Eco Committee News Update January 2020

Hi all,

The Eco group met recently to discuss where we’re at, where we’re going and how best to get there!

Here is a copy of the minutes:


  • Litter picking areas where rubbish is collecting and gathering with the wind. Four areas identified, P7 have noted these on map
  • Crisp packet collection boxes are very successful and the lower atrium box needs to be emptied into the large box in upper atrium
  • Eco reps reminded to go back to class and encourage pupils to continue using the crisp recycling boxes and litter pickers daily
  • Dinner hall water bottles have stopped and children are now using glasses which are beside the water fountain – great success!
  • Hopefully the next step will be to dispense with juice cartons and replace these with jugs and glasses
  • The recycling paper is overflowing in classrooms so we need to request regular removal of this
  • A suggestion of bike covers for bikes in playground as they are becoming rusty and this may be a reason that some children are not cycling to school and are being driven instead

Points of Action:

  • Arrange meeting with Janitor – bins, paper recycling
  •  Arrange meeting with Dining Room Manager  to see where else  plastic and waste can be reduced
  •  To reinstate the garden beds; plant flower beds for bees and possibly build a bug hotel.
  • To contact Terracycle about uplifting our first 8kg of empty crisp packets for recycling.

It’s fair to say that the dining room staff have been super at trying to find ways to cut waste. The Eco Committee hope to organise a spring litter pick in and around the school grounds soon.

Thanks for reading,

The Eco Committee

(Staffed by Mrs J Watts and Miss S Brunt)

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