P6 Week Beginning 28.3


P.E: Tuesday and Thursday – please come dressed for P.E and bring a water bottle for hydration.

Mandarin  on Wednesday with Ms Sun and the last week of gardening.

Please remember that children are expected to bring their Chromebook into school every day and it has to be charged at home. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/loanheadps

Science: We really enjoyed our science morning on Tuesday, learning all about electricity and circuits. We will be be continuing this on Thursday morning – learning about how batteries work and building different types of circuits!


Spelling: Words should be written three times in neat, cursive handwriting in their jotter, and then there is a task to complete on Google Classroom.

Titanic Pupil Talk: The children should continue to work on their Titanic talk.

Numeracy: There will be a worksheet given to all children which revises some numeracy concepts we have learned this year.

Just a reminder that ALL children are expected to hand in their homework on FRIDAY of each week. Homework should be neat and legible. 

Thank you,

Miss Lauren Waller


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