Ice Block Sculptures

Hello Everyone!! The weather is still very cold and almost every morning I’m waking up to see frost, sometimes snow out in my garden!! I know some of you will have been looking at your footsteps in the snow, maybe writing your name in the snow and I bet there have been a few snowmen standing over the past few weeks!  If you watch the weather this week with a grown up you could hear them say we are expecting snow again!

Did you know you could make your own beautiful ice block sculpture to leave out in your garden and you won’t need a lot of help from your grown up!

What you will need is;  a plastic cup (or empty yoghurt pot … something that shape you can fill with water!),  some small leaves, berries, small twigs that will fit nicely inside your pot or cup, water and a cold outdoors space.

Fill your container with water and items that you’ve found maybe in your garden or out on a walk and leave your container outside overnight!  In the morning if the temperature has been cold enough you should be able to see the water has now frozen!  And like you would a sandcastle, turn your container upside down and see your frozen ice block sculpture!

We would love to see pictures!  Why don’t you take a picture for us!

Remember your gloves when playing out in the cold!  This is a great opportunity for you to practice putting your gloves on, this is a tricky skill to master!!


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