P3 Homework w.b 3/9/18

Hi all,

Hope you have been hearing all about our learning in p3 so far and hope your kids have been loving it as much as me!

I have sent home our first lot of homework this week which you will find in your child’s reading folder or school bag. They now all have a reading book as well as a small blue reading record which details what the reading homework is as well as a small comment about their reading in class that day.

As of today reading is as follows:

New name yet to be determined(former Blueberries #1)

  • Robbie Woods and his Merry Men – To the end of Chapter 1

New name yet to be determined (former Blueberries #2)

  • Flans Across the River – To the end of Chapter 1

Pandas (former Blueberries #3)

  • Storm Castle – Pages 1-14

Polar Bears (former Apples)

  • Castle Adventure – Pages 1-8

Orangutans (former Strawberries)

  • Viking Adventure Pages 1-14

In addition to this all children have been given a pink homework jotter and a sheet with 6 spelling lists for the coming weeks. Only one spelling should be completed each week as this sheet spans the next 5 weeks with the first list already having been covered in class. This allows you to practise the same spelling patterns we are working on in class and maintaining consistency between home and school. So far we have covered the first 2 spelling lists ( silent -b and silent -w).  The expectation is that children can look, cover, write and check these words a minimum of 3 times over the week and on the final night can use some of their spelling words in context in some sentences.

Next week I will be sending out a homework grid which will have a variety of other activities that can be done to support numeracy and literacy. This will also cover the whole term.  Children should choose only 1 activity a week to complete. It would be extremely helpful if you could traffic light this ( green for done with little support, orange for significantly supported and red for unable to complete even with support) to let me know how your child got on with each task.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me.

All the Best,

Miss Ramsay

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