P7 Homework – Week Beg: 28th September

Hi P7,

This week for homework there will be a maths task, spellings practice and reading, which will be set on Monday morning during our reading groups.

Please see Google Classroom

NOTE: I will be providing paper copies for pupils who are still having issues with accessing Google Classroom.


Spellings the same as last week, copy our your spelling words on the Google Document and then attempt the Spelling activity of your choice that best helps you practise.

For homework this week, our activity is on Time.
This will be related to the topic we have been working on in class. This worksheet should give a real life context to using time.

What do I need to do?
1. Read the questions carefully, checking the name of the City and the time to be added or subtracted.
2. Answer the questions provided.
3. Use a smartphone, tablet or computer to access the internet to find the time in different cities from around the world, then compare this to GMT (UK Time) to workout the answers.

Where do I write my answers?
Complete these questions by editing the google document, or do them on an A4 page, then post a picture of your completed work.


Mr Nelson

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