P3 Homework from 23rd January

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 23rd January

We are starting to get ready for our Scottish Assembly on 2nd February. Hopefully letters made it home last week about parents and family being able to come in and watch that.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



Everyone made a great start with Sum Dog last week, despite my mix-up! I have set a new challenge one for this week.

In class we are working on the “columns” method for addition.

4   3   9

+  3 1 2   5

    7    6   4

Our golden rules have been:

  • When you write out a sum, make sure the numbers are lined up on top of each other in the correct columns.
  • Always start working from the units.
  • When you are adding, don’t forget the numbers that have jumped over.
  • Sometimes you need to make another column to finish the sum.

Please could everyone practise examples at home?

45 + 23                35 + 16                 67 + 24                      38 + 45

354 + 233           263 + 364              58 + 76                    654 + 478



Pages from class books to be read at home will be written down in the grids as usual.


Scottish Poems

The children are doing very well learning their Scots poems. The school competition has moved back to Thursday 1st February, but our P3 heats will be on Thursday 25th.


Children who do not want to perform in front of an audience will not have to, but it is still important to learn and practise the poem as this is a useful skill to develop.



We are nearly finished working through the 100 most common English words. (You can search for Fry’s 100 to find out more.) For this week please could we practise:

shirt                             called

where                          were

threw                           through

dirt                              down

write                            running

As usual, please could the children work through the lists using our “look, say, cover, write and check” method, then use the words to write some sentences.

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