P7 homework and information 3/9/18

We have a busy week this week because not only will we be working hard but we also start our Rugby block on Monday, we have Risk Factory on Wednesday and P7 prefect jobs will be allocated.


Maths: From assessing gaps in learning, I have noticed that reading scales has proven challenging for many.  There will be a worksheet that corresponds with in class learning which will be due on Friday.  I have also set a Sumdog challenge and we will be working on numeracy challenges from The Daily Rigour website and topmarks daily 10 https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10 level 4+.

Spelling: continuing from where they left off last year, I plan to hand out spelling word lists this week and the dictation assessment will be Friday.  Pupils will have a variety of options to learn their spelling and will also have words to learn which they have misspelled this week.  The main area of focus is to transfer the spellings learned into written tasks.  I highly recommend the website/game “doorway online” to revise spellings beginning at First-second level and moving onto second http://www.doorwayonline.org.uk/literacy/speller/. 

Reading– We are doing a lot of in class reading activities, but pupils should always have a book to be reading for enjoyment.  The recommendation is to read for at least 20 minutes each night.  This does not need to be read to someone at this stage, but sharing reading with your child – or reading the same book as them and then having some “book chat” will help their enthusiasm and understanding.

We are still looking for donations of construction materials such as lego, Knex, dominos, meccano etc.  We hope to have some STEM/construction activities to get those creative juices flowing in the upper atrium.

Many thanks

Mrs Hinton 🙂

Note about P.E. copied from last week’s post

P.E. – Quick note about P.E. and a general hygiene rule mirrored by High Schools.  Pupils MUST have a FULL change of PE clothes – shorts and a top for P.E that are not their daily uniform and supportive sports shoes.  Our classroom is hot and P7 become so attached to their hoodies that they rarely take them off so wearing them to get hot and sweaty in P.E. and then all day is not promoting good personal hygiene.  In P7 it is common for pupils to bring their own roll on or stick deodorant (no aerosols) and pupils are allowed to use these as needed.

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