P6 Home Learning and News W.B 10th June 2019

Hi all,


It has been brought to my attention that some parents said they did not know about last week’s drop in session on Thursday. I update this web page every Sunday for the week ahead and I did detail on last week’s entry, about the forthcoming drop in session.   Also, every month, children are given a newsletter which always has dates for your diary on the back. The newsletter is  accessible on this site too. May’s newsletter is on the website and it did detail this drop in session.

P6 children have the expectation of being responsible enough to take letters home but I am unsure if some letters make it that far. P6 were given June’s newsletter just on Friday there and I actually put names on each one so I could make sure everyone got one. Even so, many were left behind on desks! I will speak to the class about this tomorrow. There are so many letters going home, it is hard to keep track of them all and I can imagine, for you as parents (especially if you have more than one child) this can be extremely tricky! Also, if children have been absent and miss letters this can be problematic. Admittedly, I can be forgetful and late in handing some out too! So, all in all, it’s really important to check this page on a weekly basis.

I will print this post out to send home so everyone has a copy.  Thank you.


**P7 Red Hoody – The 2020 red hooded tops with  P7 names on the back are now available to buy in the online shop.**

Spelling – There will be a new list this week so children should complete spelling activities as normal.

Numeracy – Recent assessments have shown that many children are still unsure about dividing so I’ve put a challenge on Sumdog. It lasts for a week and there’s 150 coins to collect.

Pupil Talks/Kids Teach – Children should be preparing their presentations/lessons at home. Well done so far to EC/LD for teaching us a dance ( my legs are still aching!), TH/TJM for their football session and RA /OM for their second tennis lesson.  There are just a few pairs and individuals to go.

Living and Growing – Week beginning Monday 10th June, P6 will have some lessons about growing up and how their bodies start to change during puberty. There’s three lessons altogether; the second lesson covers human reproduction and the third lesson covers child birth. There will be a DVD to watch and worksheets to complete but the main part will be discussion. To recap, the lessons are:

  1. Change 2. How A Baby Is Made 3.How A Baby Is Born.  

Topic – We have started a new topic on Space so if anyone has any books or resources to bring in, that would be great. We’re going to be looking particularly at the future of space travel and current technology/space missions.

Here is the diary for the week ahead:

**BRING YOUR BIKE TO SCHOOL WEEK** Children are encouraged to bike or scoot to school this week and may win a prize via The Golden Padlock! Friday is BLING YOUR BIKE day. Decorate your bike to try and win a prize.

Monday –    P6  BIKEABILITY for those who applied.   Bring bikes AND helmets please.

Tuesday –     PE

Wednesday –

Thursday  – PE

Friday –  Bling your bike – decorate your bike to try and win a prize!

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt







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