P4 Homework 23/10/18

P4 Homework –This week 23/10/18  there is only reading homework. 

Here is an updated explanation of what homework will be distributed weekly and which day it will be given.

Spelling– Distributed on a Tuesday, due the following Monday.

Word List or worksheet with assorted activities each week.

Numeracy– Distributed on a Tuesday, due the following Monday.

From the 6th November there will be some numeracy homework distributed as well as reading and spelling. Some weeks this will involve work that we have been completing in class or may be a Sumdog challenge. This is beginning the week after next as I am at camp next week.


Monday and Wednesday ( Hawks and Eagles)

These groups will have pages or chapters to read and occasional written activities to match. See reading records for details.

Tuesday and Thursday (Falcons and Ospreys)

These groups will have chapters and every second week, chapters and a written task to complete. See reading records for details.



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