P2 Homework w.b. 13.5.19


Just a little reminder that Monday 20th May is a holiday for pupils and a training day for staff.

Homework for this week:

Reading: All groups will be reading non-fiction books, we will be looking at the difference between non-fiction and fiction in class. The pages to be read are written in your child’s green reading record.

Spelling: As the weeks are flying by we will be leaning two sounds each week until the end of the term. I will put the two lists that go with these sounds in your child’s spelling jotter but there is no obligation to do both. Your child can choose one, do a mixture of words from both or they can do both, if they would like. The sounds we are learning this week are ‘oi’ (boil, coin) and ‘oy’ (toy, boy).

Literacy: As we will be reading non-fiction books this week, I will send home a worksheet that is tailored to each book to complete. This doesn’t have to be handed in until Friday.


Miss Lauren Waller

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