P1 homework – 14-01-19


Homework for this week:

Reading: Please see the blue reading record book and continue to help your child learn the words and sounds in their word box. It is really important that the children learn these words so that they can begin to feel that they are successfully reading their book and can progress onto the next stage of reading books.

Phonics: Please help your child complete the following sheets in their red phonics book:

Monday – y – The initial ‘y’ sound as in yoghurt, yoga, yellow.

Tuesday – x – the ‘x’ letter sound heard in x-ray

Wednesday – ch

Scottish Poems: Please continue to help your child learn their Scottish poem. The children will be reciting their poems in class this week. Two children will then be selected to recite their poems in the assembly on Friday 25th January.

Thank you and we hope you have a nice week.

Miss Maley and Mrs Cumming


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