P7 Info 29.1.18

Pupils will be reciting their Burns Poetry on Tues – I cannot wait to hear them, they have been working so hard on these!

Their Scots Person from the Enlightenment project/presentation is for Feb 9th but I am aware many are complete so we may see some sooner.

This week in Maths and Numeracy we are working on revision of division with the written method e.g. 4/2576 and we are consolidating Measure (Length, area, volume and Weight)

Homework is for Monday 5th Feb and Pupils have a green maths homework jotter and a pink literacy homework jotter.

Literacy homework – re write the passage correctly using a dictionary to correct the spelling – correctly spelled words may be written in colour or underlined.  Please encourage quality presentation for homework.



Pupils should bring full PE kits Tues/Thurs inc indoor shoes.  ALL JEWELLERY MUST BE REMOVED OR TAPED UP as per High School policy.

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