P6 Info W/B 28th September 2020

Hi all,

There’s not much change to the week ahead from previous weeks. Homework is still Spelling and Maths.

Maths/Numeracy – A numeracy worksheet will be sent home on Thursday.

PE – Tuesdays


HT Award – As a school, we managed to have our first Assembly via Zoom. There was a couple of technical issues to sort out but hopefully we’ll be up and running again by next Friday. It will be nice to see other classes once more.

Congratulations to Tamar for receiving this month’s HT Award.

Science – What fun P6 had, testing and comparing materials for water absorbency! After having five minutes of being allowed to go mad squirting water with the plastic syringes outside, children quickly settled down to design their own experiments to test sample materials. These tasks generated an amazing amount of interesting discussion! Most pupils declared the sponge as the most absorbent. We will extend this topic to next week.

Art – Each week we focus on a technical skill. Recently, we have drawn scenes with vanishing points, studied shadows and last week, developed shading techniques using hatching/cross hatching.

Drama and Circle of Friends – On Mondays, P6 have a drama session and have been working on improvisation skills. Circle of Friends is part of Health and Well-being where children participate in activities exploring friendship and relationships.

Music – Although we have no music specialist teacher this term, P6 are still having a musical session on Friday mornings where they have been learning a bit about rhythm, beat , tempo, pitch and other dynamics. We have now been offered some rhythmic/percussion sessions with Daniel who normally coaches African Drumming.

That is all for now,

Miss Brunt

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