P7 News and Information 28.1.19

What a fast month this has been.  Pupils have been working hard in class to learn the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.  They have been reminding themselves how to simplify fractions and how to order them.  Pupils have been asked to learn the fractions, decimals and percentages table.

Pupils have been doing a lot of mental maths and it is clear that some pupils are still not yet secure with their times tables, this is more than just counting up in 2s, 4s etc and involves knowing the multiplication and division relationships and to be able to answer a times tables sum as quickly as answering “what is your name?”  Pupils must be revising these, and division, at home whenever possible.

We are excited about our trip to the Forth bridges and have exciting STEM activities planned for this week.  Please remember packed lunches and extremely warm clothing on Thursday.

Pupils should always have a chosen novel for enjoyment in school that they are able to talk about at any time.  The local library has an excellent selection for P7 age.

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