kee-eeeeep Maths-ing P6!

Other news

RUGBY continues on Monday. PE with myself on Thursday. Last week P6 loved an ‘island survival’ themed PE session, linked to Kensukes’ Kingdom so we’ll develop that this Thursday .

S.T.E.M ( Science Technology Engineering Maths) P6 will have at least one  session per week working on these aspects. Currently we’ve been exploring chain reactions with objects, the classic one being a row of dominoes knocking the next one over. We’ll try and develop this in the next couple of weeks and build up the challenge level. Even the simplest task involves much discussion about forces , observations, making fair tests, recording results, improving designs and so on. P6 seem to love this and vital life skills of co-operation, teamwork, perseverance, talking and listening were very much in evidence. Children were also including Word of the Day vocabulary in their explanations eg. The timing was crucial…we had to improvise…we had to show discipline!

 P6 Meetings and P6’s Got Talent!

The final 40 minutes of the week on a Friday have been set aside for a class meeting. Here we can discuss the week that’s gone by and update all for the following week ahead. We also have a slot for anyone who wants to entertain us by showing off a hidden talent! This is a low key affair, it’s not meant to be anything grand but we’ll pick the ‘acts’ before each Friday so a wee bit of  practice can take place.


 Uniform – a gentle reminder that children should be wearing school uniform – our colours are green and black.  Not all children are coming into class with indoor shoes. I’ll try and check up on this further, especially as the weather is wetter and muddy footprints over indoor floors are not desirable!

Thanks for your support,

Miss Sara Brunt