P2 Homework w.b 29.10.18

Hi all,

Just a gentle reminder that your child should be bringing their book bag to school every day so they have their reading books, and we can put any letters etc in them.

This week I will be going over the children’s keywords for their reading stage (these were the words that were sent home last week). Therefore, children may come home with a new stage book next week.

Homework for this week:

Spelling: This week we are learning the ‘ff’ sound, therefore their spelling list will have words containing this sound. Please support your child in learning these by writing them into their spelling jotter and practising other activities that are suggested in their jotter.

Reading: Reading pages will be written into their reading records. I will also be putting in a reading strategy bookmark into the children’s book bags. We have tried most of these strategies during our reading groups, so children should be familiar with them. These strategies can be used when the children are stuck with a word in their book. (For example, Chunky Monkey – split the word into manageable chunks and then blend together, flat –  fl-at).

From next week onwards, the children will also be given a numeracy task to complete each week.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

Miss Lauren Waller

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