Homework week 11/06/2019

Zoo Trip

Not long now until we are off to the zoo! Thanks to everyone for bringing the money in on time.  Monday’s weather is predicted to be sunny with a chance of light showers around lunchtime.  Therefore, can I please remind you that all children must bring a suitable raincoat with them should it start to rain.  Can I also take this opportunity to remind you that school uniform is expected as this helps make our children more identifiable.

On Thursday we plan to have a class discussion about our trip so feel free to send your child in with any questions or should you wish to email us with any concerns you may have, please do not hesitate.


This weeks spelling sound is  ‘ore’  which can be found in ‘shore and more’. Please encourage children to practise these at home.

This week the class homework is focusing on interpreting data from a bar chart as data handling is our most recent maths topic and is good revision for the class as we begin to look at other methods of data recording.



Hedgehogs – The Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales

Tuesday – The Princess and the Bowling Ball

Wednesday –The Other Frog Prince

Thursday – Jack’s Bean Problem

Friday – The Tortoise and the Hair

Weekend – The Stinky Cheese Man


Pandas – Waiting for Goldie

Tuesday –Chapter 2

Wednesday –Chapter 3

Thursday- Chapter 4

Friday – Chapter 5


Orangutans – Hard to Please

Tuesday –Nice Buns, Good Buns

Wednesday –Buzz One and the rice pudding

Thursday- Buzz Two gets to work



Tigers – Superdog

Tuesday –p1-8

Wednesday –p8-16

Thursday- p16-24

Friday – p24-32


Polar Bears – The Willow Pattern Plot

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p8-16

Thursday- p17-24

Friday – p25-32

Miss Ramsay and Miss Dickson

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