P7 Update Re: School Closure Friday 20th March 2020

Hi all,

It’s a very sad and emotional time for us all with school closing indefinitely from Friday lunchtime. I understand that P7 are very anxious and upset about missing out on the final term and all the fun events planned. I am too!

Mrs Donnelly has assured P7 that IF schools do not reconvene before the summer holidays ( obviously no-one knows yet what will happen week to week in the future) then pupils will have an opportunity to come back to Loanhead Primary after the summer break to have their Leaver’s send-off. No-one wants P7 to simply leave tomorrow and not have a chance to say farewell properly and have proper closure leaving primary school.

Children have the chance to get their red hoodies signed today and tomorrow .

When at home in term time, can P7 please log into Glow daily to complete their online lessons. Please also check this web page weekly – I’ll try to update for Mondays each week and keep you posted.

I can be contacted through my email :   S.Brunt@mgfl.net     I will be working from home and available during school hours.

Finally, can I just take this opportunity to express how much I have enjoyed teaching this class for nearly two years. There are so many talented, enthusiastic and creative pupils in this group. But most of all, I will always remember, all the daft chats and laughs we have had along the way!

I really hope everyone gets through these unusual and unique times safely and healthily.

Thanks for all your support,

Miss Sara Brunt



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