P7 Info and News

WW2 Homework grid is due on Tuesday – Pupils have had 3 weeks to do 8 or 9 detailed activities (30 mins on each at least) – WW2 HOMEWORK GRID – 


PUPIL BEHAVIOUR PASSPORTS – Apologies for not handing these out today.  I am trying to get another system as 10 pupils did not hand them in last week so I am thinking of either a parent email or just doing it weekly.  Any suggestions welcome 🙂  They are a lot of work but have been welcomed by parents.

SCHOOL SHOW – COSTUMES AND PROPS FOR MONDAY (The actual show is a week on Monday.

Pantomime is Tuesday afternoon – arrive back at school at 4.30.  Whole upper atrium are out and the lower school will be at their panto too.

XMAS JUMPER DAY AND SCHOOL XMAS LUNCH are on Wed 🙂 Cash donations for local charity.

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