P6 Week Beginning 24.1.22

Hi all,

The class did a wonderful job at reciting their poems on Friday, I was very impressed by the enthusiasm and passion from all.

P.E with Miss Simpson is on Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child comes dressed in P.E clothes and brings a bottle of water for hydration.

Mandarin is on Wednesday with Miss Sun.

On Wednesday, we will have our second skiing lesson. Please ensure your child has long, thick socks and warm gloves (ski gloves are preferred!). The class had a wonderful time this week and I think they were all exhausted by the end of the day!


Reading – Children will have reading homework every night. The pages to be read will be written in their reading record, please sign this every night to evidence that homework has been completed.

Spelling – On Monday, the class will copy their new spelling list and will bring this home alongside a task to complete too. Please ensure your child completes their homework in neat, cursive handwriting. This is due in for Friday.

Numeracy– We have been revising division in class, especially using written methods to work it out. The children will have a division task to complete for Friday too.

P6 should continue to bring in packed lunches from home.

       **Digital Devices**

If you have any difficulties filling out the digital devices form for your child, then Mrs Hinton will be at the school office on Wednesday from 3:15pm to support parents/guardians with it. Please go to the office on Wednesday if you require support with this. 

If you have not already filled out a form to give permission for your child to receive a digital device, then please do so. It is a really quick form to fill out but if you do have any issues, then please do get in touch with me. Please find the forms and information in the links below.

For further information on the programme, and to fill out the parental agreement form please see the links below.  The devices will not be allocated for full use until the agreements are filled out.  This is an online form.

Equipped for Learning Information


Parental Acknowledgement Form (must be completed ASAP).


Thank you,

Miss Lauren Waller

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