P6 Homework W/B 14th January 2019

Hi all,

Homework this week:

Spelling – There’s a new spelling list this week plus revision of your and you’re. Lots of practice also required with they’re, their and there.

Reading – There will be no reading book home. However, can children please bring in reading material that they enjoying reading as we will have time set aside for personal reading.

Poetry– Everyone has been given a Burns or Scottish poem to learn to recite. Two children from each year group will be selected to recite their poem at a special assembly towards the end of January. Children should be ready to read or recite their poems by Thursday 17th (this Thursday!)

Pupil Talk – Miss Dickson is organising pupil talks this term. We have selected 15 Scottish inventors and pioneers. The class will be split into 2 x 15 groups. Therefore, 2 people will be researching the same person. Children only have to present their talk to their group, not the whole class.

Some of the people we’ve selected to research are very well known and famous for their inventions, others are less well known but were nevertheless pioneers in their own field of work.

More information will follow this week. Pupil talks will be held in the final week before the February break.

WOOL APPEAL – Do you have any old wool/yarn/embroidery threads you could donate? We need lots as we’re going to be making items to sell to raise money for our Eco-committee. The more bright and colourful the better! Oh, and any beads would also be gratefully received.

PEMONDAY (for one week only) and Thursday as normal.


Thank you,

Sara Brunt







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