This week’s homework (due Friday 13th March)

Hello everyone,

For reading this week, Primary 3 will be doing non-fiction books. Your child will have a book that is one level below the stage that they read fiction books at; do not be alarmed as non-fiction books tend to be a level harder than their fiction counterparts! If possible, can you discuss your child’s book with them, try and prompt questions about the contents and point of the features of non-fiction books please.

This week’s spelling pattern is the /or/ pattern. The list for this pattern is as follows:

  1. twig
  2. from
  3. pork
  4. walk
  5. jaw
  6. north
  7. straw
  8. saucepan
  9. ninety
  10. hundred

Finally, for maths this week we are drawing closer to finishing our mini-topic on time. Units of time is our focus for the week, so if possible, try and discuss time equivalencies with your child (eg. 60 seconds is 1 minute, 365 days is 1 year).


Mr McGaff

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